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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Guess who received the most stimulus money?

If you guessed Democrat districts, you'd be right. NRO:
On average, Democratic districts received one-and-a-half times as many awards as Republican ones. Democratic districts also received two-and-a-half times more stimulus dollars than Republican districts ($122,127,186,509 vs. $46,139,592,268). Republican districts also received smaller awards on average. (The average dollars awarded per Republican district is $260,675,663, while the average dollars awarded per Democratic district is $471,533,539.)

Barack's past

Gets murkier and murkier. Now questions about his past as a "professor" and his law license, AND why did Michelle Obama surrender her law license? VERY interesting...
I spent some time with the highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law a few months back, and he did not have many nice things to say about "Barry." Obama applied for a position as an adjunct and wasn't even considered. A few weeks later the law school got a phone call from the Board of Trustees telling them to find him an office, put him on the payroll, and give him a class to teach. The Board told him he didn't have to be a member of the faculty, but they needed to give him a temporary position. He was never a professor and was hardly an adjunct. 
The other professors hated him because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings, and it was clear that the position was nothing more than a political stepping stool. According to my professor friend, he had the lowest intellectual capacity in the building. He also doubted whether he was legitimately an editor on the Harvard Law Review, because if he was, he would be the first and only editor of an Ivy League law review to never be published while in school (publication is or was a requirement). 

Plan to crash the tea parties

Yeaah, go for it:
Crash the tea parties!
On April 15th thousands of right-wingers will attend rallies in cities and towns across the United States. The organizers of this nationwide day of protest call it a tea party. This tea party movement that emerged only a year ago is a coalition of conservatives, anti-Semites, fascists, libertarians, racists, constitutionalists, militia men, gun freaks, homophobes, Ron Paul supporters, Alex Jones conspiracy types and American flag wavers. If the tea party movement continues to grow in size and strength there is a big chance they will dominate this country in the near future.

About that census.....

Hm. Hadn't heard this before. From the PHiladelphia Examiner:

About that off shore drilling

Of course, it's a sneaky way of enacting higher taxes and punishing people who drive. We want you to WALK and BICYCLE, doncha know, never mind if you have a broken LEG or anything. Read it at NRO:

Keep in mind that these global-warming measures seek to raise the price of petroleum and other fossil fuels in order to force individuals and businesses to use less, thereby reducing the carbon dioxide emissions some blame for global warming. Inflicting economic pain via higher energy prices isn’t a side effect of global-warming legislation — it’s the whole point. 
In sum, there’s not much point in a legislative package with one section purporting to allow new drilling for energy and another section making that energy prohibitively expensive. Unless, of course, it’s to win a few additional supporters for a bill that would hurt that American consumer and the economy. Talk about a waste of energy.

Bwahaha! Ryan of Ohio cancels town hall meeting

He's afraid....of the tea partiers! He voted FOR the monster Obamacare and now he's afraid to meet with his constituents. And it's ALL THEIR FAULT! Read over at Gateway Pundit:
The Hill reported:
Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) canceled a town hall on the new healthcare law Tuesday because of concerns about the security of the event.
The congressman’s office cited safety issues at the facility where the meeting was to take place and threats to his office, according to a report by News21.

Palin's "targets" not original with her

    Verum Serum did a little research when Paul Krugman, the hysterically shrill NYT liberal columnist (purse your lips and you impersonate him) claimed there was nothing, NOTHING that anyone could point to of equivalent "violent" imagery as Palin's idea of targeting certain Democrats for replacement in the fall. (As we mentioned before, let's forget about the brick thrown into the Michigan Republican headquarters and the Obama donor nut who posted a death video directed at Cantor's family, etc. that same day) So this is the result of Verum Serum's research: several maps that are almost identical to Palin's. Shocked?
    What is it about these people? They are so sanctimonious in their pious righteousness of pretending to be innocent, peaceful and loving that they can't even admit, ADMIT THE TRUTH about the consequences of their destructive policies, their biased mean-spirited attitudes and the nastiness of their own hearts when it comes to judging other people.
    Anyway, here's a DNC targeting graphic. Be sure to compare Palin's with the DNC ones. Go here to read the article. It's pretty disgusting.
Paul Krugman used the megaphone of the NY Times to state that Palin’s Facebook map went “far beyond politics as usual.” He further claimed, “you will search in vain for anything comparably menacing…from members of Congress.” Notice he didn’t say it was hard to find or rare. He said, in effect, that it didn’t exist. But since my search was not in vain, the Times should issue a correction noting that Krugman got it wrong.

