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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The separation of Church and State

I have been thinking about this for a long time(since I am a "baby boomer") and have some historical perspective to what is happening today. I remember when most people felt it OK to talk about their faith and good and evil for what it is. I remember that it was OK to share your convictions about your faith (however some perhaps were more forthright).
    Then we became enlightened and started the "60s" questioning of everything. So in an effort to be more "FAIR" and open minded Christians were admonished to shut up. Keep you faith and values to yourself! And you may remember this phrase, "DON'T IMPOSE YOUR FAITH ON ME."
That was partly due to some people talking about "your body is the temple of the living God" so you shouldn't smoke, drink or do anything to excess, engage in fornication and the list went on.
     So "shut up and keep your opinions to yourself." In addition it seemed to be very vogue to invoke the term, "separation of Church and State" anytime anyone in politics started to talk about their "faith" and connected it to their values.
     Now insert the State as the Church. Political figures feel it is their opinion that should be the "Law of the Land" and the "should not do" has been replaced by "shall not do" for a Mayor, Governor, Congressman or President hath proclaimed it.
    This now includes how Thou Shalt Not Call a murdering, vile, piece of chicken crap, bomber a Radical Muslim Jihadist Extremist - TERRORIST. Even if the person(s) and their whacked family say and do everything to support that notion. WE MUST TRY TO UNDERSTAND WHY THEY HATE US.
   Well in the name of our new god, "POTUS", just wait and see the labels and insults fly if the next act of TERROR comes from anyone that went to Church once or has voted conservative in their history. The words "RIGHT WING CHRISTIAN  FUNDAMENTALIST TERRORIST" shall be shouted from top to bottom, to be "FAIR". Thus saith our lord and new god. We no longer need to worry about "separation of church and state"..... the state has become the church. We shall not trust in God.
      Enough is enough. We need to open our mouths and say what we believe, everyone else does.
  Harrison Bergeron, where are you now?

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