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Friday, March 29, 2013

So where will the gay marriage debate lead?

  If we all had some brains and forethought, we'd realize that the presentation of gay marriage to the Supreme Court wasn't really about the legitimacy of gay marriage with regard to the 14th Amendment and the idea of equal protection under the law.
  It was about the 52% of California population--the most liberal in the United States-- who voted AGAINST gay marriage.
  The judiciary in California--one of whom had a personal interest in gay marriage for himself--decided to overturn the results of an election.
  What this argument should have been about is whether the judiciary has the right to override the vote of the people.
  Instead what it's become is a self-interest lecture to the public about how everyone should be equal in marriage.
  It will be interesting to see how a ruling on an item such as this will affect equal protection under the law with regard to the payment of taxes. If you work, you pay taxes. If you make money, you pay more than those who make little.
  The top 50% of earners pay all the taxes.
  The top 25% pay 80% of the taxes.
  The top 10% pay 70% of taxes.
  The top 5% pay more than 50% of taxes.
  The top 1% pay 30% of taxes.
  So let's see a lawsuit on equal protection under the law regarding the dollars paid by the workers to the non-workers and/or low producers.
  Let's just see where this leads.

POTUS trivializes Newtown tragedy

  There's some really bad stuff going on in the news lately, so much so that it's difficult to stomach. 
  Facebook is nearly unbearable. 
  We hear story after story about government paid vacations for the Bidens, the Obamas, their daughters, and countless bureaucrats who charge everything to the taxpayer. 
  Fox News, a taxpayer watchdog group, Senator Coburn and now the NRCC have been doing exposes on the enormous amounts of taxpayer dollars spent on foolish (taxpayer subsidized cupcakes), outrageous (book club funding?) and questionable projects promoted by this government, most of which are community organizing type activities, including indoctrinating our children about sexual behavior and orientation.
  But the most annoying, the most nauseating, the most incredibly disgusting is having this POTUS look down his nose and lecture middle America, something which happened yesterday, about valuing human life because they do not agree with him.
  The usual sadsack victims were lined up behind him, the usual "if we could save just one child" rhetoric, the usual invectives were directed at the public and the usual blinky blinky blink blink blink lecture was administered to those of us who have "forgotten" what happened at Newtown.
  HE hasn't forgotten but this isn't "who we are." "We can do better than this." (Get a few new lines, why doncha.)
  "Shame on us!" he rebukes, but as White House Dossier says what POTUS means to say is "Shame on you!"
  Apparently he HAS forgotten about the border patrol agents who've died. And the Benghazi murdered, the witnesses to whom are being hidden from the public.
  I haven't forgotten. Somehow I noticed, however, that you want to take the 2nd Amendment away from honest folks in the inner city who need to defend themselves, especially in places like Chicago where Leftists who run the city refuse to enforce the laws they already have.
  Though lives are saved by owning guns, Obama believes no one should have a handgun, as if criminals and murderers will obey the law regarding guns.
  Differences of opinion are not tolerated by the community organizer; to use for political advantage such an horrendous event as Newtown is despicable.
  Absolutely despicable.
  You can watch the most obnoxious part of the video over here.
  Like I said, his ego is carrying him places he really shouldn't go.

End of the Union Monopoly

Yesterday, Michigan became the 24th right-to-work state in the US.

For some, (mainly low-information voters and union big-wigs) the legislation is an assault on their way of life. They have trotted out all the stale arguments from the past and have planned protests across the state to "educate" the electorate that by becoming a RTW state Michigan will return to the days of sweat shops.

They conducted their sit-ins and demonstrations and are currently looking for a "friendly" judge in the court system to overturn this lame-duck passed legislation.

But are they concerned about the plight of the average worker or more concerned about protecting their fat-cat way of life?


The Nation Education Association has 3.2 million members across the US. The average salary for a teacher is $54,316 and most teachers have either seen their wages frozen or reduced over the past few years. The NEA president, Dennis Van Roekel received $397,721 in salary and benefits. (numbers courtesy of Fox News)

American Federation of State County and Municipal Workers (AFSME) has 1.5 million members. 10 officers and employees made over $200,000.00 per year and the President, Gerald McEntee made $479,328 in salary and benefits. Over the past 10 years,  Mr McEntee has received a raise averaging 4%. (courtesy Fox News)

It should also be noted that the Democrat Party, which is always "championing" the cause of "spreading the wealth around" is the major recipient of the two unions largesse. Receiving 98% of the $3.7 million dollars in donations from the NEA and $2.3 million from AFSCME.

For years the unions have enjoyed a monopoly in this country and have exacted a "tax" from it's membership in the form of dues. It has written language into contracts that exact that same "tax" from people who don't wish to join the union in the form of "service fees." In order to work, you had to pay.

But in 24 states, the monopoly is now over. The individual worker can now withhold financial support if he thinks the union is headed in the wrong direction. The union is now in the same position as the retailer. For once, it has to EARN what it asks it's membership to contribute.

