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Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Algore

From NRO:
Immanentize The Eschaton Watch   [Jonah Goldberg
Al Gore today in the New York Times:
From the standpoint of governance, what is at stake is our ability to use the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption.
How does this stem from the standpoint of governance — whatever that means?
Surely, a claim is in trouble when you can swap out a phrase like "from the standpoint of governance" and helpfully replace it with "from the standpoint of Glaxar: Supreme Ruler of the Known Universe" or "from the standpoint of the Hale-Bopp Cult..."

Upstaging Michelle

DON'T DO IT! DON'T DO IT! IT IS THE KISS OF....resignation.

"It became the Desiree show," the source said. "She was far more interested in being a principal herself and people started to notice, including the First Lady."
"[The first lady] felt it was very inappropriate," the source said.
But the real warning signs on Rogers started appearing in the spring, after a Wall Street Journal story where Rogers talked about building the "Obama brand."
The story incensed White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, the source said.
"By that point, Axelrod and Gibbs were fit to be tied," the source said, adding that Valerie Jarrett was also worried that it was "beginning to affect her reputation."

Althouse takes apart Algore

Quick: Name a showman masquerading as political thinker. You said "Al Gore," right?
 And what is this "hatred and divisiveness"? It's just criticism and debate. Al Gore is distressed that the media don't propagandize for government regulation as they did back in the good old days of communism.
And as in times past, that has proved to be a potent drug in the veins of the body politic. Their most consistent theme is to label as “socialist” any proposal to reform exploitive behavior in the marketplace.
As in what "times past"? Is the lively public debate of today somehow akin to the racial bigotry that stalled civil rights legislation? Because worrying aboutsocialism isn't expressed as hatred. Really, Gore seems to expect people to lie back and accept whatever the government decides is good for us. 
From the standpoint of governance, what is at stake is our ability to use the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption. 
What?! I knew this was religion! We're supposed to believe. And please don't use "rule of law" as a synonym for government regulation.

Gore: despite lies/errors/misrepresentations, we're still going to DIE

I mean, it IS snowy, if not globally warming, or something. Go to NY Times (Gore's personal propaganda mouthpiece) to read about the DANGER we face!
Follow up at Weasel's:
You know, I have a brand new 23-inch monitor, and I find I can watch a movie, surf the web and do Photoshop on it, all at one time, no problemo. And if I believed CO2 emissions were swiftly destroying the whole f***ing planet, I could probably do it on a 15-inch monitor. Or, even more convincing, not at all.

George Soros, kingmaker

Soros was interviewed on CNN today, talking about how Obama hasn't been radical enough. He is an Obama backer and funder of just about every nasty Dem operation. It is inconceivable how this man, who is a Hungarian Jew who survived the Nazis, could be such an utterly selfish person. Read at American Thinker:
Let me count the ways George Soros, hedge fund billionaire, has become enriched through his trading "strategies". 
Years ago, he broke the Bank of England by wagering against the British pound, pressuring it in such a way that England had to devalue their currency - his first billion-dollar payday. Various ploys over the years enriched him further. Then he made billions by wagering that the housing and mortgage markets would collapse in America - a multi-billion dollar payoff again. 
Now he is up to his old tricks again: working with other hedge funds to force the Europeancurrency to crack: 

Whatever it takes to stop this

From Professor Jacobsen:
Obama has signalled that he will do whatever it takes legislatively to get his foot in this door.Republicans in Congress need to do whatever it takes legislatively to slam the door shut. Any and every legislative tactic must be used to stop the Democrats. 
November is too far away to think that elections will matter.

Tea partiers-reports from the last week

San Diego:
St. Louis:
And a great roundup of the last year here

Is Olbermann near the edge?

Some people have thought this for quite a while. Now it's surfacing:
MSNBC’s bombastic left-wing “news” anchor Keith Olbermann is out of control and causing increasing problems for the cable news network, NBC insiders say.
Olbermann, who fancies himself as a cross between news legendEdward R. Murrow and Howard Beale, the mad prophet newsman of the black comedy movie “Network,” went after former MSNBC general manager Dan Abrams Wednesday night, claiming Abrams had been fired and had a grudge against the network

You're not listening!

Best moment from the health care summit:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Perrysburg Jackets win!

