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Monday, March 11, 2013

Detroit activists claim racism if forced to pay their debts

 As the prospect of a state appointed emergency manager looms, the situation in Detroit is accelerating and deteriorating, with protests against the emergency manager emerging through civil disobedience like a highway slowdown on Thursday on the Ford Freeway and I-75 and today on I-94. Nine people were arrested Thursday and 3 today.
  WJR's Frank Beckmann interviewed several activists, including Sam Riddle, who are planning more protests against the emergency manager appointment; the claim is that the emergency manager is the "death" of "democracy." The activists resent the fact that the state of Michigan wants Detroit to pay what it owes its creditors, calling the debt a "poll tax" designed to keep Black people from voting. 
  Or something. It's tough to discern reality when grievances always gravitate back toward accusations of racism.
  The interviewed activists admitted Detroit has a history of corruption and bad management but claim that the Great Santa Claus Obama is preparing a package to bail out Detroit and that the state was racist for not supporting the city with more cash.
  Detroit's problems are deep and well known. From Huffpo:
Should Snyder determine a city manager is necessary, which he is likely to do this month, his appointee will face long-term structural debt obligations estimated north of $14 billion, a short-term cash flow problem and pushback from Detroit City Council, the mayor's office and citizen groups who object to the law allowing emergency managers to assert control.
  Also in the same article at HuffPo comes this commentary which discusses the suggested appointment of Mitt Romney as EM:
"If he's even toying with the idea of putting a white fella in charge in a city that's 80 percent black it will be seen as more of this plantation mentality," Brandt said of Snyder. 
  Detroit has been under Black "plantationleadership for over 40 years; once the most prosperous and wealthiest city in the United States, the city has suffered from extreme mismanagement, rampant corruption and a devastated landscape that looks more like Beirut after the war than an American city.
  Another recent discussion on the Beckmann show was the question of whether the city of Detroit could ever elect a white mayor, considering that Mayor Dave Bing hasn't tossed his hat into the ring again yet.
  What's sad is that everyone who called in believed it was impossible for a white man to be elected. It's clear that Black people re-elected Obama because he's Black regardless the fact that his policies hurt minorities and the poor the most, Detroit being a great example of the evidence of Leftist leadership.
  It's also pretty clear who the racists are.
  Activist Sam Riddle was the chief of staff for the bombastic corrupt Monica Conyers who now resides in the federal pen. Riddle himself just got out. He wants y'all to know he "wears [his] prisondom with honor." Riddle also was arrested for pulling a gun on his girlfriend when she caught him in bed in her house with a woman other than herself.
  These claims of racism come as we wait for the verdicts to be returned at 10: 30 on Kwame Kilpatrick's trial on 30 extensive charges of corruption. 
  The last thing Kilpatrick promised after he was convicted after the first trial was that the people "had done set him up for a comeback."

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