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Friday, August 31, 2012

Eastwood Alinsky-ed Obama

  I have to disagree with a great deal of the crap I'm hearing around the media and web.
  The focus today seems to be mockery and ridicule of Clint Eastwood, who's my new hero.
  Clint was brilliant.
  Absolutely brilliant.
  Some have called Eastwood's performance shambling, performance art or vaudevillian.
  Leftists have revealed their meanness of spirit, claiming he appears to have dementia.
  Fat chance. What Eastwood did, particularly with friends like those Hollywood commies, took great courage.
  What Eastwood was doing, though, was in the best Alinsky tradition. Sure, maybe viewership of the convention was down, but you can bet people are looking up this clip. In the YouTube and online video generation, decreased viewership doesn't mean what it did ten years ago.
  He was mocking Obama for the bloviating arrogant popinjay that he is, something Rush points out got under Obama's skin since he posted a stupid picture of himself with his big ears sticking out in a seat with the tag, "This seat is taken." Gosh, what a dope. How presidential.
  Eastwood was so out of character from the taciturn cowboy that we know him as in acting, directing and personally, that his demeanor was delightfully different. In fact, Bob Newhart quipped he's going to sue him for stealing his shtick of rambling on the phone.
  The unscripted nature of Eastwood's approach was a welcome change from the highly rehearsed, carefully planned and sometimes frightfully dull nature of most of the speakers. I laughed repeatedly, enjoying every single jab at the Democrats.
  Look at all the really sharp digs Eastwood got in; did we see ANY of that anywhere else in the 3 days of shows? Isn't that what people were hoping Chris Christie would do?
  The full text of Eastwood's words is here, but here are the zingers aimed squarely at the Left.
  • Liberal Hollywood celebrities are often guilty of "hot doggin'" it, pushing their politics on the public. All of Hollywood is NOT left wing.
  • Poking fun at the sappy emotional, Oprah crying, Greek column pretentious atmosphere surrounding the election of the first African American, Eastwood moved his audience past the romantic notion that we owe anything else as voters to this president.  Eastwood's cried for a different reason--unemployment (zing). 
  • If someone's not doing his job, we fire him. That's ok, even if he's the first Black preezy of the United Steezy.
  • Obama's broken promises, disappointing even his most liberal base through Gitmo and the war, a point that even tub o lard Michael Moore has acknowledged.
  • With his many trips to the golf course, vacation, parties and fundraisers, Obama really is an empty chair. He votes present, if at all. 
  • Eastwood mocked Obama for even considering trying terrorists in NYC. In addition, Obama's given the date of withdrawal to Al Qaeda. Just do it, already, instead of promising.
  • Gaffemaster Biden is the intellect of the Democrat party. Ouch.
  • Biden is a grin with a body behind it. Is there a better description of Biden?
  • Attorneys are not the favorite of most Americans; yet why do we elect them to such high office?
  • Clinton called Romney a "stellar businessman."
  • Obama's selfish. He flies a gas guzzler around and sure seems to enjoy it. He's also a hypocrite because he talks about being ecologically conscious; he's buying off people with issues like student loans (435 trips to colleges on taxpayer dollars).
  • America's great. However, we put our politicians up too high. They work for us. They're our employees, not overlords.
  • Obama's really not a very "nice" guy.
  I guess people thought the media and stuffed shirts of consultants and Romney aides would sing the praises of a celebrity who described himself as simply someone in the movie business.
  By holding Obama up to ridicule, Eastwood begins to break the barriers of protection that Leftists have put around him.
  He is, after all, just a man.
  Even a Black man can be incompetent. Only racists would say otherwise.
UPDATE: J. Christian Adams posted this. We're on the same wave length:

The Republicans seem to at last be reading Rules for Radicalsby Saul Alinsky. The messages and tactics of Alinsky, long the monopoly of the Left, have been discovered by the Right. 
A couple of examples. First, Clint Eastwood’s speech was pure Alinsky...