"Blue Dog" Dems reluctant to go along

As we predicted, so-called conservative (not!) Dems are reluctant to go along with the Obama administration's radical proposals regarding immigration and energy policy. Politico has a report:

“If [Obama’s] saying he’s got the stride going and he’s on a winning streak and that was just the first of many things he thinks he can get through, I would actually say the opposite,” said the top aide to a member of the conservative Blue Dog Coalition. “That ship has sailed. That capital was expended on cap and trade first and health care second.

Beware the new drilling mandates

Sounds good, the plan to drill off Florida's coast for our own oil, to establish energy independence, no? Well, no. It appears it's a soap-a-dope plan by The One, who has tied it to a new cap and trade plan. It won't happen for YEARS, for one thing, with many "studies" needed before any action takes place. Meanwhile, if Repubs go along with it, a new cap and tax plan will take place. If they vote it down, The One will use it against them. If they vote it up, we, the American people, lose. BEWARE! Repeal! Reform! Replace!

Westboro Baptist church and the "right wing"

As usual, the media is labeling Fred Phelps as "right wing." This is not true. Here is an article that establishes Westboro Baptist Church's left wing bona fides. It's despicable that every time something bad happens associated with nasty signs, racism, homophobia, etc., the press (and Bill O'Reilly) assumes that it is right wing, even though it's often some left winger pretending to be a right wing extremist. Read more here about out; follow the links for background info. WBC IS left wing!
But Phelps isn't “far right.” According to Wikipedia and Kansas Voter View, he's a registered Democrat who ran in five Kansas Democratic primaries, including governor. He also reportedly campaigned for then-Sen. Al Gore in the 1988 presidential campaign (these photos seem to back this up), culminating in invitations to both Clinton-Gore inaugurations, although that support waned as Clinton-Gore promoted gay rights.
Now the case with the fourth circuit court of appeals telling the fallen Marine's father Al Snyder to pay the bills of the WBC for having brought the lawsuit has bubbled up. It is strange that the appeals court went ahead and ruled that Mr. Snyder should have to pay this, even though the Supreme Court agreed to hear this case. Snyder won his case, was awarded millions from WBC, but the decision was reversed by the appeals court. What in the heck is the purpose of a trial, one has to ask? 


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The truth begins to leak out

The truth...that the Dem chumps that voted for the health care nightmare were suckered....and they know it. And that their loyalty was to their Messiah, NOT to the American people who pay their taxes. This disgusting.
A Democratic senator I can’t name, who reluctantly voted for the health-care bill out of loyalty to his party and his admiration for Barack Obama, privately complained to me that the measure was political folly, in part because of the way it goes into effect: some taxes first, most benefits later, and rate hikes by insurance companies in between.

The death of a master teacher

Did you know the untold story of Jaime Escalante, the inspiration for the wonderful movie "Stand and Deliver"? He was pretty much drummed out of the American educational system because of egos, entrenched behavior and unions. Here is a link to a column about his death.

Jaime's obituary

More importantly, here is a column in Reason magazine describing his departure from the educational field. Be sure to read the whole thing. It's quite interesting.
It is less well-known that Escalante left Garfield after problems with colleagues and administrators, and that his calculus program withered in his absence. That untold story highlights much that is wrong with public schooling in the United States and offers some valuable insights into the workings -- and failings -- of our education system.