And that is a good thing.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Hunger Games come to America

  You may have read about pop star Justin Bieber's recent bizarre behavior, the latest his appearing at the airport half naked to go through security. 
  (While most of us feel like that's what we're reduced when going through airport security, take a look at Bieber here and tell me that's normal for a pop star. I mean, I know young fellas showing their underpants is all the rage these days in spite of admonitions that the style started in prison as a symbol of availability and that even got in on the ridicule and maybe Bieber's just looking for any excuse to show off his abs, but this behavior is getting pretty cuckoo bird.)
  Obviously there's concern over Bieber's state of mind, and indeed his past behavior indicates he may be developing some serious mental issues.
  Sociologically what's interesting to me, however, is that Bieber also seems to be suffering from the ego enlargement that infects so many celebrities who surround themselves with sycophantic suck-ups who toady to their every whim such as removing all the brown M&Ms so his/her majesty won't have to be tainted by touching them. Or something.
  I don't usually delve into pop stars' behavior because this blog isn't intended to be like TMZ or Perez Hilton but I've been struck lately with the prima donna-ish behavior of most of our elected politicians, many of whom are exhibiting a rude and bold disregard for the public who foot the bills for their limousines.
  Once they get into office, taste the power of having their own personal toadies, limousine chauffeurs, private gyms and trainers, permanent reservations at exclusive restaurants, unlimited funds for any heart's desire and the right to scream "Don't you know who I am?" to any underling, they change.
  The concept of being judicious with money seems to be an unreasonable demand. Like the singer who spends $36,000 on every manicure, politicians have no trouble whatsoever spending enormous amounts of cash on themselves, the people who surround them. 
  We are indeed becoming a 2 tiered society, much like the Hunger Games, except that totally out of touch, selfish 1 percenters are the politicians and those who live in the thriving DC area and the unwashed masses include everyone outside the Washington, DC, area.
  Recent days, admittedly, things have gotten worse, as money is thrown here and there in the millions--even billions--while punishing school kids and airline travelers:

  • Six months late and for the first time in four years, the Senate finally (yawn) got around to submitting a budget. Who cares how much debt we're accruing for the next generation?
  • Obama's too busy golfing with Tiger Woods to even bother to submit a budget yet. Apparently we have problem with optics since the reelection.
  • The Democrat Senate has never passed a budget submitted by Obama. Apparently budgets are for the little people. If we could only print our own money. Sigh.
  • The Obamas have no trouble telling YOU to sacrifice, but even their children get separate exclusive vacations at great expense to the taxpayers. Thousands of dollars to spend on a trip for POTUS's  teenagers and their friends to the Bahamas but no White House tour for you.
  • Taxpayers also flew an Obama daughter and her friends to Mexico for a break.
  • Biden blew almost $600,000 just on hotel accommodations for one night in Paris rather than stay at the American Embassy.
  • Biden spent $460,000 on one night of hotel accommodations in London.
  • Biden spent $320,000 on limousine service for that one night in Paris.
  • Taxpayers spend half a million dollars on water bottles for lawmakers.
  • Just before releasing illegal criminals into the country and just as Napolitano threatened that lines will increase for the little people at the airport because of a 2% cut in this year's raise, the TSA spent $50 million on new uniforms, far more than even the Marines spend on uniforms.
  • We know you're impressed by those TSA personnel, many of whom are criminals themselves, strutting around with their coffee cups, occasionally barking orders for you to hurry up the line. Just remember those outfits were personally fitted to each of them and cost $1,000 apiece but they had to buy their own shoes.
  • Obama found the money to designate 5 new government memorials in blue states, including Ohio.
  • Thousands and thousands of new federal jobs have been posted just in the past few weeks, in spite of sequester threats.
  • In spite of relatively low costs, the White House refuses to allow children tours through the "people's house."
  Of course, it's not all about money.
  It's about power. 
  And threats to the taxpayer that they'd better stay in line.
  And decisions that affect our lives negatively regardless the cost.
  And  unbelievable waste, including government investment in cronies' businesses which yield little or nothing in the way of a product. It's the Tea Party's fault, the cronies claim, because prior to citizen protests, this would have been a "simple, noncontroversial tax credit."
  Yeaah. We got that.
  One has to wonder if, like Bieber, a crack-up is imminent.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Dems' formula for success not so successful

  We've pointed out on many occasions the problems with Obamacare; today Betsy McCaughey has an informative column at the NY Post. If you'll recall, Ms. McCaughey is former Lt. Gov. of New York and one of the first to read through and discuss with the public the actual bill and its ramifications, unlike the many politicians who so eagerly signed it into law. 
  She continues to do so as more and more regulations are written every day. You met the Red Tape Tower this weekend, as we posted below.
  What's most unnerving is that, as much as dislike for Obamacare has permeated the consciousness of the American public, it really appears at this point that the people in charge of implementing this program simply do not know what they're doing, have no clear system of organization and are basically winging it in an attempt to make over 20,000 pages of regulations workable nationally for over 300 million people, writing more regulations as they go.
  McCaughey's article entitled Disaster for Dems is an eye popper:
Other chaos will abound. Consumers trying to get their insurance from a state exchange will have to hand their Social Security Number and 15 pages of financial and family information to exchange “assisters” — temps often hired from community groups. In California, civil-rights activists are fighting to prevent background checks for would-be “assisters” because it would disqualify too many minority men with prior convictions.
  McCaughey notes how drastically this bill will affect young people financially as their health premiums will double; health care for seniors will be cut back as a result of the billions of dollars removed from Medicare to support the enormous rickety structure of Obamacare itself, and hospitals are given financial rewards to cut services for the elderly.
  Make no mistake: incentives that will undermine health care, business and American prosperity are very much a part of this law.
  Though taking over 1/6 of the economy sounded so tempting to Democrats--it is a game changer--in a bid to insert more governmental control into our lives, they are now responsible for the mess heading our way, to be fulfilled in January of 2014, an election year.
  And people like me can warn all we want about what's coming but until the public, many of whom are low information voters, experiences this travesty for themselves, these pampered one percenter politicians will answer to no one.
  Because, hey, there's money to be made out there in fines and more jobs for regulators.
  Sounds like a formula for success, eh?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Meet Red Tape Tower

  In case you were snuggling in thinking Obamacare is going swimmingly, you might take a look at this photograph of all the current regulations more of which are added each week:
  Via Legal Insurrection, you can follow the Twitter feed of RedTape Tower, who's an active tweeter,  here.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Already, Obamacare is failing