The Case of the Disappearing Democrat

This post at Slate is the more remarkable thing I've read in years. We are all aware, sometimes too much, of demographic trends in the electorate; it's getting older, it's getting browner but never it disappeared. Wisconsin is one of several states where election outcomes are driven by a single large city that votes overwhelmingly blue against a more or less red hinterland. What if suddenly Milwaukee's huge Democratic majority disappeared? We should know the answer to that in just two months. Milwaukee has suddenly lost 60% of it's black voters and nobody knows why. This is grim news for Tammy Baldwin and Barack Obama.
According to the Slate post, last April the League of Young Voters, presumably a Democratic front group, canvassed 208 of Milwaukee's 317 precincts, knocking on 121,000 doors of registered voters. The canvassers were able to successfully find and interact with only 31 percent of their targets. Twice that number were confirmed to no longer live at the address on file, either because a structure was abandoned or condemned, or if a current resident reported that the targeted voter no longer lived there. Their extrapolations estimated the loss of 160,000 registered Democrats half of them under 35 years of age. Gee, they got the great ground game, the high tech cell phone ap that sniffs out Democrats, it just that they don't have voters.
A related NPR post blames high foreclosure rates in Florida for leaving holes in voter registration roles. It also predicts a declining importance of Cleveland in Ohio elections.

Ohio, one of the most reliable bellwethers, has voted for the winning candidate in every presidential election since 1964. The Romney campaign is targeting suburbs and smaller towns that lean toward Republican candidates, while the Obama campaign is trying to mobilize large metropolitan areas that delivered him the state in 2008.
Obama supporters are finding the task more difficult this year in Ohio's two largest cities, Columbus and Cleveland, where foreclosures are highest. In the first half of the year, more than 10,717 properties, or 1 in every 89 homes, were in foreclosure in Cleveland.
Most of the properties are on the city's heavily Democratic east side, where thousands of homes bear an "X," marked for demolition.
"You see it in every precinct," says Samara Knight, vice president of the Service Employees International Union in Cleveland, who is leading a voter canvassing effort. The SEIU has endorsed Obama.
Since 2008, more than 99,000 of Cleveland's registered voters have dropped off the rolls, a loss of 26 percent.

Neither of these posts ask the question, how many of these voters were fictional creations of ACORN voter registration drives? Is it just coincidental that a young, transitory, voting bloc disappears when voter ID laws are passed? In any event we can expect to hear much shock and maybe some outrage election night.

Clint: Obama's an empty suit

  Sure enough, the minute Clint Eastwood stepped on the stage, Twitter lit up with the disapprovers, cluckers and disdainers.
  Indeed, Invisible Obama appeared immediately on Twitter.
  The professionals all know better than the commoners. Clint was rambling, embarrassing, ruined it for Romney, didn't fit the scripted nature of the event.
  Nuh uh.
  Clint Eastwood was terrific. 
  Sure, it was unscripted. That's what was so charming about it; and it provided balance to the emotional and moving testimonies of the people Romney had helped over the years.
  After several days of watching people (many not the best speakers) read their carefully prepared scripts, it was delightful to watch the old cowboy lean into the podium and joke with America, now and then stopping to seriously remind us that politicians are just employees and that this is the greatest country in the world.
  From Twitter:
Maddow: "Clint Eastwoods chair bit is the weirdest thing she's ever seen at a convention." Everyone else: "Giant vaginas."
If Clint Eastwood had spoken at an Obama rally the BBC would be singing his praises (Awesome or Sad?)  
C. Eastwood can say just about anything he chooses. The twerps in HW could never measure up to his dedication to America. Forget about it!
And here's the REAL point of the Clint skit. Some of the bright bulbs out there didn't get that:
YES!!!!!! “: Obama the Empty Chair in an Empty Suit with Empty Promises was hysterical skit by CLINT EASTWOOD! 
  See, the delusional MSM but I repeat myself just don't seem to understand that Obama is an EMPTY SUIT sitting in an EMPTY OFFICE in an EMPTY CHAIR. 