Marcy carts in people to thank her for selling her vote on health care

It's all about social justice, doncha know. Income redistribution, as the joke of a vice president explains. (Dr. Jonathan Ross practices Urology in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Ross graduated with an MD 24 years ago.)
LInk only

The One discusses us

     Yes, us. You and me. The tea party "activists." 
     There are so many things wrong with this article, it's hard to know what to say. First of all, there's no "core." Second, we aren't "disciples." (What rot!) Third, we aren't "anti-government," like the supposed nuts just arrest in Michigan and the Buckeye state. We're LIMITED GOVERNMENT. 
      The way Loven (the author of this hit piece) writes this article, Thomas Jefferson would be anti-government. Who, after all, said "That government is best that governs least"? I don't personally know any birthers, and there isn't any network, not really. The idea behind THAT is that we don't want to be part of a nanny state, the way The One wants to enslave us. 
      And once again, if you disagree with him, you're a nut. You're "the fringe." They just don't get it. People all over this country are legitimately freaked out by the bizarre behavior of the White House and its temporary inhabitants. 
      People ARE rising up around the country, with no one twisting arms, but just a very real anger and desire to preserve our liberty. Who was it that said, "Give me liberty or give me death..." Oh, wait, we aren't supposed to teach that anymore, along with Jefferson.
     Anyway, read it here, if you can stand it.

Coulter's answer "Ride a camel"

Well, apparently the MSM has done a good job obscuring Coulter's real answer to the young Muslim student who confronted her about her magic carpet comment. As usual, they only include the quips that Ann loves to throw out to her adoring/hating crowds. Follow this link to get the full story:

After we won in World War II, the emperor went to MacArthur and said, "Okay, we're ready to convert." And MacArthur said, "Well, actually, we don't convert people forcibly." Also, as he's described, he said he didn't know whether to convert them to Protestantism or Catholicism. But he put out the call for Christian missionaries to come to Japan, and they poured in. And, you don't convert people forcibly, but missionaries have been operating throughout Japan for years, and we certainly have religious freedom in Japan, and I would add we haven't heard a peep out of them.
After the Korean War, the exact same thing happened. A call was put out for Christian missionaries to go into South Korea. The Christian missionaries poured in, and this is one of the greatest success stories of Christianity. You'll see in at least on a American university campuses...

OU prof on the education bill just passed

Repeal, replace, reform. Read it here:
President Obama asserted Saturday that “by the end of this decade, we will once again have the highest proportion of collegegraduates in the world.” Putting aside the nasty reality of a 45 percent six year college drop-out rate, the Labor Department forecasts that, over the next decade, there will be fewer new jobs requiring college degrees than there will be new college graduates. This bill aggravates a costly and inefficient system, likely will raise tuition charges, and lead to more over-educated and over-indebted young Americans.

Another view on Steele

I don't really agree with this but thought I'd post a link anyway. Although it's true Steele is around until after the mid-terms, I still don't think he's an effective leader. He's weak and vacillating and not really conservative.
Steele had nothing to do with the event, report it straight if you want to inform, as opposed to inflame for your own juvenile self-interest. As Ben Smith correctly points out, Steele isn't going anywhere until after the mid-terms. At least, I sure hope not, as that would be a crisis team Obama would just love to not let go to waste. But, hey, six months out from a pivotal election, how about a little circular firing squad? Real smart.

Left vs right rallies

Zombie is an anonymous blogger who photographs bizarre happenings on the Left Coast (she's quite busy). She has a photo essay comparing the 2 rallies that happened in the last 2 weeks. One is in LA and one is in Searchlight. See which one supports YOUR beliefs and way of life. See which one YOU would feel safest at. Go here to watch.

Wow! Incredibly stupid left wing illogic

     I can't embed this video because Eyeblast apparently doesn't like Macs, but Ace has this incredible video of that idiot Ed Schulz attacking a Heritage Foundation guy, screaming at him that violent outbursts are not occurring on the left, even as he violently outbursts against this calm smiling Heritage fellow. He jabbers something about bricks not being thrown into Republican windows because leftists aren't violent. Guess he didn't realize Code Pink attacked Karl Rove yesterday, a brick was thrown through the window at a Michigan Republican headquarters and some Shia got arrested for making a Youtube video about killing Eric Cantor and his family. Oh, the Shia was an Obama supporter.
     And that was just yesterday.
    So, yeah, dumb (fill in the blank), the violence originates with the left, not the tea parties. Follow the link to see it. It's quite delusional.

Student loans now part of government debt

Student loans used to be part of the government; it was easy to get an NDSL. The dirty little secret about student government loans is one pays them back. This I learned quickly upon graduation from college. NO ONE pays them back. Everyone defaults. Except me, of course. And if The One really cared about education, he wouldn't have taken those charter school opportunities away from kids in D. C.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Marcy's ad about free money

Does anybody else hate that ad with Marcy encouraging people to collect free money from the government? It's pathetic what liberals have done to the city of Toledo. Begging for chicken feed from their overlords.

Social security fail

Bush tried numerous times to reform social security. Dems said there was no problem.

How ironic that, even as the Senate last week debated the reconciliation "fixes" to ObamaCare, word came that Social Security has reached the so-called tipping point -- years ahead of schedule.
For the first time, Social Security will pay out more in benefits than it receives in tax revenue, to the tune of $29 billion.
The reason: Continued high unemployment means there are fewer paychecks from which to deduct Social Security taxes. Meanwhile, many who can't find work are applying for benefits much earlier than they'd planned.

Insurance industry to fail?

It's been estimated by some that the insurance industry will fail within 2 years. Here's the idea:
Quite simply, Obamacare has created a ticking time bomb for the insurance industry. Those with preƫxisting conditions will be covered.....and demand continuation of the coverage at prescribed rates....and those who ignore the mandate, presumably anybody at all affected by it, face no consequences. As costs spiral out of control, premiums will have to rise and subsidies increase. Insurance companies would have to either fold or shift those covered by employers....becoming a perfect target for left wing demagoguery and vilification. The only way out as more and more of those covered by employers get pushed into the exchanges as costs get shifted to them and employers no longer offer insurance -- yet another intended consequence -- is the public "option" or outright nationalization through a single payer plan.

Fighting stereotypes

     Let's be honest. Stereotypes are based on some reality; the ditzy cheerleader and less than bright football player do exist. What is wrong with stereotyping is when people look at someone and base judgment and decisions on their perceived stereotype.
    In the political world, Democrats and liberals assume themselves to be kind, caring about the general populace and focused on the common man. Republicans are assumed to be greedy, selfish country clubbers. The MSM supports these stereotypes, going far beyond anything REAL to create and cement these impressions to every day people. While both these stereotypes are true of some people, they are not true as a whole.
    Blatant prejudice and bias on the part of the MSM are the reasons no one wants to listen to them anymore. CNN's ratings have tanked, below Comedy Channel.
    Why is it that it's okay to stereotype conservatives? Why is it okay to mock Catholics and Christians? Why is it okay to make fathers look stupid, weak and ineffectual? Why is it okay to make black people look noble or cool, unless they're conservative? Why is it okay to laugh  at traditional values and patriotism?
    These questions need to be asked, over and over. We need to be unafraid to bring up the topics in normal conversations, when people do these things. Because they often go unchallenged, these stereotypes live. We need to fight them.

Statement on Michael Steele, RNC chair

     We had hopes for Michael Steele. Not so anymore. He has proven to be a vacuous, arrogant parrot who can't seem to gain any intellectual footing with regard to solid political issues. Now comes this horrendous story of mismanagement of funds at the RNC; although it is appropriate to wait for the details to shake out, it sure looks repulsive. And it can't be denied that almost $2000 was spent on a morally reprehensible entertainment establishment. Whether Republicans stand for morality or not, to know that any political group would waste donations from little old ladies on such trash is demoralizing and absolutely wrong. Since we DO have a commitment to morality, so much more the wrong.
     If Steele did not know about this, shame on him. If he did know, shame on him. 
     Either way, he needs to resign.
     At best, he's been wishy washy. At worst... well, here's the evidence.
     We need new decision makers, unafraid to make the hard decisions.
A $1,946.25 bar tab at a bondage-themed Hollywood nightclub financed by the RNC was part of a night of cultivating young Republican donors, The Daily Caller learned Monday after first reporting the expense that showed up on recent FEC filing.