67-52...article here at Toledo Blade:

AGW scandal heats up

A critical cog in the machinery that drives the theory of global warming is a small white box not too far from where you live. Inside the box sits a thermometer that tracks the local temperature, which in turn becomes part of a data trail for the monitoring of climate change on Earth.
But there's a problem: Nearly every single weather station the U.S. government uses to measure the country's surface temperature may be compromised. Sensors that are supposed to be in empty clearings are instead exposed to crackling electronics and other unlikely sources of heat, from exhaust pipes and trash-burning barrels to chimneys and human graves.

Rebuttal to the supposition that Dems will do anything to pass health care

Here is an interesting response to McCarthy's idea that the Dems will gladly give up the House and Senate to gain power over the health care sector:
Andy may be right that Democratic leadership has made the decision that political oblivion is an acceptable cost for a one-time remaking of America that Republicans will find difficult to reverse in the next session.  However, I suspect that this strategy doesn’t account for the fact that the people who will actually have to end their careers may not appreciate getting forced into marching off a cliff while the leadership stays safely in their rear-echelon bastions of San Francisco and New York City.

I tried

There's so much depressing news out there. We're being forced to watch news about earthquakes and tsunamis. We're REALLY SORRY those things are happening. Life is hard. Life is sad. The Dems are trying to ruin health care in the US. Well, they're trying to ruin the US, let's be thorough and honest. But then there's this. We try to stay above the fray, only reporting the most intense news. But where does that getcha? Depressed. So let's look at this, which everyone has been reporting on all over the web.

The next 6 weeks

Don't give up! The next few weeks are strikingly important, as the Dems push government control over health care and energy. Andy McCarthy has some awful insights into this. As we have discussed before, they are willing to lose a few seats to get the huge power grab over health care and energy. They'll just be moved from one area of government to another: health care, and, eventually, energy. Read the whole thing over at NRO:
They want socialized medicine and all it entails about government control even more than they want to win elections. After all, if the party of government transforms the relationship between the citizen and the state, its power over our lives will be vast even in those cycles when it is not in the majority. This is about power, and there is more to power than winning elections, especially if you've calculated that your opposition does not have the gumption to dismantle your ballooning welfare state.

Going around the web

 Breathtaking. I shall call him... Mini-Me

Gore: MIA

This article is too good to pass up. Al Gore's Nine Lies at Investors.

Pelosi says 400,000 new jobs from health care bill

     Does this scare anyone? 
     Obviously the "new jobs" created by the health care bill won't be health care workers, who are already working in health care. With 118 new bureaucracies created with this health care bill, of COURSE there will be numerous GOVERNMENT jobs created, with HUGE salaries, pensions and benefits for which the taxpayer will be charged. ALL out of taxpayer funds.
     How in the world could anyone think that this health care bill will cut any deficit, any fraud or any government budget. This is what they do. They get a liberal "progressive" think tank to come up with numbers that support the bills that they propose and then they cite them all over the web as "studies show." It's all a game. And all those new jobs will be bureaucrats who get to say who gets care and who doesn't. Over at Michigan Live.

Unions going broke

As the economy has been rocked, property taxes go unpaid, schools are in danger, and government workers refuse to face the reality that there is no more money. Here are a few stories from around the nation:
Chicago schools face huge deficit:
Chicago Public Schools is facing a deficit of up to $1 billion next year that can be reduced only through a combination of pension reform, union concessions and job cuts, schools chief Ron Huberman said Thursday.
Detroit union workers face deficit/cuts:
  • Most city office workers have an hour paid lunch and work only 35 hours a week
  • Staffers with more than five years get a Christmas bonus (can they call it that any more?), ranging from $150 to $750.
  • Time off includes up to 20 vacation days, seven holidays, four "swing holidays," up to six bonus vacation days, five "excused" days, and five "departmental leave" days. Yikes!
  • Viagra, weight loss, fertility and smoking cessation for all employees. Woohoo!
  • Health benefits for children up to age 25.
City of Toledo pays out enormous sums to workers:
Meanwhile Toledo city workers won't give up anything else. Mayor Mike Bell says at The Toledo Blade.

How to raise support for education

How? Well, in California, (Berkeley) you break windows, burn things and create chaos. Hard as this may to believe, the video is even more incredible. And here we thought having a bake sale might get results!

Tea parties around the world!

