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Monday, March 25, 2013

Dems' formula for success not so successful

  We've pointed out on many occasions the problems with Obamacare; today Betsy McCaughey has an informative column at the NY Post. If you'll recall, Ms. McCaughey is former Lt. Gov. of New York and one of the first to read through and discuss with the public the actual bill and its ramifications, unlike the many politicians who so eagerly signed it into law. 
  She continues to do so as more and more regulations are written every day. You met the Red Tape Tower this weekend, as we posted below.
  What's most unnerving is that, as much as dislike for Obamacare has permeated the consciousness of the American public, it really appears at this point that the people in charge of implementing this program simply do not know what they're doing, have no clear system of organization and are basically winging it in an attempt to make over 20,000 pages of regulations workable nationally for over 300 million people, writing more regulations as they go.
  McCaughey's article entitled Disaster for Dems is an eye popper:
Other chaos will abound. Consumers trying to get their insurance from a state exchange will have to hand their Social Security Number and 15 pages of financial and family information to exchange “assisters” — temps often hired from community groups. In California, civil-rights activists are fighting to prevent background checks for would-be “assisters” because it would disqualify too many minority men with prior convictions.
  McCaughey notes how drastically this bill will affect young people financially as their health premiums will double; health care for seniors will be cut back as a result of the billions of dollars removed from Medicare to support the enormous rickety structure of Obamacare itself, and hospitals are given financial rewards to cut services for the elderly.
  Make no mistake: incentives that will undermine health care, business and American prosperity are very much a part of this law.
  Though taking over 1/6 of the economy sounded so tempting to Democrats--it is a game changer--in a bid to insert more governmental control into our lives, they are now responsible for the mess heading our way, to be fulfilled in January of 2014, an election year.
  And people like me can warn all we want about what's coming but until the public, many of whom are low information voters, experiences this travesty for themselves, these pampered one percenter politicians will answer to no one.
  Because, hey, there's money to be made out there in fines and more jobs for regulators.
  Sounds like a formula for success, eh?

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