New poll skewed to the wingnuts

Heh. WE'RE the wingnuts; let a buncha loons loose in D.C. and somehow the MSM finds a way to take a poll to make US like like wingnuts. Huh.Beware.

In his Daily Beast piece on the "scary" survey, Avlon writes: "This poll is the latest and most detailed evidence of the extent to which Wingnuts are hijacking our politics." In a way, perhaps that's true--but inasmuch as the poll is magnifying the importance of "wingnut" ideas, it is an example, rather than a reflection, of such hijacking.
And for whose benefit? The Democratic Congress has just enacted legislation vastly expanding government, in a manner so ugly and so heedless of public opinion that critics are arguing that it lacks political legitimacy. In response to that criticism, Democrats have sought to delegitimize Republicans by suggesting that they are racists, that they support political violence--and that they believe crazy things about President Obama.

Nancy Pantses freaked over hate mail

A couple of voice mails wishing them "ill" and the Nancy Pantses freak, even after gloating and goading constituents who TOLD them they didn't want the bill:


Meet the candidates night

"Meet the Candidates Night" on Monday, March 29, 2010 at Tony Packo’s at the Park.  The event will start at 6:30 p.m. This will be an informal meet and greet.  Each candidate will have the opportunity to introduce themselves, address questions, and meet with supporters. All Republican candidates are welcome.
Already confirmed: Jack Smith, Rich Iott, George Sarantou, Dan Steingraber, Tom Waniewski, Norm Witzler, Rick Bush, Judge Robert Christiansen, Judge Fritz Hany, Judge Steve Yarbrough, and many more!
 Event Details
Event:  Meet the Candidates Night

Date:   Monday, March 29, 2010 

Time:   6:30pm - 9:00pm 
Location: Tony Packo's at the Park (across the street from LCRP headquarters)
Address:  7 South Superior St., Toledo, OH 43604
For further information, contact the Lucas County Republican Party at 419-482-0506 or

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Be of good cheer

     Well, Politico is pumping up The One's spring and summer agenda, gloating that he is "hot, hot, hot" these days. He wants to push all sorts of commie stuff through that everyone hates. I am not going to bother to link to the article, because it's all more of the depressing stuff that we've all been reading the last few weeks. You can only take so much of that and then you zone out, become overwhelmed or start to seethe in anticipation for November 2.      
     No one can live like that. 
     What we CAN do is plan...plan for Kaptur's rivals and others, *contribute to our billboard*, talk to friends and neighbors UNAFRAID, post online conservative ideas, contribute to any conservative candidate across the country...THAT kind of thing. In short, become ACTIVISTS.
    But there's something else at work here. I know the conventional wisdom is that Obama's going to get everything he wants, especially after the shameful spectacle of the horrible gloating Pelosi et al did, the goading that Obama did, the race baiting of the Dems walking through the Tea Partiers, most of whom did not lose their self control.
    Here's the bigger picture though. The reason the Dems have control of Congress is that they were able to win so many Blue Dog seats; these Blue Dogs are not by nature radical left winger commies like the nuts running the show. They've gone through hell the past few months. 
    They were begged to save the presidency of the Scold in Chief just a week or so ago. Sympathy was the last resort of a desperate, selfish man. 
     I don't think we have to assume that whatever the Scold wants from here on out, he'll get. He's spent a great deal of political capital. Congress is home now, to meet with very angry constituents. Just take a look at that Dingell town hall to see how THAT is going to go. Granted, they may run from even meeting with constituents, but the truth is their lives are not going to be the same since they took this vote, as only more ugliness will emerge day by day as we discover stuff that's in the bill, or rumored to be in the bill, such as even tampons being taxed now to pay for health care.
     Each day here on out brings all those Dems closer to the next election. While the thugs in charge are saying people will forget about health care by the time the next election arrives (which we know isn't true but theoretically delusional Dems can choose to believe), you can BET that people will NOT forget about health care if all the Dems keep voting for crappy stuff that makes the voters even madder.
   IOW, the Dems can't have it both ways. They can't tell their drones that voters will forget their traitorous behavior by the fall if they keep getting reminded by more traitorous behavior, like granting amnesty to a bunch of illegals and taxing us for breathing.
    We don't know what will happen today, or tomorrow. We sure know what happened yesterday, and that's what's got us all worried.
    So we work together for a brighter day, never losing heart and keeping faith with one another, remembering that the battle goes not just to the strong, but also to the courageous and vigilant.
    What is happening in this country is truly remarkable. If we think about what is REALLY HAPPENING without the anxiety and fear we've all been feeling and we LOOK AROUND to see our fellow citizens rising up to defend this beloved country, then we can be encouraged and realize that WE ARE SOLDIERS NOW. We have watched our kids (and their parents) march off to war to defend this country, but now WE ARE SOLDIERS TOO.
     So march on, brave warriors. I don't know about you, but I'm in it to win.