And so the movement spreads. AND, in response, the left forms Coffee Parties and "tools" to flood talk radio with leftist talking points. What they don't seem to get is the grass roots nature of what's going on. Tea partiers don't want leaders, they don't want a slot on the ballot, they don't want talking points handed to them. Tea partiers believe in the sovereignty of this great nation, want government to be less intrusive and QUIT SPENDING OUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE on foolish projects like PUPPET shows, sex studies, and the drinking habits of college students, some of which are conducted in nonexistent zip codes. Meanwhile as the EU prepares to bail out Greece's irresponsibility, protests and tea parties are spreading around the world, England being a primary target.

The real reason the social sec'y left

Always interesting is watching the jockeying back and forth between the appointees of any administration. Desiree Rogers is a particularly interesting individual, partly because she seems so vain, flighty and eager to climb the social ladder. She was the one in charge of making sure the uninvited did make it into one of the 330 White House parties in the last 14 months; apparently she didn't think it was a good idea to put into effect the same kind of security measures that the previous administration did. When the uninvited got in, she blamed it on the Secret Service. Naturally. Here's the real story over at LA Times 

Friday, February 26, 2010

So who won?

Hm. Red State:
The GOP won the day so convincingly that even the traditional media had to praise the party for talking issues.
Contrast that with Barack Obama who scowled, berated, lied, and harassed the attendees — not to mention filibustered them.
In the most ironic moment of the day, Barack Obama lectured Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor on having the Democrats’ 2,700+ page health care bill on his desk at the meeting. Obama called it a “prop.” At the same time, Democrats were in the newspapers admitting that, in effect, Barack Obama was using the GOP as a prop in a vain effort to show bipartisanship on health care.

They came after the CIA

True to form, Dems were sneaking behind everyone's backs trying to handicap the CIA from being able to use any kind of interrogation techniques without being brought up on charges. It makes one wonder who these people think they work for, our enemies or us? Think about the 9 DOJ attorneys who defended terrorists working in our own government for their interests. It really makes you wonder. The sneak attack was caught in time. Over at National Review:

“Exploiting the phobias of the individual”
- Coercing the individual to blaspheme or violate his religious beliefs (I wonder if Democrats understand the breadth of seemingly innocuous matters that jihadists take to be violations of their religious beliefs)

Bluest states most in the red

As if we didn't know this, from Forbes: 
Want to know which states are in the worst financial condition? One telling indicator that might not immediately come to mind is whether most of its citizens identify themselves as Democrats.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Arrogant, contemptuous, condescending

Consensus building that Repubs won today

All over the web. The One looked like a pompous rear end. National Review:
We have some strong disagreements on the numbers,” President Obama said after Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) concluded hisdevastating critique of the Democrats’ budget claims, “but I don’t want to get too bogged down.” In the ensuing debate, what became clear is that the Democrats just don’t have an answer to Ryan’s arguments. They ducked, dodged, and changed the subject repeatedly, because Ryan’s numbers themselves are unimpeachable. 

Another tea partier murderer discovered!

H/T The Blog Prof:

And, again, at PowerLine

They have the best commentary around the web:
It's puzzling: why don't more people notice that President Obama is a rather weird guy? When he describes his own experiences, they tend to be other-worldly. During the health summit today, Obama related one of his formative experiences with an insurance company; in this case, it was auto insurance:

Repubs score well

Over at PowerLine:
The House Republican Conference Press Office has collected some reviews of the health care summit, from sources that are hardly in the Republican camp. These reviews find that the Republicans did quite well.

It's free, so give it to me!

Here is a truly depressing story over at the Weekly Standard about Americorps "volunteers" who get plenty of money from the government but also have their hands out for food stamps.
You are already paying a 24-year-old, able-bodied, college graduate a $2,500* monthly stipend to organize tenants as part of Americorps (a service that should be donor-supported, but Constitutional objections aside...). You are paying more than$5,000 toward his education, as a reward for his "volunteer" work with Americorps. You are subsidizing his student loan forgiveness, as a condition of his volunteer work in this government program. You are now  paying for his food, even though he himself thinks the money should probably go to those less fortunate than himself.

OMG! Obama has a "tool" to flood talk radio

This is typical of liberals. They can't win the argument fairly, so they develop "tools" and groups like ACORN to do their dirty work, claiming that these are genuine. NOW they are trying to swamp talk radio, the last bastion that conservatives own. Look at it here. It's disgusting:

The One: I'm right/ Reality: You're wrong

Even ABC knows it. In your face, Lamar Alexander, "I want to resolve it today because I'm right. Premiums will go down." Ooopsss..
Well, the CBO analysis does say, flatly, that “the average premium per person covered (including dependents) for new nongroup policies would be about 10 percent to 13 percent higher in 2016 than the average premium for nongroup coverage in that same year under current law.”

