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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Piers Morgan: portrait of Leftist Hollywood

  Haw, haw, haw.
  Piers Morgan is also doing the Drama Queen act, though not quite as successfully as Drama Queen Obama, claiming that he gets death threats for his histrionic stance on gun control.
  The British tabloids are often very funny and interesting to read; in general, the Daily Mail often has more specific information about incidents in America than American papers. 
  The Mirror, otoh, has boldly declared its fealty to one Piers Morgan, labeling him "brave" for his constant badgering of American gun owners. 
  Bragging about his burgeoning "movie" career (appearing as himself), Morgan explains that "his" movies are blockbusters, Oscar material, even though all the director does is run past footage or have Morgan sit at a desk and question people. Like, wow. What talent. How does he do it?
  Morgan justifies his extreme gun control stance with the usual "if we can save just one life" meme, a meme that is tired and illogical, since just about any government regulation can be justified by the "one life" meme. 
  I mean, seriously. People choke on steak at dinner.
  The Mirror's description of Morgan as "brave" includes a claim that he has "millions" of fans in the U.S.:
Piers Morgan finds himself adored by millions of fans of his CNN show and simultaneously loathed by millions of others for his outspoken views on gun control. 
The presenter’s attack on the US second amendment – the right to bear arms – after the Sandy Hook primary school massacre has even led to him getting death threats. 
But it has also won him an army supporters in Tinseltown.
And it's oh-so-important to have Tinseltown admirers these days, isn't it. Morgan claims that Kiefer Sutherland of 24 says this about Morgan:
"What you’re doing is one of the bravest things I’ve ever seen on television.’
  Well, THAT's a disappointment. Jack Bauer thinks the highly paid Morgan screeching about gun control night after night, insulting guests with whom he disagrees is brave?
  But the Mirror might want to rethink the idea that Morgan has "millions" of fans, considering the latest numbers. According to Deadline:
For the second day in a row, CNN’sPiers Morgan Tonight sank to a yearly (2013) low in the prime 25-54 demographic with just 87,000 viewers. PMT is down 27% in total viewers, according to Nielsen data, and down 38% in the demo from its debut on January 17, 2011. Additionally, last night PMT had the lowest demo in its time slot, even beaten by sister network HLN’s Dr. Drew with 208,000 viewers in the demo.
  "Thousands" actually watch him. Yes, that's right. Headline News beat Piers Morgan. 
  Can QVC be far behind?
  Ah, we can hope one pompous television bloviator can't be saved.
  Yes, the import Piers Morgan is a perfect portrait of the Hollywood Leftist. Arrogant, overpaid, pompous, delusional, self-righteous and hard left wing.

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