  So, bah, to the disapprovers.
  As usual, we shoot our own and the other side mocks everything we do.
  Hey, bugger off.
  We're real sick and tired of all the central planners who are so much smarter than we are.
  We're sick of your voices, sick of your opinions, sick of your constant nattering and nagging.
  I'll think we got this.
  We'll take it from here.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Romney Launches New Web Site, Sterling Business Career.Com

For months Romney has been reluctant to brag about his achievements at Bain Capital. True, venture capitalist does not suggest the same dedication and attention to detail as does community organizer but that profession did allow Mitt Romney to buy his house without the aid of a convicted felon unlike a certain renowned community organizer. Expect to hear more about Bain at the convention and in future campaign ad. The Romney campaign has launched a new web site, defending his and his company's record of creating over 100,000 permanent, private sector jobs unlike the community organizer's Solyndra, which in the end created no private sector jobs and cost the taxpayers $535 million.

Supreme Leader Of Iran Praises The Occupy Movement

From CNS News; The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei – the “supreme leader” of Iran – praised America’s “Occupy Wall Street” movement on Thursday, calling it a reflection of people around the world who are “losing their patience” with the dominance of the United States and Israel in the international community.
It's about time the Ayatollah got on board! The Occupy movement has won effusive praise from Elizabeth Warren (aka Cherokee Faux), Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and Ohio's own Betty Sue Sutton.
Sounding very much like a liberal Demorat the ayatollah went on to say, “The 99-percent movement of the American people against the centers of wealth and power in America and the widespread protests of the people in Western Europe against the economic policies of their governments show that the people are losing their patience with this situation,”
Would it be too cynical to suggest that he is just angling for a speaking spot in Charlotte to celebrate abortion and sodomy?

Mia Love, "I deserve a president that sees me as a human being"

Mia Love, the rock star Republican candidate for congress from Utah blasted Obama and Biden in a MSNBC interview with Luke Russert.

“Well, when you think about it, let's look at the 'war on women,' I mean, he's tries to politically get women to vote for men. And if you think about Joe Biden's comments, "They want to put ya'll back in chains," I think it's absolutely disrespectful to the office that they hold. I deserve a president that sees me as a human being.”


The Obama Effect: media spews hate

  We've written before about the Obama Effect.
  What is the Obama Effect?
  Well, in sports, if Obama favors a team generally they lose. This is an offshoot of OE, also known as the Obama curse.
  Now, there is a movie called The Obama Effect that has at its core a gooey and insipid adoration of the Black Jesus.
  This is not the Obama Effect of which we speak.
  The real Obama Effect is this: 
present a pretty face while the poison rots your insides into an ugly putrid pus. Claim others are offensive while dispensing some of the most hateful bilge ever to seep into politics.
  Stars like Cher and Ellen Barkin are pretty good at this. They get their surgery, their botox, their high priced wardrobes; they are pampered by doting and sycophantic staff who follow them everywhere. 
  They make outrageous demands of those around them, make enormous salaries beyond our wildest imaginations and demand we pay more from our meager salaries for whatever they deem appropriate.
  The vile putrification that is rotting the Press Corpse has been on full, hateful and ridiculous display this summer.
  It peaked with this week's convention.
  What do the Leftist media have to fear?  
  Could it be the "deep, young and diverse bench" that the GOP presented in the RNC convention?       
  Could it be all the minority Republicans who are willing to suffer the indignities, insults, threats and violence hurled by Leftist?
  So I've been watching much of the RNC convention and digesting the Twitter feed, blog commentary about the presentations and TV chatter by talking heads, which is especially painful considering they always try to talk over the performances.
  Which, now that I think of it, wouldn't be such a bad idea. Up until Condi spoke on Wednesday, my ears bled from listening to some pretty robotic, uninspiring speakers.
  That said, Condi was electrifying. 
  Susannah Martinez was mesmerizing. 
  And Paul Ryan...whew!
  Once Condi came on there was no hitting the sack.
  They were really good!
  An uproar has developed over Chris Christie's speech Tuesday night; even Chris Wallace felt it was out of sync with a traditional convention message. Others said Christie talked too much about himself and not enough about Obama or Romney.
  It was a traditional American message of doing the right thing at a hard time. It was something the public needs to hear.
  The usually fair minded Dana Perino said Ann Romney's speech was good but not outta the park. Reminder: Ann Romney is a mom, not a politician or a talking head.
  Another scandal erupted in which two errant delegates are said to have tossed peanuts at a CNN videographer while saying this is what we feed the animals at the zoo. Unfortunately the videographer happened to be a Black female.
  Youch. Naturally everyone took offense. Naturally everyone claimed RAAAACISM.
  Unfortunately there seems to be no proof this actually happened. Wouldn't a videographer have film? Mysteriously no one actually witnessed the incident, though the RNC said there was an incident and racists are tweeting and retweeting the claim that the entire RNC is made up of racist Kluckers. Details are unclear.
  Overall CSpan seemed to be the best choice for watching; even FNC's talking heads seemed to be trying to be "objective" in generously criticizing speeches, not necessarily from the public's point of view but rather from a wonk/analyst/consultant point of view.
  Disturbingly, however, it has become increasingly apparent that the MSM isn't just Democrat: they're Leftists who are openly hostile and dishonest toward conservatives and Republicans.
  So here's a rundown of how ugly it's been. Be warned. It's pretty bad and only getting worse.