Health care summit

From what little I've seen and heard, this summit is full of pompous blowhards. The One looks bored (as noted widely around the web), supercilious, angry and contemptuous of the other side. He keeps coming back to "Wait! You're all off topic!" every time the Repubs get into territory he doesn't want to address. Honestly, WHERE do we get these people? Paul Ryan ROCKED!
     The libs keep talking about how similar their points all are when, in reality, they're very far apart. They have talking points.
    And what the heck is wrong with Shep Smith? He's abominable, big crybaby.


No more crying! No more sappy stories about how you called your husband from your Lexus to hear his voice one more time. No more crying that your brother, or your son or your sister died and therefore you, YOU understand grief/grievances/complaints/illness/health care just as much as the COMMON PEOPLE/RIFFRAFF. No more sorries. No more clutching your chest, with pained expression and bitten lip. No more staring meaningfully into the camera/teleprompter.
NO MORE! And no more sob stories, ESPECIALLY involving false teeth!

Stuff from around the web

73% say start over on health care. Do ya think they'll do it?
AlGore is lying low as the errors, mistakes and outright falsehoods pile up.
NY Governor's mess gets worse.
Obama has no interest in bipartisanship (ya THINK?)
The world is upside down in Holland!
Did Blackwater save Grayson in Niger last week? He doesn't care if they did. This week, anyway.

"Safe schools" czar works against children's best interest

The gay indoctrination continues, right down to kindergarten, and it's funded by Obama's administration. No one wants to see children who have come out as gay (or otherwise) to be mistreated, but the heavy hand of the nanny state and indoctrination continues to be laid on top of our children through government agendas at school. Most people are pretty tolerant of other people's lifestyles, but to have the state brainwash their children, without giving the parents to option to withdraw their children is abominable. Gentle words, examples and tv shows like Modern Family will do more to build tolerance than this type of behavior modification. Gateway Pundit is on top of the situation, as usual.
It may be the worst recession since the Great Depression but that doesn’t mean everyone is suffering. The Obama White House still throws one party every three days. Government jobs are booming. And, Obama’s radical Safe School’s Czar Kevin Jennings, founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), did such a great job his first year in office that his department is getting a $45 million raise.
$45 million ought to train slew of activists like Margot Abels.
Abels led a GLSEN workshop for young teens where she praised the homosexual practice of ‘fisting’”–widely condemned by medical authorities as dangerous–saying that, “It often gets a bad rap.” (Wolcott)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jimmy Carter outraged!

Why? Being compared to The One. Heh.

Health care rationing

One look at tonight's Drudge Report is enough to make the strong-hearted weak. Story after story has emerged about the nightmare of socialist medicine in the UK, on top of the story of the Newfy Prime Minister visiting Florida for his surgery because "it's my health, my choice." Hey, that's a great line. Choice is optimum when it comes to abortion but not health care? Obama's estimate cost for a family of 4 on a $60,000 income with a $3,000 federal subsidy is 10% of the family budget...$6,000. So read this over at Verum Serum. You're worried about this fancy new health care program running up the deficit or out of money? Don't worry. They'll just ration care. 

Now is not the time for weakness

Prof Jacobsen over at Legal Insurrection urges us to keep watch; don't give up the ship!
Now is not the time to hand Democrats the legislative rope with which to fiscally hang this nation. The Democrats' scheme needs to be fought every step of the way until the Democrats drop their plan to usurp one-sixth of the economy. 
Then and only then will there be a basis to accomplish the types of reforms on which there is widespread consensus. These consensus reforms could have been accomplished many months ago but for the overreaching of Democratic leaders who misread the meaning of the 2008 election and who are out of touch with the country in 2009-2010.