  Actually if I were inspired enough to tire myself out writing  extensively in this blog post, I could cite many, many instances in which Obamacare is already failing. 
  But I'm lazy and bitter because the government says Northwest Ohio should expect a snowstorm tomorrow, so I'll just cite this article over at Daily Caller, which scratches the surface of some of the things that are wrong with Obamacare, not to mention the price hikes, etc., that we already know:
In “50 Vetoes,” a study released today by the Cato Institute, I explain the administration is so afraid of a sticker-shock fueled backlash that it is preparing to spend more than $600 billion that Congress never authorized to numb consumers to the costs of this law. Along the way, the administration will impose roughly $100 billion in illegal taxes on employers and individuals (including some legal immigrants below the poverty level), and deny millions of individuals the right to purchase low-cost “catastrophic plans.” 
To cement the law’s Medicaid expansion in place, the administration is also violating the Supreme Court’s ruling in NFIB v. Sebelius. The Court prohibited the federal government from coercing states into implementing the expansion. Yet HHS is still threatening every state with the loss of all federal Medicaid funds if they fail to implement parts of the expansion. These are not the actions of an administration that feels its health care law is secure.
  The full report is here
  About those 2014 elections. How rich for those weasly vermin to suffer the repercussions of yet another wrong forecast concerning the debacle known as Obamacare after using faulty government data, calculations and downright lies.
  As far as that storm goes, let's hope it turns out to be 3 flakes like the last forecast "blizzard."
UPDATE: Moe Lane, who is much more energetic than I, has more here. He says, please, Democrats, please embrace Obamacare.
Let’s put up a scale. On one side you put free mammograms, no restrictions on coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and kids being on their parents’ health insurance until they’re 26; on the other we’ll put across-the-board rises in premiums, people losing their existing coverage en masse because employers can’t afford the new requirements, people losing their jobs because employers can’t afford the new requirements, and of course the individual mandate. Which side of the scale do you think is going to be heavier, in terms of both number of people affected and how they’re going to be affected? Spoiler warning: it’s not the first one. Additional spoiler warning: the Democratic party leadership quietly agrees with me.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


  Do you know what an Easter egg is?
  Certainly you do, you say.  It's something that in all likelihood will not be rolled on the White House lawn this year (that would be "the people's house) because of that mean sequester trim of 2% of the federal government's RAISE this year.
  We've already spent more this year than last. CNS tells us the truth about Obama's sad face about "cuts":
Thus, federal spending was $30,548,000,000.00 more in the first five months of fiscal 2013 than it was during the first five months of fiscal 2012. 
The federal government is also spending at a much faster pace this year than it did before President Barack Obama took office.
  Like everything from this administration, there's always an Easter Egg in every gift basket. 
  An Easter Egg is described by Wikipedia:
An Easter egg is an intentional hidden messageinside joke, or feature in a work such as a computer program,moviebook, or crossword. The term was coined—according to Warren Robinett—by Atari after they were pointed to the secret message left by Robinett in the game Adventure.[1] The name has been said to evoke the idea of a traditional Easter egg hunt.[2]
  Like Obamacare, there's always an intentional hidden message-- lots of surprises, new regulations, taxes and penalties. Like the financial incentives hospitals have NOT to treat senior citizens. Like the fact that the ranks of the uninsured have grown. And like young people getting totally screwed by all the debt that is being accrued.
  There's a hidden intentional message in every package we get from this White House, as in dropping the annual rolling of Easter eggs at the White House. 
  The Easter Egg is that there's no reason to drop the event because of cost but we're doing it anyway to punish you. 
  I can't wait until the 2014 elections.

Obama again refers to self in press conference

  There's something darkly humorous about Obama standing in front of the cameras in Ramallah claiming that both Israelis and their haters (You know. Those cheerful folks who call for the destruction of the Jewish "pigs.") can enter into a peace agreement, even while Hamas lobs a couple missiles in answer to the suggestion.  
  Abbas looks innocently into the cameras and said, "We condemn all violence..."
  Apparently unaware that the anger between the Jews and the Arabs is historic and biblical, Barack Hussein Obama is parading again around the Middle East, claiming peace is possible. Of course, he's been saying this for years, once even drawing the astounding and perceptive conclusion that "peace is hard."
  Meh. And so it goes. The Israelis build while the Arab terror groups bomb. What's not to love?
  According to Mrs. Alan Greenspan aka Andrea Mitchell, Obama has one of the "worst" relationships ever with Netanyahu, yet on this trip Obama has repeatedly referred to the Israeli leader in familiar terms as "Bibi."
  In a pointedly critical statement of America, Obama claimed that if peace is possible in the United States (???), then it is possible in the Middle East since his daughters, now so privileged they get to take separate vacations at taxpayer expense, would have one day been shut out of places where "others" would have been allowed, an obvious reference to Race in America, a card that has been played and played and played in recent years.
  Such fatuousness, disloyalty and narcissism is not unusual for Obama. 
  When there is a commemoration of a noted individual or holiday, Obama and his people celebrate that holiday by showing a picture of himself. 
  Obama sitting in the bus that Rosa Parks rode, looking pensively out the window. Alone. Look how far he's come. Life is hard but this man is a thinker, a survivor, a truly extraordinary brain.
  Obama "honoring" Neil Armstrong by posting a picture of himself looking up at the stars pensively, ears flapping in the wind.
  Obama gazing in a White House mirror, apparently transfixed with the enormity of His Job because he's the first man evah be POTUS.
  Obama referring to himself 60 times during a statesman's funeral.
  Obama ignoring the budget but being sure to fill out his brackets.
  Obama on the radio talking to some pimp guy and then some silly Heckel and Jeckyl. 
  Obama on The View. Entertainment Tonight. 
  And let's not even discuss how many shots this man has taken at this country, its people, its structure and its history.
  It's time for people to grow up. There will always been hatred of other races among the earth's peoples, as much as Leftists scream and flail and trust in humanity that Nirvana is possible. 
  Slavery happened. And then, in this country, it didn't.
  Too bad we don't hear from Leftists like Obama about the current problem with slavery. Wouldn't that be a good goal: not constantly harkening back to what was but what is.
  And wouldn't it be nice if the Petulant POTUS could try to see the world through a prism other than his own needs, desires and circumstances?
  And it'd be delightful if he could more than mouth platitudes when it comes to the greatness of this magnificent country and its peoples.

