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Friday, March 29, 2013

POTUS trivializes Newtown tragedy

  There's some really bad stuff going on in the news lately, so much so that it's difficult to stomach. 
  Facebook is nearly unbearable. 
  We hear story after story about government paid vacations for the Bidens, the Obamas, their daughters, and countless bureaucrats who charge everything to the taxpayer. 
  Fox News, a taxpayer watchdog group, Senator Coburn and now the NRCC have been doing exposes on the enormous amounts of taxpayer dollars spent on foolish (taxpayer subsidized cupcakes), outrageous (book club funding?) and questionable projects promoted by this government, most of which are community organizing type activities, including indoctrinating our children about sexual behavior and orientation.
  But the most annoying, the most nauseating, the most incredibly disgusting is having this POTUS look down his nose and lecture middle America, something which happened yesterday, about valuing human life because they do not agree with him.
  The usual sadsack victims were lined up behind him, the usual "if we could save just one child" rhetoric, the usual invectives were directed at the public and the usual blinky blinky blink blink blink lecture was administered to those of us who have "forgotten" what happened at Newtown.
  HE hasn't forgotten but this isn't "who we are." "We can do better than this." (Get a few new lines, why doncha.)
  "Shame on us!" he rebukes, but as White House Dossier says what POTUS means to say is "Shame on you!"
  Apparently he HAS forgotten about the border patrol agents who've died. And the Benghazi murdered, the witnesses to whom are being hidden from the public.
  I haven't forgotten. Somehow I noticed, however, that you want to take the 2nd Amendment away from honest folks in the inner city who need to defend themselves, especially in places like Chicago where Leftists who run the city refuse to enforce the laws they already have.
  Though lives are saved by owning guns, Obama believes no one should have a handgun, as if criminals and murderers will obey the law regarding guns.
  Differences of opinion are not tolerated by the community organizer; to use for political advantage such an horrendous event as Newtown is despicable.
  Absolutely despicable.
  You can watch the most obnoxious part of the video over here.
  Like I said, his ego is carrying him places he really shouldn't go.

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