Detroit in Ruins

      Did you know that in 1950 Detroit was the wealthiest city in the United States? If you haven't seen it, you need to watch Steven Crowder's Detroit in Ruins. It's pretty incredible, full of roving dogs and deserted houses. The average house price is below $7500 and many houses have been auctioned (or tried to be) for $1.
     Most recent news on WJR this morning was an interview with Mayor Dave Bing (in between the news that a warrant has been issued for former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick), in which Bing discussed his plans to literally raze much of the city and move people out of their homes to other neighborhoods. Some of this is being funded by private grants. No grocery store chains operate in Detroit, nor can you buy a Chrysler or a Jeep in the city. 
     The graduation rate in Detroit is 25%; how Detroit ranked behind Cleveland as the most miserable city is beyond human comprehension. Watch Crowder's video here:

Fisher leads Democrats in Ohio

Heh. I sure hope somebody saved that ridiculous bizarre inane totally whacked video Lee Fisher made about how dedicated he is. He's sitting there WITHOUT A SHIRT on at midnight singing some ridiculous song, acting like he didn't know he was being recorded. Then he posts it on YouTube; somebody must have broken the news to him gently that he looked like a fool because you can't FIND that video anywhere now. It's been pulled. Ohio Republican Party, please say that for once you did your job and saved that video. It'll change anybody's mind who's even thinking of voting that way.
Read a rundown here. If you follow the link over to Dayton Daily News and then YouTube, you'll see it's been removed due to a copyright claim by SwingState. Heh. 

High school fires ALL its teachers

As we reported, the superintendent of Central Falls asked for concessions from the teachers' union, including spending 25 minutes more per day with students and after school paid tutoring; the union refused. The supt fired all the teachers. This decision has been supported by Arne Duncan, Education Secretary. Oh, and the school has a 48% graduation rate and 52% of students drop out between 9th and 12th grades.
Rhode Island Education Commissioner Deborah Gist has approved a school district’s plan to fire all its teachers.
All 88 teachers at Central Falls High School are expected to receive their pink slips on Tuesday, reports CBS affiliate WPRI in Providence.

Most miserable cities run by liberals

How many of these cities on Forbes' list, 15th of which is Toledo, are run by liberal Democrats? Toledo certainly is. Chicago. Detroit. Cleveland. Hm. What do they have in common, I wonder? See the slideshow here.

The FAKE tea party in Nevada

So everyone's been concerned about the tea party in Nevada splitting the vote, allowing Harry Reid to slip back into office. BEWARE! It isn't a real tea's a FAKE. Read about it at Director Blue, another devious scheme of the left:

Trusting Washington

Betsy McCaughey is always on top of health care. Read at the NY Post:
The funny thing is, Californians have regulated insurance so competently that they pay a small fraction of what New Yorkers do. For example, an HMO plan costs a 25-year-old California male $264 a month; a New Yorker has to pay $1,228 for a similar policy.
Some states, including California, have taken smart steps to lower costs and reduce the number of uninsured. Yet ObamaCare copies the mistakes of the states that have failed -- such as New York and Massachusetts.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A chilling report about health care

These things are true. Already passed. Some of it could be reversed, if there's a will and an election to do it.

Eight lies

About Obamacare over at Verum Serum. And as long as we brought that up, aren't we sick of Obama this Obama that? Like all those ads that say, "Obama wants you to go back to school!" and "Obama wants to help you pay your bills!" It AIN'T HIS DOUGH!!!

Groan...he must be doing it on purpose

Usually we don't link to items Drudge links, for obvious reasons. But this is unbelievable. The One is absolutely trying to drive this country into bankruptcy. Another incredible aspect of this story is that the administration refuses to pay England.
The new location will take the embassy out of the Central London congestion zone. US diplomats owe an estimated £32 million in congestion charges and fines, which they refuse to pay on the ground that they are exempt from taxes in Britain.

Update on high school laptop scandal

cNet has an interesting insight into the software used to peep through the webcams that high school dispensed to its students. Check it out here:
But for anyone with a Webcam (and Webcams are now built in to many laptops and desktops), the question is whether you are vulnerable to having your Webcam remotely turned on. The answer is yes, though the newest version of the software used by the district to monitor its computers can no longer be used to activate Webcams or even track stolen computers.
Embedded in the article is a link to an investigation into the software and some really horrifying kid/parent stories about the tech guy, his connections to the company that created the software AND his various postings around the web bragging about what he was doing. Read it here:

What's the purpose of shutting down a camera for the user of the laptop but still making it available to network administrators? Ask yourself: if you wanted to convince someone that a webcam blinking was a glitch, would disabling the cameras help make your case?
We Found the Glitch, Mrs. Buttle
The truly amazing part of this story is what's coming out from comments from the students themselves. Some of the interesting points: