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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Obama again refers to self in press conference

  There's something darkly humorous about Obama standing in front of the cameras in Ramallah claiming that both Israelis and their haters (You know. Those cheerful folks who call for the destruction of the Jewish "pigs.") can enter into a peace agreement, even while Hamas lobs a couple missiles in answer to the suggestion.  
  Abbas looks innocently into the cameras and said, "We condemn all violence..."
  Apparently unaware that the anger between the Jews and the Arabs is historic and biblical, Barack Hussein Obama is parading again around the Middle East, claiming peace is possible. Of course, he's been saying this for years, once even drawing the astounding and perceptive conclusion that "peace is hard."
  Meh. And so it goes. The Israelis build while the Arab terror groups bomb. What's not to love?
  According to Mrs. Alan Greenspan aka Andrea Mitchell, Obama has one of the "worst" relationships ever with Netanyahu, yet on this trip Obama has repeatedly referred to the Israeli leader in familiar terms as "Bibi."
  In a pointedly critical statement of America, Obama claimed that if peace is possible in the United States (???), then it is possible in the Middle East since his daughters, now so privileged they get to take separate vacations at taxpayer expense, would have one day been shut out of places where "others" would have been allowed, an obvious reference to Race in America, a card that has been played and played and played in recent years.
  Such fatuousness, disloyalty and narcissism is not unusual for Obama. 
  When there is a commemoration of a noted individual or holiday, Obama and his people celebrate that holiday by showing a picture of himself. 
  Obama sitting in the bus that Rosa Parks rode, looking pensively out the window. Alone. Look how far he's come. Life is hard but this man is a thinker, a survivor, a truly extraordinary brain.
  Obama "honoring" Neil Armstrong by posting a picture of himself looking up at the stars pensively, ears flapping in the wind.
  Obama gazing in a White House mirror, apparently transfixed with the enormity of His Job because he's the first man evah be POTUS.
  Obama referring to himself 60 times during a statesman's funeral.
  Obama ignoring the budget but being sure to fill out his brackets.
  Obama on the radio talking to some pimp guy and then some silly Heckel and Jeckyl. 
  Obama on The View. Entertainment Tonight. 
  And let's not even discuss how many shots this man has taken at this country, its people, its structure and its history.
  It's time for people to grow up. There will always been hatred of other races among the earth's peoples, as much as Leftists scream and flail and trust in humanity that Nirvana is possible. 
  Slavery happened. And then, in this country, it didn't.
  Too bad we don't hear from Leftists like Obama about the current problem with slavery. Wouldn't that be a good goal: not constantly harkening back to what was but what is.
  And wouldn't it be nice if the Petulant POTUS could try to see the world through a prism other than his own needs, desires and circumstances?
  And it'd be delightful if he could more than mouth platitudes when it comes to the greatness of this magnificent country and its peoples.

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