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Monday, March 11, 2013

Michelle O: You're fat and WE know it

  There's so much wrong with this speech, not the least of which are those horrible bangs. Does this woman not care that she looks incredibly sneaky, untrustworthy and unfashionable peering out from under the thick hedge-like fringe she calls bangs?
  But substantively, the speech is sort of delusional. She speaks in a hushed inspired voice, her thickly glossed lips occasionally twisting into a condescending smile, about the dream of being able to walk into a grocery store and actually see healthy foods
  (Down with food deserts! America has too many food deserts and fat people. Wait..)
  We can do it, she insists, as if great odds oppose her. 
  And imagine being at a restaurant and actually knowing how many calories are in each dish. Think of what this would mean to each fat cell in your body! And to the restaurant industry. 
  Hey, everyone has their causes when they're in the public eye. Giving the public more tools and transparency to clarify their lives is valuable; what's ridiculous is to act like people are so stupid that they don't know the difference between eating an apple and potato chips. It's the choices people make that determine how fat they'll be. The only way to make people thinner is take away their choices. Choice. Interesting word, isn't it. 
  The other issue is that Michelle Obama, like her husband, oversells everything, like she's an anointed angel who's going to fix you or something. This is typical community organizer behavior; I'm better than you, I know more, I'm here to help you because you need help.
  This woman can preach all she wants to her adoring crowds, but the truth is to get what they want, this administration is shrinking individual rights to try to force people to do what the administration wants because they know better. 
  Like Bloomberg's comment the other day that "probably" the government "shouldn't force" people to exercise, the arrogance is breathtaking and a harbinger of more to come.
  They need to be watched every minute. (Plus an "S" is pronounced "ssss" not "sh." Just sayin.')

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