A great example of the unhinged Left

  You may have heard of this law "professor" at the University of Oregon who created a scene, aggressively questioning activist students' methods in trying to "effect change" regarding immigration, the change of which is, of course, a liberal cause, in this case open borders. While the students are the typical Leftist crusaders, their behavior is far more peaceful, mature and well-behaved than the "professor," whose bizarre tirade looks truly unhinged.
  The Blaze reported on this (lots of bad language in the video) but what is interesting is that conservative organizations seem so mystified by the behavior of this professor. What did he want, The Blaze wants to know:
Still, its unclear exactly what Olmsted was upset about or where he falls regarding the group’s larger position. For example, in the video you eventually hear who is presumed to be Olmsted (the camera is in his pocket at this point) saying, “I am part of your performance. You need a protagonist. … You’d be surprised about how much I’m on your side.” He calls his performance a “caricature of what I am.”

  "Professor" Olmsted's behavior is quite clear, contrary to The Blaze's interpretation. 
  It is a typical Leftist tactic, who need victims to gain sympathy for their causes; we see this all the time in this country and in the Palestinian causes with dead children paraded in front of the cameras, only to discover the child never died or was killed by a Palestinian rocket rather than an Israeli one. 
  Leftists need the aggrieved. They need someone to get hurt  to show the justness of their causes, just as the Newtown massacre and the deaths of 7 Marines have been used by opportunists like Joe Biden or Harry Reid to enact gun control laws or illustrate the "seriousness" of the sequester "cut" of 2% of the government increase this year. 
  Olmsted is willing to "sacrifice" himself to the cause. He says clearly that you have to make trouble and hurt someone to manipulate public opinion. He is willing to be that someone:
“To make something happen,” Olmsted continued, “you need lots of people to do an action and get hurt. …This is nice but it’s really small.” 
  But Olmsted's example should be a warning to conservatives. There's no playing fair with people like this when they're willing to come to an event and play the opposite (the "protagonist" Olmsted calls it) of what they really are to make a conservative cause like legal immigration and secure borders look bad. Though Olmsted is obviously a nutcase, there are other nutcases out there who will do anything to promote their causes.
  Remember the Leftists who've appeared at Tea Party rallies wearing offensive clothing or making bigoted comments to make Tea Partiers look like racists. They'll try anything to win; these incidents, though proven false, are enough for the MSM to broadly claim that Tea Partiers are racist.
  This particular story has a happy ending, for a change. Olmsted was fired and arrested for his behavior.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Will Cyprus savings snatch come to the US?

