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Friday, March 15, 2013

Obama's free ride is ending

  Obama and his ilk continue to suffer from their grand delusion. Just in the past few days, extraordinary comments have emanated from the Democrats and White House.
  • Former Enron board member and prominent NY TImes economist Krugman says you'll probably go to (or should anyway) hell for not believing in global warming.
  • The extraordinary Joe Biden is getting his own reality show.
  • Nancy Pelosi claims she's in favor of, um, balancing the budget in a few decades, preferably when she's dead or at least so incapacitated that she can no longer spend trillions of dollars. It's not even that she wants to balance the budget in a few decades; her complete statement was that she wants to be "on a path to balancing" the budget in a few decades. Fancy that. Where are the markers for that path, I wonder? Certainly not buried in any Democrat budget.
  • Obama, who a few years ago claimed it was "unpatriotic"not to balance the budget, now believes we have absolutely no problem with debt (having himself greatly increased the deficit) and in fact our enormous debt is "sustainable." Even George Stephanopolous finds these statements a bit unsustainable.
  • Dianne Feinstein became incensed when queried by "upstart" Ted Cruz, who apparently didn't realize his place in the legislative pecking order. She played the wounded female all day over the incident, including later during breathless interviews by "journalists" who could not believe the effrontery of someone so inexperienced and unworthy as freshman Cruz The video is worth watching:

  But now let's get to the cause of some of this odd and extreme behavior.
  The wheels appear to be coming off the presidential 8 mpg 8 ton limousine.
The sequester business was really overdone and everyone knows it now.
Even The Hill noticed that the White House cancellation of visitor tours has backfired. This isn't like the immigration issue where doofus Napolitano released 2000 illegal immigrant criminals before the sequester began; Rick Perry got his digs in on that one at CPAC.
  Most assuredly the White House will try to make sure the TSA holds up lines in the airport, considering that they've threatened to do so and now must follow through just to make sure they win the argument and people suffer. For a president who parades around in the most expensive environments, hobnobs with Hollywooders and feels comfortable flying his taxpayer paid $180,000 an hour plane to play golf with a celebrity while his wife jets off to ski.
  Jacobsen at LI says fiscal reality is about ready to conk the rest of the doofuses on the head and that the only thing holding the liberals together is their loyalty to Obama (or one might say their addiction to Obama's "charming" ways which have led to their success and the virtual elimination of Democrat moderates).
  Prince Charming's poll numbers are sinking; gee, who could imagine that only a few months into the second term his many acolytes would grow disillusioned?
  Wehner at Commentary Magazine thinks the second term is already showing decay:
It hasn’t helped the president that the transition period was characterized by a fractious debate with Republicans over the so-called fiscal cliff, followed by an equally fractious debate with Republicans over sequestration. The public appears to be tiring of these Obama-manufactured crises. And polling indicates that they are tiring as well of tax increases, which is at the heart of Obama’s economic theory, such as it is. So the president’s standing is fairly weak.
  The linchpin of the Obama downfall will be the enormous fractiousness, cost, unfairness and idiocy of Obamacare, as new costs, regulations and tricks are revealed every day. 
  It's proving to be an absolute nightmare. The taxes are proving so far to be double what they were originally claimed to be. Many of the regulations are being written as we speak by the perennially thin and constipated HHS Secretary. 
  Some of the surprise taxes include a tax on veterinarian medical equipment, a $63 "temporary" tax, penalties on smokers, a 3.8% tax on investment income, and more and more and more. 
  Each new day brings surprises; by the end of this year and as next year opens, the enormity of this debacle will be known to the Obamabots who will soon become complainers, considering that much of their adoration is based on freebies and Santa Claus paying their mortgages.
  When even Leftist journalists are willing to take the risk of telling the truth, you know Obama's in trouble.

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