What could possibly go wrong?

Kids like to jump on beds

Laugh over at Viral Footage:

Global warming-the greatest faith of all

     We've watched as the global warming theories have been repeatedly discredited: lies, distortions, manipulations. Now it appears the plagues in the Bible really DID happen! Guys! Hey, it's true! Hmpf. And why? Because of global warming, of course!
     Does it ever occur to anyone that it takes a great deal more faith to believe in global warming than it does to believe in God, when one examines the universe in all its minute and glorious beauty?
     Just sayin'.

"There is a dry period which would certainly have had serious consequences."
The scientists believe this switch in the climate was the trigger for the first of the plagues.
The rising temperatures could have caused the river Nile to dry up, turning the fast flowing river that was Egypt's lifeline into a slow moving and muddy watercourse.

Perrysburg Schools prepare to make cuts

Unlike TPS, Perrysburg Schools prepare to make cuts rather than asking for more money.

Toledo police/fire make in excess of $100,000 annually

Nobody begrudges Toledo fire and police a good wage; after all, they put their lives into jeopardy in a necessary job. It's pretty hard to stomach, however, how three RETIREES can make between $142,000 to $195,000 YEARLY. The current fire chief makes about $145,000, yet these people are retirees. This is why pension funds are doomed to fail: in the auto industry, state and local pensions, teachers pension funds. All of them are in serious danger because of the legacy pension funds. Searchable data base here. What's galling is that they claimed they cannot take further pay cuts. Note that most of the problem originates with liberal union thugs and cites/states run by liberals, who don't seem to have any awareness that the future is dust if we don't do something.

Putting it frankly

He's a divider, not a uniter. GayPatriot says it well. Read it here:
Rather than herald the passage of reform in unifying terms, the president returns to the stump, making campaign-style speeches.  And he all but refuses to the concerns of opponents of the legislation, dismissing them instead as partisanship gamesmanship.  He prefers to rally his base.  A healer and a united he ain’t.
Maybe more people would rally to his health care overhaul if he chose to confront those concerns rather than dismiss and otherwie belittle them.

Smile! We won't back down

More raids last night in our area

As we reported earlier, Southeast Michigan had numerous raids last night by Homeland Security and TSA, Joint Terrorism Task Force. Now it appears there were numerous raids all over our region, including Indiana and Cleveland. Jawa Reports:
Something is afoot... multiple raids overnight in the upper mid-section of the country.
WXYZ(WXYZ) - The FBI was conducting raids Saturday night at multiple locations in southeast Michigan.
Action News has learned Homeland Security and the Joint Anti-terrorism Task Force is also involved in a major operation.
Federal officials would not say who they were targeting or where, but the FBI has set up a command center at the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department in Ann Arbor, where they have brought in two satellite trucks and a radio tower.
The Blade and others are reporting arrests are being made for Michigan militia. Huh. And here I thought it was for terrorism. 

Smart grid flaws found

Plans are underway to restructure the power grid all across the US. Now it comes to light that, hey, that smart power grid can be hacked! Well, of course, we knew that the GOVERNMENT was eager to hack into the power grid to control who heats or cools their house whenever, but now we discover that ANYBODY (hackers, thieves, criminals) can hack into it because of all the flaws in the way it is constructed. From Slashdot:

Update on big Tea Party Rally in Searchlight

We reported on the exciting news of the huge launch of the Tea Party Express in Searchlight, Nevada, Harry Reid's home territory. Now Jim Hoft at Gateway reports on CNN's reporting. This is pretty incredible reporting. Take a look at his pictures and reporting:
Just in case you still trusted the state-run media… 
CNN on size of Saturday’s rally: “At least dozens of people.” This is dozens?

The One's charm is in place

     As usual, he endorsed something and it absolutely failed. Now, you might be thinking that, well, at least he won when it came to health care reform, to which I would respond, "Hey, have you looked at the statistics on that boondoggle? It won't take very long for people to figure out what a mess he's made of that, too." 
     If you're a ball team and you're lucky, The One won't pick you as a winner. 
     And don't be fooled by the MSM's pushing of The One's agenda for the Spring. Immigration, education,'s all coming, but the truth is, he used up a lot of his good will on the stupid boondoggle. Once those members go home, they're going to get an earful. And the polls are already cratering for the idiots who voted for the HC bill.
    The One's successes include:

–Obama campaigned for Creigh Deeds: He lost.
–Obama campaigned for Jon Corzine: Another loss.
–Obama campaigned to get the Olympics in Chicago: Out in the first round of voting.
–Obama campaigned for Martha Coakley: Epic fail. 
Michelle [Malkin] calls it the “Reverse Midas Touch,” (the First Lady has it too), and it’s something that is alive and well as evidenced by the fact that all of Obama’s Final Four picks are out of the tournament:

Regardless of what you're hearing

The polls are showing that Obamacare is not getting any more popular. Even on Fox, there's an endless drumbeat about polls indicating that people are eventually going to like and adjust to the new HC bill. The reality is that businesses are cutting their benefits regarding health care and drug programs because of the great cost of the so-called health care reform. Over at Hot Air. Remember that the MSM is now working overtime to bring poll numbers up so that Republicans won't fight the measure in the fall:
As always, the sample tells more about the poll than the results.  This poll has a D/R/I split of 34/24/38, giving Democrats a ten-point advantage in the partisan split.  That’s an increase of four points since the February survey, and far outside of reality.  Recall that Barack Obama won his presidential popular vote by seven points, with significant Republican crossover voting.  Gallup put the partisan gap at half of the span seen in this poll in the fourth quarter of last year, while Rasmussen had it at three points in its own survey just this month.

Watch out for new tax!

Watch out for this new tax scheduled to tax place in 2011, perhaps 2012. It is a tax of $149-250 that will automatically be deducted from your paycheck unless you opt out. Watch the video to find out about it.
One can only hope that the opt-out procedure won’t be as complicated as the opt-out provision for union membership. If it is, you could be paying this monthly donation for months, or even years, until your opt-out application is perfected and processed.

TSA conducting raids in Michigan

Announced this morning on WJR, the TSA and Homeland Security are conducting raids on numerous houses in Southeast Michigan. 

XYZ) - The FBI was conducting raids Saturday night at multiple locations in southeast Michigan.
Action News has learned Homeland Security and the Joint Anti-terrorism Task Force is also involved in a major operation.
Federal officials would not say who they were targeting or where, but the FBI has set up a command center at the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department in Ann Arbor, where they have brought in two satellite trucks and a radio tower.
Agents have also obtained search warrants and multiple arrests have been made.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A new model of civility

Grayson, one of our favorite liberal hot airbags, thinks because he speaks from on high, he's a model of civility. He's not hateful. He's loving. He's not partisan. YEAH. No. Check out Gateway Pundit for commentary.

