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Monday, March 11, 2013

Watch The Bible: exciting television

  Whether you're a believer or not, The Bible series on the History Channel has been excellent television viewing. IF you're a believer, it's been rewarding and fascinating to follow the stories of the Bible as depicted by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. Ed Driscoll has opinion over at PJ Media, quoting from Acculturated:
This past Sunday the television industry felt the ground shake when the first installment of the History Channel’s five-part miniseries, The Bible, drew a whopping 14.3 million viewers.  To put that in perspective, those are higher ratings than American Idol drew on Fox in the same week.  Higher ratings than the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC.  And it officially made The Bible the number one scripted cable broadcast of the year. 
The news was apparently so astonishing it prompted Business Week to investigate exactly how the basic cable network pulled it off and inspired Time magazine’s resident T.V. critic, James Poniewozik, to ponder whether The Bible’s success will lead to further mainstream forays into religious-themed entertainment.
  The 10 hour series will be released on DVD in April for the incredibly low price of $38.99, preorder available here.
  Shocked television reviewers have been forced to report that The Bible's popularity has been overwhelmed them. Reviews can be found here.
  Considering the abysmal quality of what's on tv, The Bible is worth watching. Here's a clip from yesterday's show, which is being rerun consistently by the History Channel.

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