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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Do YOU like the self centered POTUS & FLOTUS?

  A few months ago Hoosierman referred to Frank Luntz as a "fat bastard." I watched him on Fox this morning describe how Obama the Slickster persuades the American public by using words like "balanced approach, "investments" and "but....." to avoid accountability for his acts.
  Luntz had his graphs with GOP and Dem approval ratings for Obama as he speaks. Obama is "on message," Luntz says, with the American focii on economy, jobs and society. His dang graphs ran from mostly 60s to high 80s, as if 60% of even Republicans approve what Obama is saying.
  I don't know what the truth of this is but I simply do not believe that after 5 years of the mess Obama has created there are that many Republicans who actually could push a button approving much of anything Obama says anymore.
  You're a fool if you believe that Obama is trying to do anything positive for this country. He's not interested in even raising more "revenue," the most ridiculous obfuscating word for TAXES which represent YOUR MONEY which represents YOUR TIME.
  The FB Luntz may claim that Americans need to listen more closely to the actual words Obama uses in tandem with his actions but I simply do not believe that even HALF this country approves of the current nightmare in office.
  This POTUS spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to go play golf with Tiger Woods while his wife takes another plane jetting to another part of the country (apparently the beach wasn't her mood. Skiing was. So there.)
  His White House has blown millions and millions and millions of dollars on foolish projects which have been exposed by numerous organizations and individuals, especially Fox News, yet he denies children access to the White House which does not belong to him but the people.
  And one other thing.
  Say what you want about free and fair elections.
  There's only one reason you don't want people to present an ID when voting, a particularly peculiar stance considering that this administration is pushing government agencies to snoop in every corner of our lives, including our bank accounts, our email, our phone calls and even our back yards.
  There's only one reason you decide you're going to vote 6 or 8 times for the same person and claim you had no intent to commit voter fraud.
  There's only one reason a union picks up busloads of mentally incapable people, buses them over to the voting booth and stands in the booth to "help" them vote.
  There's only one reason you buy votes by providing food, drinks and "walkaround money."
  We all know what that reason is.
  And where the hell the Republican party is in all this most of us have no clue.
  These days, it couldn't be easier to articulate the conservative cause.
  Where are they?

1 comment:

  1. Yes, where is the Republican Party? Bad enough that Boehner The Caver has sold us out repeatedly, if the GOP does not stand against voter fraud, who will?