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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The quest for "diversity" reaps what it has sown

  All week I've resisted blogging to avoid politicizing horrific events like the shootings at Newtown and the Boston terror attacks. As a fairly mild mannered blogger with relatively few readers, it seems obscene to even this blogger to take political advantage of situations that caused such agony and despair.
  Leftists are especially good at twisting every life and political circumstance to create fear, more regulations and dissension in the public mind. 
  In the interest of "diversity," Leftists have encouraged hatred against whites, against conservatives, against traditional morality and against America itself.
  The Boston Marathon murderers exemplify Leftist theory in its most extreme form.
  After the bombing, one Leftist American led with this headline: Let's hope the Marathon bomber is white
  This same Leftist went on to write that conservatives were "pretending" to "care" about the people who were wounded: the evidence? 
  Just look at the word "Taxachusetts" conservatives so frequently use. Yeah, that's proof conservatives hate people, particularly Leftists and um, Taxachusetts.
   In fact, Leftists, including NPR, were so eager to blame white Americans--preferably Tea Partiers--that they spread lots of hate around the web and on tv about the Boston attack being on tax day. 
  Some Leftists were even sympathetic to the bombers' emotional plight which led to their desire to accomplish a monstrous attack on an 8 year old, 2 beautiful young women and a host of Americans' limbs.
  This would be the same bomber who partied 2 days after he blew people up. He tweeted too.
  One was a successful athlete and married father of a little girl.
  Meanwhile Obamabots in the press went to work making sure they made the most of Obama's big opportunity to "shine" during "tragedy."
  Obama himself scrambled to get in front of the cameras, frequently referring to himself as the one who directed all the search activity to find the criminals, just as he did with bin Laden when he wiped out terrorism, declaring we needed to "speak to the hopes" of the terrorists. 
  Apparently unforeseen to Obama was the fact that those hopes included killing and maiming as many Americans as possible, one at a time.
  Taranto has some of the "mainstream media" hate toward conservatives listed here.
  Yet they defended Obama, whose limits were tested by the Boston crisis, unlike Fort Hood. An NPR talking head said of Obama's public speeches about Boston:
"This was Obama the orator, a man who is famous for his ability to give a speech that, even in a time of mourning, can bring a crowd roaring to its feet.
  Jonathan Capehart at the WaPo agonized, wondering"How much grief can we and Obama take?":
How many times has President Obama had to do this? How many times has he had to console a grieving community and a shocked nation? How many times has he had to use his way with words to make sense of tragedy? How many times have we watched a man who keeps his emotions firmly in check be unable to hold back his anger and sadness over the loss of life and injury with each incident? And how many times has his raw expression of empathy or outrage or both tapped into the nation’s mood and spirit? 
  Nice of Capehart to reference "we" in there because, really, all the suffering is about Obama, who keeps his "emotions firmly in check" so much so that his cold unfeeling demeanor has been exhibited repeatedly when announcing sympathy for victims' families (such as in the Fort Hood "workplace violence" incident); that demeanor changes when challenged about gun control for the American public. 
  Then he exhibits petulant, snippy, vicious behavior toward his opponents, accusing them of nefarious and selfish motives.
  Elizabeth Warren rushed to the microphones to make clear that Obama, who initially would not refer to the bombings as terrorism, had called them, as if Obama the Camera Shy deserved a doggie biscuit for doing the photo op part of his job.
  In speechifying after the capture of suspect #2, Obama managed to refer to himself again, noting that "I" had told the FBI et al to do their jobs, as if they didn't know that. 
  The two criminals, murderers--repeatedly referred to as "boys" by the press and their idiot father--were given the best America has to offer: an exclusive school to attend, a comfortable lifestyle, opportunities unimagined in other countries, even attending a mosque that was subsidized by the government. 
  One also received a scholarship that was celebrated by an encouraging community.
  The FBI graciously dismissed the problem that a foreign (Russian?) government had advised that the elder brother had ties to an extremist group and then that he spent 6 months abroad (in Russia?), a fact that would have put a red flag on any American citizen, foreign born or not. 
  Yet the FBI did not deem it significant that this same supposedly flagged individual was not booted from the country even when he assaulted his girlfriend. 
  The "boys"' mother repaid America by becoming a thief, her younger son so depraved he literally ran over his brother with his car to evade police.
  In pursuance of "fairness" and "diversity," the Left has become a bizarre cartoon, disloyal to everyone and everything remotely attached to the American Dream. They have disengaged citizens, especially newly minted citizens, from not only the social contract, but the very decency that most Americans generally exhibit toward one another.
  James Taranto criticizes the diverse Left for its "thuggish" behavior:
In an effort to overcome this close division, the left has resorted to a kind of thuggish majoritarian rhetoric in which a putative minority is demonized in the hope of uniting the majority against it. The most well-known example is the Occupy Wall Street effort, which made a scapegoat of "the 1%" in the hope of unifying 99% of the population against it. Another example is "white males," a minority by definition, whose demonization is supposed to unite women and all other ethnic groups.
As we noted yesterdayBloomberg View responded to its failure with an editorial calling into question the basic American system of government. Citing a slightly more conservative estimate of "more than 80 percent of Americans [who] support expanded background checks," the news service asserted: "If the nation's laws fail to represent the views of the overwhelming majority of its people, representative democracy becomes a shallow and unsustainable exercise."
Multiculturalism is pernicious in many ways, but perhaps its only virtue is that it is self-limiting because the identity coalitions on which it relies are inherently unstable. The left's desperate attempts to conjure up a 90% or 99% supermajority are reflections of weakness, not strength. 
  By tearing people apart, Leftists do a disservice to the country and American citizens. Can they bring people together?
  Of course not.
  Fear is the way to control people, something in which Leftists excel. 
  In essence, our "differences" are what people like the Boston bombers feed on.  
  They are the blossom of "multiculturalism."
  Personally, I prefer the USA chants.

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