  The fallout is just beginning for the Cyprus snatch of savers' deposits. Admittedly as we mentioned earlier, the Cypriot banking system is a mess, half stocked by Russian mob money.
  The ax about to fall has been put off until Thursday, at least, and many critics have howled that if you wanted to do the most damage possible to the economic system and create the biggest freakout around the world concerning anxiety and anger, this slow agonizing method is surely the way to do that as protests begin to gear up.
  I'm not too sympathetic when the Cypriots claim Germany's Merkel is stealing their savings, considering the Germans have basically bailed out the EU. And the she-devil Legarde of the IMF is ponying up lots of American cash off the backs of the American people too.
  Now in Cyprus only the "rich" who have more than $25,000 will be assessed the fine, a figure which is still in flux because of all the protests and screaming. You can't get out of it either because if you withdraw your cash without a fine, either, because the tax will be retroactive. Imagine what a mess this will create with people's finances, especially poor people who were counting on that money to pay bills or retire.
  What's most interesting to me is the American reaction. Much of the mainstream press is ignoring Cyprus; even Neal Cavuto just barely touched on Cyprus at the end of his 4:00 show yesterday.
  It can't happen here, according to "experts," because we aren't part of a conglomerate like the EU and we print our own money.
  However there are ways to accomplish the same thing, which is a redistribution of wealth from the productive to the non-productive, something PowerLine reminds us Byron York suggested right after the election was a priority for the current administration. 
  Those greedy senators who have had their own barbershop and banking system, their limousines to transport them one block, their millions dollar parties in exotic places want to their slimy fingers in the savings you have spent a lifetime building, on much of which you've already paid taxes:
The other goal for the safety net is to radically remake the retirement system. Social Security would remain in place, but progressives are frustrated that 401(k) plans are used mostly by higher-income workers. So they want the government, in Konzcal's words, to "provide a universal IRA with an automatic enrollment to all Americans, as well as shifting 401(k)s over to a public-private, defined-benefit plan." Such a scheme would not only involve massive new federal spending, but would also create a vast new pool of previously private money under the government's control.
  Other "progressives" (though "progress" apparently means progress toward communism) are celebrating the Cypress savings snatch, suggesting that a "wealth tax" is the way to achieve economic parity among all peoples, though these idiots don't seem to understand that that would be a one-time deal since the slugs among us would rather waste money than earn it. 
  Read a few of the Reich-like tweets (including someone posting from the New York Times) over at Twitchy and tell me you're not impressed how far into this plan these jokers already are. 
  A wealth tax assesses a person's net worth--like including an estimated assessment on your furniture--and is unconstitutional and a "bureaucratic nightmare," something that hasn't stopped politicians in the past.
  Meanwhile our government continues outreach to Mexico to recruit the poor to migrate here for free welfare "benefits," continues to waste billions on algae based "biofuel" while ignoring the fact that this country sits on the largest natural gas and oil deposits in the world, facts that could continue to make this country the wealthiest and most productive on the planet.
  Personally I don't think this garbage is going to work. 
  The largest voting block in the US considers itself conservative, although what in the HECK the Republican party is up to is a mystery, particularly considering the panderpalooza they've entered into, calling it a "post mortem" of the past election, though conservatives think it's a "post mortem" of actually acknowledging conservatives in the Republican party. Dear God, these politicians who call themselves Republicans are despicable. 
  Another reason I don't think it's going to work is that even hard core Democrats/liberals are disillusioned with the Obama machine, which some of them are finally figuring it is **ALL ABOUT OBAMA** and no one else. Over at the WSJ, Democrat van Dyk laments the developments in his "unrecognizable Democrat party":
Defying the odds, Mr. Obama did become the first president since Franklin Roosevelt to be re-elected with an election-year unemployment rate above 7.8%. Yet his victory wasn't based on public affirmation of his agenda. Instead, it was based on a four-year mobilization—executed with unprecedented skill—of core Democratic constituencies, and on fear campaigns in which Mitt Romney and the Republicans were painted as waging a "war on women," being servants of the wealthy, and of being hostile toward Latinos, African Americans, gays and the middle class. I couldn't have imagined any one of the Democratic presidents or presidential candidates I served from 1960-92 using such down-on-all-fours tactics.
  Yo, even Bill Maher is questioning the high taxes wealthy celebrities like him pay. Remember #nosympathy.
  But even more significant is, as I predicted, the overweening pride and overreach of the Obama egos in power just now, steadily marching toward doing too much for their own benefit, using lies to convince their base, just like the Obamabots used Democrat conservatives to get Obamacare passed, thus condemning those "conservatives" to lose elections and/or desert the party.
  Not only that, but the true costs of Obamacare are beginning to emerge. There was moaning and groaning about the January 1 FICA increase but wait til all of it hits the fan at the end of this year and beginning in 2014 when all Obamacare's costs and regulations kick it. Even in San Francisco, unionists are protesting their union leaders because unionists don't want to pay more for their health care and pensions. Seriously?
  Didn't those brilliant Obamacare connivers remember there's a 2014 election in which they'll be held accountable for their greediness, power grabbing and new taxes? I mean, they ruined health care in this country. Do they really think they're going to get a pass on that?
  What's particularly stupid is that **IT'S ALL ABOUT ME** groups like AARP, unions, insurance companies and  the AMA who allowed themselves to be bought by federal sweet nothings whispered in their ears are just DUH! beginning to realize there's a time limit on those sweet nothings.
  The Weekly Standard has an article discussing "The Unions vs Obamacare." See, all the rules for everyone else are fine as long as I'm not personally affected, right?
Initially, unions were supposed to be exempt from the Cadillac tax until 2018, while expensive plans for nonunion workers would be taxed starting this year. Exempting just unions from the tax would cost an extra $60 billion during Obama-care’s first few years of implementation. But rather than appear to do an expensive favor for just one key special interest, Democrats delayed the tax for everyone until 2018. 
The problem for unions is that 2018 isn’t that far off. Five years may seem like a lot of time to lobby for another exemption, but union members have to agree to employment contracts years in advance. The Cadillac tax has already become a collective bargaining sticking point. This is especially true for public-sector employees, who typically have much pricier health care plans than nonunion workers. Public-sector unions may be the last sector of the workforce where it is common for employees to not have to contribute anything towards their health care, and the Cadillac tax will make it much more difficult for taxpayers to continue footing the bill.
  And the Easter egg punishment of Americans continues from the Obamas, as their real motives and selfish behavior results in Obama's plummeting poll numbers.
  They're self-destructing.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

EU snatches depositers' savings in Cyprus

  Whether you realized it or not, the big story this weekend is in Cyprus.
  Cyprus is the 5th EU country to receive a bailout, behind Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Apparently rich Russians like to deposit wads of cash in Cypriot banks, which doesn't make anyone too happy that they've lost a boatload of cash.
  But to get the deal, Cyprus banks had to agree to a "special" tax of 6.75% on accounts under 100,000 euros and 10% on accounts above that.
  That's poof! Ten percent of your money gone because the government decides to reach into a pretty rickety banking system one weekend.
  So naturally there was a run on ATMs this weekend since the government was supposed to vote on this today but put it off until tomorrow. Consequently ATMs shut down: ran out of money. Refused to cooperate.
  One wonders how many politicians withdrew all their money before this happened. 
  Corruption among politicians and finger pointers at bankers. Imagine that.
  They say this is a one time only deal; anyone who believes that must not be watching the overtaxed, overpromised, creaky pension plans and deals Europeans have made with their unionized workers.
  We wait to see what happens tomorrow.
  Zerohedge says it's "just the beginning." And here.
  And Mead.
  So everyone's wondering if it could happen here.
  Let me remind what happened when everyone bought gold in the hope of keeping some of their savings during the bleak years of the Depression.
  Along came Roosevelt's executive order 6102 of 1933 in which citizens were accused of "hoarding gold," and thus were forbidden to even possess it.
  Much of that was not enforced, but when some grandchildren discovered $80 million worth of gold coins in their grandfather's safety deposit box, somehow the government managed to take them to court and win, claiming the gold coins were "probably" stolen since there was no track record of their ownership.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Obama's free ride is ending

  Obama and his ilk continue to suffer from their grand delusion. Just in the past few days, extraordinary comments have emanated from the Democrats and White House.
  • Former Enron board member and prominent NY TImes economist Krugman says you'll probably go to (or should anyway) hell for not believing in global warming.
  • The extraordinary Joe Biden is getting his own reality show.
  • Nancy Pelosi claims she's in favor of, um, balancing the budget in a few decades, preferably when she's dead or at least so incapacitated that she can no longer spend trillions of dollars. It's not even that she wants to balance the budget in a few decades; her complete statement was that she wants to be "on a path to balancing" the budget in a few decades. Fancy that. Where are the markers for that path, I wonder? Certainly not buried in any Democrat budget.
  • Obama, who a few years ago claimed it was "unpatriotic"not to balance the budget, now believes we have absolutely no problem with debt (having himself greatly increased the deficit) and in fact our enormous debt is "sustainable." Even George Stephanopolous finds these statements a bit unsustainable.
  • Dianne Feinstein became incensed when queried by "upstart" Ted Cruz, who apparently didn't realize his place in the legislative pecking order. She played the wounded female all day over the incident, including later during breathless interviews by "journalists" who could not believe the effrontery of someone so inexperienced and unworthy as freshman Cruz The video is worth watching:

  But now let's get to the cause of some of this odd and extreme behavior.
  The wheels appear to be coming off the presidential 8 mpg 8 ton limousine.
The sequester business was really overdone and everyone knows it now.
Even The Hill noticed that the White House cancellation of visitor tours has backfired. This isn't like the immigration issue where doofus Napolitano released 2000 illegal immigrant criminals before the sequester began; Rick Perry got his digs in on that one at CPAC.
  Most assuredly the White House will try to make sure the TSA holds up lines in the airport, considering that they've threatened to do so and now must follow through just to make sure they win the argument and people suffer. For a president who parades around in the most expensive environments, hobnobs with Hollywooders and feels comfortable flying his taxpayer paid $180,000 an hour plane to play golf with a celebrity while his wife jets off to ski.
  Jacobsen at LI says fiscal reality is about ready to conk the rest of the doofuses on the head and that the only thing holding the liberals together is their loyalty to Obama (or one might say their addiction to Obama's "charming" ways which have led to their success and the virtual elimination of Democrat moderates).
  Prince Charming's poll numbers are sinking; gee, who could imagine that only a few months into the second term his many acolytes would grow disillusioned?
  Wehner at Commentary Magazine thinks the second term is already showing decay:
It hasn’t helped the president that the transition period was characterized by a fractious debate with Republicans over the so-called fiscal cliff, followed by an equally fractious debate with Republicans over sequestration. The public appears to be tiring of these Obama-manufactured crises. And polling indicates that they are tiring as well of tax increases, which is at the heart of Obama’s economic theory, such as it is. So the president’s standing is fairly weak.
  The linchpin of the Obama downfall will be the enormous fractiousness, cost, unfairness and idiocy of Obamacare, as new costs, regulations and tricks are revealed every day. 
  It's proving to be an absolute nightmare. The taxes are proving so far to be double what they were originally claimed to be. Many of the regulations are being written as we speak by the perennially thin and constipated HHS Secretary. 
  Some of the surprise taxes include a tax on veterinarian medical equipment, a $63 "temporary" tax, penalties on smokers, a 3.8% tax on investment income, and more and more and more. 
  Each new day brings surprises; by the end of this year and as next year opens, the enormity of this debacle will be known to the Obamabots who will soon become complainers, considering that much of their adoration is based on freebies and Santa Claus paying their mortgages.
  When even Leftist journalists are willing to take the risk of telling the truth, you know Obama's in trouble.

Democrat Detroit leads the way

  Well, it's over and we're shocked that Kwame Kilpatrick has been found guilty on numerous charges, particularly since Kilpatrick was being tried by a jury of 8 women of his peers. Something about those thousand dollar suits on big guys.
  So you'd think Leftists would at least wait a couple weeks before they'd start trying to pin the disaster that is Detroit on a) Republicans   b) Mitt Romney   c) the banks    d)  Governor Snyder.
  Let's look at it.
  There ARE no Republicans in Detroit administration so a) is out.
  Mitt Romney is yesterday's news and hasn't been around Detroit for a while so b) is out.
  Now we come to the mostly widely selected answer of c).
  Yes! We've got it! It's the banks who've loaned the money to Detroit to perpetuate their abysmal record of promising, spending, stealing and borrowing for the benefit of a few in the Democrat machine. 
  Over at Bloomberg in an article entitled "Only Wall Street Wins in Detroit Crisis Reaping $474 Million Fee," a couple of cheeseball Leftist "journalists" write this:

The only winners in the financial crisis that brought Detroit (9845MF) to the brink of state takeover are Wall Street bankers who reaped more than $474 million from a city too poor to keep street lights working.
The city started borrowing to plug budget holes in 2005 under former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who was convicted this week on corruption charges. That year, it issued $1.4 billion in securities to fund pension payments. Last year, it added $129.5 million in debt, 9.3 percent of its general-fund budget, in part to repay loans taken to service other bonds.
  The article goes on to specify which banks are owed what money, conveniently laying the groundwork for a path of remediation for the errant companies.
 ( Of course, it goes without saying that Governor Snyder's been blamed repeatedly. The recent traffic slowdowns inspired by Sharpton's NAN and numerous protests have been directed at intimidating Snyder into backing off the appointment of an emergency manager which has happened for a number of Michigan's urban cities; today Snyder appointed Kevyn Orr as emergency manager of Detroit, an action that many activists on Detroit City Council also protested up until recently.)
  This week it was discovered that a previously undisclosed $7.1 billion is owed to city retirees.
  Mead on the scandal:
Democrats are shocked, shocked by the news that there is gambling going on in America’s blue cities. They do their best to avert their eyes from the close political ties between corrupt urban political machines and exploitative Wall Street banks. In the lame progressive mindset that characterizes these decadent times, Wall Street is bad, and urban politicians are good. There can’t possibly be some sort of symbiotic relationship between them. How could something so good, so honest, so dedicated to serving the poor as the Detroit Democratic machine be engaged in a vicious conspiracy with Wall Street to bleed the poor and suck the city dry?
  Other cities are suffering from their Democrat overlords' mismanagement and corruption. 
  In fact, in New York City, the lower and middle classes are being pushed out of the city because of the enormous costs of living in an over regulated, overpriced, many-state government by rich folks who can afford all the fancy things that poor and middle class people can't. 
  Who knows what's in store for them? As Mead says, numerous other cities are headed the same way as the result of blue policies and  regulations.
  As usual, Democrats take care of their own, eh?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Do YOU like the self centered POTUS & FLOTUS?

  A few months ago Hoosierman referred to Frank Luntz as a "fat bastard." I watched him on Fox this morning describe how Obama the Slickster persuades the American public by using words like "balanced approach, "investments" and "but....." to avoid accountability for his acts.
  Luntz had his graphs with GOP and Dem approval ratings for Obama as he speaks. Obama is "on message," Luntz says, with the American focii on economy, jobs and society. His dang graphs ran from mostly 60s to high 80s, as if 60% of even Republicans approve what Obama is saying.
  I don't know what the truth of this is but I simply do not believe that after 5 years of the mess Obama has created there are that many Republicans who actually could push a button approving much of anything Obama says anymore.
  You're a fool if you believe that Obama is trying to do anything positive for this country. He's not interested in even raising more "revenue," the most ridiculous obfuscating word for TAXES which represent YOUR MONEY which represents YOUR TIME.
  The FB Luntz may claim that Americans need to listen more closely to the actual words Obama uses in tandem with his actions but I simply do not believe that even HALF this country approves of the current nightmare in office.
  This POTUS spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to go play golf with Tiger Woods while his wife takes another plane jetting to another part of the country (apparently the beach wasn't her mood. Skiing was. So there.)
  His White House has blown millions and millions and millions of dollars on foolish projects which have been exposed by numerous organizations and individuals, especially Fox News, yet he denies children access to the White House which does not belong to him but the people.
  And one other thing.
  Say what you want about free and fair elections.
  There's only one reason you don't want people to present an ID when voting, a particularly peculiar stance considering that this administration is pushing government agencies to snoop in every corner of our lives, including our bank accounts, our email, our phone calls and even our back yards.
  There's only one reason you decide you're going to vote 6 or 8 times for the same person and claim you had no intent to commit voter fraud.
  There's only one reason a union picks up busloads of mentally incapable people, buses them over to the voting booth and stands in the booth to "help" them vote.
  There's only one reason you buy votes by providing food, drinks and "walkaround money."
  We all know what that reason is.
  And where the hell the Republican party is in all this most of us have no clue.
  These days, it couldn't be easier to articulate the conservative cause.
  Where are they?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Viva il Papa

Today Roman Catholics around the world were introduced to the new Bishop of Rome and I was struck by some of the similarities and glaring differences between a humble servant of Jesus and the self-serving leader of the free world.

Both men are faced with problems concerning the financial health of their respective institutions.

They struggle with issues of gay marriage and homosexuality. There are issues of pedophilia and scandal in both organizations.

There is a disenchantment and apathy not only in politics but also the church. To this end, voter participation and religious attendance together are in decline.

As someone who has been a non-practicing Catholic for a while now, I was following the Conclave with just a passing interest. I wasn't really concerned about the successor to Benedict as I felt the Church had somehow become less important in my life.

But today, as I watched an unknown Cardinal from Argentina become Pope Francis, I saw some of the same enthusiasm, hope, and anticipation that accompanied the Inaugural address of the 44th President of the United States. With one exception...when then Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis addressed the sea of humanity that was amassed in Rome there was a quiet, serene, sense of humility and purpose. As he looked upon the crowd and the news organizations scrambled to fill in details of his life, there was a sense that this man actually did live the simple life. I got the sense that his life story of service to others was the real deal and not something that was "spin" from a fawning media or a press agent.

And that's when it struck me how different men see their purpose in life.

Barack Obama comes from a mentality of a "taker." His entire life has been centered around how the system can be used to make his life easier. It's evident in just the little things. The use of a private jet for his own purpose when people in this country haven't worked in a couple of years and there is no prospect for work on the horizon. The suspension of tours of the White House...not HIS house, but the PEOPLE'S house to save $76,000 dollars a week. While money IS money, could there have been another way? His plans to throw a star-studded party for his wife's 50th birthday with the likes of Adelle and Beyonce. When it comes to his "priorities," money is apparently no object.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a "giver." According to other religious, he lives modestly in a small apartment in Buenos Aires. He shuns the trappings of a Cardinal, not utilizing the mansions, limousines, or other finer things associated with his office in the Church. It is reported he  cares for an elderly, handicapped, member of the Jesuit community. He is known to take public transportation and is known simply as Father Jorge to the masses he serves.

As I was watching his first appearance on the Papal balcony I saw that there may be an opportunity for my Church to get back to the teachings of  Peter and the other disciples. I saw a man of quiet strength that didn't need the trappings of office to show everyone how important he is.

I have missed going to Mass. I believe Pope Francis has given me a reason to go.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Black DEMOCRAT Tingling rules against Bloomberg

  Gosh, I was curious about New York state Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling, the judge who ruled against Mayor Michael Bloomberg's soda ban. I googled and googled and googled and, gee whiz, I couldn't find the political affiliation for this guy.
  Funny. I finally did find him about 20 Google pages in on BlackGivesBack. He's a Black Democrat, turns out. Hm. I wonder why no one has that party affiliation listed anywhere.
  Ok, I admit I couldn't find the word DEMOCRAT next to Tingling's name but he counts Charlie Rangel and David Dinkins as his fundraising supporters.
  So, really, why isn't the press reporting this?

Michelle O makes us PROUD again!