Kaptur receives pork after voting for health care plan

Of course, in this article the focus is on Stupak, but notice Marcy's name too. This is from Hot Air, over from Sunlight Foundation.
 The Sunlight Foundation reviewed the earmark requests made by the “Stupak 11″ that had proclaimed themselves opposed to ObamaCare over the abortion language in the Senate version, only to flip at the last minute for a meaningless executive order from Barack Obama.  In an amazing coincidence, the eleven submitted requests to Democratic leadership for almost five billion dollars in pork after voting for ObamaCare: 
A day after Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., and ten other House members compromised on their pro-life position to deliver the necessary yes-votes to pass health care reform, the “Stupak 11″ released their fiscal year 2011 earmark requests, which total more than $4.7 billion–an average of $429 million worth of earmark requests for each lawmaker. 
Of the eight lawmakers whose 2010 requests were available for comparison, five requested more money this week than they did a year ago: Rep. Jerry Costello, D-Ill., Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper, D-Pa., Rep. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., Brad Ellsworth, D-Ind., Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, and Rep. Charles Wilson, D-Ohio.  …

A petty man

Bookworm has an interesting perspective on the various events in which The One has revealed his Obaminable personality.

That’s not presidential.  That’s not no-drama.  That’s not post-partisan.  That’s ghetto thug.
And, just to keep his street creds intact, Obama again engaged in ungracious bating, this time at a book store:
After his speech in Iowa City today, President Obama made a short visit to Prairie Lights bookstore — a small local business in the community.
While perusing the bookshelves Mr. Obama had a little fun with the books of two Republican foes, both whose faces graced the covers.
Laughing, the president held up “No Apology,” by Mitt Romney, and “Courage and Consequence,” by Karl Rove,” in each hand.
“What do you think guys?” he asked the group of reporters with him of the hardback copies in each hand.
Ultimately the president did not purchase either book, choosing instead to buy a book for each of his daughters: “Journey to the River Sea,” by Eva Ibbotson, and “The Secret of Zoom,” by Lynne Jonell.
What a petty little man.  How ungracious.  Even the frequently over-the-top Johnson; the crooked Nixon; the dour Carter; the inarticulate Bush, Sr.; the sex mad, narcissistic Clinton; and the much ridiculed and attacked Bush Jr. would never have forgotten their role and sunk so low.  Apparently you can take the man out of the angry and ugly socialist streets, but you can take the angry and ugly socialist out of the man.

Huge tea party gathering today!

Cheer up! Today begins the resurgence of the tea party movement as the Tea Party Express begins its trek across the United States. FNC is covering it extensively. Feeling down? Feeling overwhelmed? Can hardly stand to read or watch the news today? WATCH the Tea Party Express on FNC! Thousands have arrived already, flags aloft, becostumed, even though the event doesn't really start until 3:00. They'll be going through Detroit and Cleveland. Tour schedule is online. WE WILL PREVAIL!

The One spanks Netanyahu

     As the national Scold-in-Chief, The One has decided (surprise!) that he has no respect for the Israelis, which goes in the secret file named "Current Enemies who used to be Allies." (There's another secret new file in the White House called, "Current Enemies who used to be considered Enemies but we will now treat like Allies because we so identify with their politics and that they will soon FORGIVE us for our previous irresponsibility for hating their freedom living ways," but we won't get into that because we don't want to be accused of being a birther, or a hater, or prejudiced.)
     So, anyway, Scold-in-Chief received Benjamin at the White House; when he didn't like BN's reaction to his demands that the Israelis need to do what THE ONE says, Scold-in-Chief threw a hissy fit, snarked at BN, said, "I'm going to go have dinner with Michelle and the girls. Let me know when you change your mind," and walked out, leaving the Israeli leader standing, stunned, alone in the house of the people of the United States.
    Some people call this Chicago politics; you know, stiffing Sarkozy in Paris, dissing Brown when he arrived in the US, giving the queen of England an iPod with his speeches on it, handing over as a gift to the British prime minister and entourage a pack of DVDs that won't play on European players. 
    Yes, some could call this Chicago thug politics, no matter the so-called elegance and eloquence of the Scold-in-Chief. I would call it crude, rude, inexcusable, divisive, fractionating and arrogant. Yeah, that's what I'd call it.
Benjamin Netanyahu was left to stew in a White House meeting room for over an hour after President Barack Obama abruptly walked out of tense talks to have supper with his family, it emerged on Thursday. The snub marked a fresh low in US-Israeli relations and appeared designed to show Mr Netanyahu how low his stock had fallen in Washington after he refused to back down in a row over Jewish construction in east Jerusalem.