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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Frack Nation: tonight at the Maumee theater

  Don't forget that Frack Nation will be showing tonight at the Maumee Indoor at 7 p.m. sponsored by the Toledo Tea Party.
  Below the poster you can watch a clip from Newsbusters which includes audio of liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz being interviewed by Steve Malzberg, regarding the hypocrisy of the Left's glorification of certain liberal causes and/or violent persons. 
  Robert Redford's film "The Company You Keep" is making a splash with the liberal media. What's it about? Glorifying the violent terrorists of the Weather Underground.
  How timely is this film, considering what the country has gone through the last few months, particularly last week.
  These are the same Che shirt wearing celebrities who flounce around in their thousand dollar wardrobes and taxpayer funded Volts.
  Show your support by coming out tonight to watch the film FrackNation which exposes the lies of the Left regarding fracking and the potential it has to support the American economy.
ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Oh, it’s more than hypocrisy. Look at Kathy Boudin is now teaching at Columbia. And Angela Davis has had a distinguished career teaching. Ayers and his wife. These are all people who were terrorists. 
MALZBERG: Would you agree no difference between them and this kid [Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev]?

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