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Friday, March 29, 2013

So where will the gay marriage debate lead?

  If we all had some brains and forethought, we'd realize that the presentation of gay marriage to the Supreme Court wasn't really about the legitimacy of gay marriage with regard to the 14th Amendment and the idea of equal protection under the law.
  It was about the 52% of California population--the most liberal in the United States-- who voted AGAINST gay marriage.
  The judiciary in California--one of whom had a personal interest in gay marriage for himself--decided to overturn the results of an election.
  What this argument should have been about is whether the judiciary has the right to override the vote of the people.
  Instead what it's become is a self-interest lecture to the public about how everyone should be equal in marriage.
  It will be interesting to see how a ruling on an item such as this will affect equal protection under the law with regard to the payment of taxes. If you work, you pay taxes. If you make money, you pay more than those who make little.
  The top 50% of earners pay all the taxes.
  The top 25% pay 80% of the taxes.
  The top 10% pay 70% of taxes.
  The top 5% pay more than 50% of taxes.
  The top 1% pay 30% of taxes.
  So let's see a lawsuit on equal protection under the law regarding the dollars paid by the workers to the non-workers and/or low producers.
  Let's just see where this leads.

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