  Michelle Obama, as The Black Sphere points out, makes America proud...yet again!
  The thunder thigh bulging indicates a SPANX alert. 
  POLE DANCE by the First Lady of the United States alert. 
  Why, FLOTUS?

Watch The Bible: exciting television

  Whether you're a believer or not, The Bible series on the History Channel has been excellent television viewing. IF you're a believer, it's been rewarding and fascinating to follow the stories of the Bible as depicted by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. Ed Driscoll has opinion over at PJ Media, quoting from Acculturated:
This past Sunday the television industry felt the ground shake when the first installment of the History Channel’s five-part miniseries, The Bible, drew a whopping 14.3 million viewers.  To put that in perspective, those are higher ratings than American Idol drew on Fox in the same week.  Higher ratings than the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC.  And it officially made The Bible the number one scripted cable broadcast of the year. 
The news was apparently so astonishing it prompted Business Week to investigate exactly how the basic cable network pulled it off and inspired Time magazine’s resident T.V. critic, James Poniewozik, to ponder whether The Bible’s success will lead to further mainstream forays into religious-themed entertainment.
  The 10 hour series will be released on DVD in April for the incredibly low price of $38.99, preorder available here.
  Shocked television reviewers have been forced to report that The Bible's popularity has been overwhelmed them. Reviews can be found here.
  Considering the abysmal quality of what's on tv, The Bible is worth watching. Here's a clip from yesterday's show, which is being rerun consistently by the History Channel.

Detroit activists claim racism if forced to pay their debts

 As the prospect of a state appointed emergency manager looms, the situation in Detroit is accelerating and deteriorating, with protests against the emergency manager emerging through civil disobedience like a highway slowdown on Thursday on the Ford Freeway and I-75 and today on I-94. Nine people were arrested Thursday and 3 today.
  WJR's Frank Beckmann interviewed several activists, including Sam Riddle, who are planning more protests against the emergency manager appointment; the claim is that the emergency manager is the "death" of "democracy." The activists resent the fact that the state of Michigan wants Detroit to pay what it owes its creditors, calling the debt a "poll tax" designed to keep Black people from voting. 
  Or something. It's tough to discern reality when grievances always gravitate back toward accusations of racism.
  The interviewed activists admitted Detroit has a history of corruption and bad management but claim that the Great Santa Claus Obama is preparing a package to bail out Detroit and that the state was racist for not supporting the city with more cash.
  Detroit's problems are deep and well known. From Huffpo:
Should Snyder determine a city manager is necessary, which he is likely to do this month, his appointee will face long-term structural debt obligations estimated north of $14 billion, a short-term cash flow problem and pushback from Detroit City Council, the mayor's office and citizen groups who object to the law allowing emergency managers to assert control.
  Also in the same article at HuffPo comes this commentary which discusses the suggested appointment of Mitt Romney as EM:
"If he's even toying with the idea of putting a white fella in charge in a city that's 80 percent black it will be seen as more of this plantation mentality," Brandt said of Snyder. 
  Detroit has been under Black "plantationleadership for over 40 years; once the most prosperous and wealthiest city in the United States, the city has suffered from extreme mismanagement, rampant corruption and a devastated landscape that looks more like Beirut after the war than an American city.
  Another recent discussion on the Beckmann show was the question of whether the city of Detroit could ever elect a white mayor, considering that Mayor Dave Bing hasn't tossed his hat into the ring again yet.
  What's sad is that everyone who called in believed it was impossible for a white man to be elected. It's clear that Black people re-elected Obama because he's Black regardless the fact that his policies hurt minorities and the poor the most, Detroit being a great example of the evidence of Leftist leadership.
  It's also pretty clear who the racists are.
  Activist Sam Riddle was the chief of staff for the bombastic corrupt Monica Conyers who now resides in the federal pen. Riddle himself just got out. He wants y'all to know he "wears [his] prisondom with honor." Riddle also was arrested for pulling a gun on his girlfriend when she caught him in bed in her house with a woman other than herself.
  These claims of racism come as we wait for the verdicts to be returned at 10: 30 on Kwame Kilpatrick's trial on 30 extensive charges of corruption. 
  The last thing Kilpatrick promised after he was convicted after the first trial was that the people "had done set him up for a comeback."

Michelle O: You're fat and WE know it

  There's so much wrong with this speech, not the least of which are those horrible bangs. Does this woman not care that she looks incredibly sneaky, untrustworthy and unfashionable peering out from under the thick hedge-like fringe she calls bangs?
  But substantively, the speech is sort of delusional. She speaks in a hushed inspired voice, her thickly glossed lips occasionally twisting into a condescending smile, about the dream of being able to walk into a grocery store and actually see healthy foods
  (Down with food deserts! America has too many food deserts and fat people. Wait..)
  We can do it, she insists, as if great odds oppose her. 
  And imagine being at a restaurant and actually knowing how many calories are in each dish. Think of what this would mean to each fat cell in your body! And to the restaurant industry. 
  Hey, everyone has their causes when they're in the public eye. Giving the public more tools and transparency to clarify their lives is valuable; what's ridiculous is to act like people are so stupid that they don't know the difference between eating an apple and potato chips. It's the choices people make that determine how fat they'll be. The only way to make people thinner is take away their choices. Choice. Interesting word, isn't it. 
  The other issue is that Michelle Obama, like her husband, oversells everything, like she's an anointed angel who's going to fix you or something. This is typical community organizer behavior; I'm better than you, I know more, I'm here to help you because you need help.
  This woman can preach all she wants to her adoring crowds, but the truth is to get what they want, this administration is shrinking individual rights to try to force people to do what the administration wants because they know better. 
  Like Bloomberg's comment the other day that "probably" the government "shouldn't force" people to exercise, the arrogance is breathtaking and a harbinger of more to come.
  They need to be watched every minute. (Plus an "S" is pronounced "ssss" not "sh." Just sayin.')