  •   Juan Williams demeaned cancer and MS sufferer Ann Romney by calling her a "corporate wife"as if she is a "kept" woman whose only accomplishment is snagging a wealthy man. Apparently caring for 5 boys isn't work.
  •   Believe it or not, Chris Matthews claimed it's the GOP that is dividing America along racist lines.
  •   And of course you've heard by now the Yahoo News Washington Bureau Chief Chalian's hot mic comment that the Romneys are happy to throw a party while Black people drown.
  •  Mirengoff at Powerline says these comments are exemplary of experience he has had in DC.
 Breitbart has recorded some of the other unbelievable disses:
  • Tom Brokaw tries to tie Condi to birthers.
  • Wolf Blitzer calls Ryan a liar.
  • ABC ignores Condi's magnificent speech; talking heads prevail over Condi's comments.
  • Tweeters call for Ann Romney's murder.
  • All major networks do not air the Martinez speech, which was compelling.
  • MSNBC cuts all Republican speeches of people of color (who's the raaaacist here?)
  • ABC cut Susannah Martinez's speech to overlay a radical leftist's talk about Martin.
  • Tweeters call Condi bitch, stupid token black.
  • The LA Times claims the GOP is just hauling out brown faces for the cameras.
  • After Yahoo chief fired, other journalists defend him, including Gwen Ifill, who is one of the four (all Leftist) presidential debate moderators. Ifill claims Chalian is "God's gift to politcal journalism."
  • WaPo calls Yahoo remark that Romneys like throwing a party while Black people drown a joke. Ha. Ha.
  • Before Ann Romney's speech, ABC releases a negative Romney hit poll, then repeatedly references it when discussing her speech.
  • MSNBC Chuck Todd claims only White people are in the GOP audience, doesn't show any speakers who are minorities.
  • Network pool video feed of RNC audience purposely pans only white old people in audience. Yes, there were others not fitting that demographic.
  • Tweeters claim Barbara Bush ugly, looks like a man, MotherFucka
  • Then there's the Code Pinkers who dressed up as vaginas.
  • Someone edits Mia Love's Wikipedia page, calls her "house nigger" and "dirty worthless whore"
  • Twitchy reports the hate spewed on Twitter about minority Republicans. Dear GOD, these people have to face so much to be a Republican!
  • When McConnell joked about Obama playing too much golf, Martin Bashir and Lawrence O'Donnell opined that he was harkening back to, um, Tiger Woods. Or something. Because that's so far from reality, O'Donnell lamely claims. Republicans are reaching for "racial double entendres" by referencing Obama's affinity for the Black man's sport of golf.
  • And aha! Just as I predicted, Ann Romney's reference to her having a "real marriage" (as opposed to a storybook one) HAS been interpreted as a slam against gay marriage!

  There's so much more over at Breitbart it's overwhelming.
  John Nolte at Breitbart says the media has declared war on conservatives and Republicans:
This is who the media is. This is what Romney and all Republicans are up against. In what atmosphere does a so-called reporter feel comfortable firing off this kind of vicious joke? 
Well, the answer is easy: In an atmosphere where you're surrounded in a bubble by elite, ignorant, hate-mongering, ideologically-bigoted leftists just like yourself. 
The media cannot be reasoned with nor can a peace be brokered. 
We must defeat these people because that's what they intend to do to us. When you believe our nominee is happy to party while black people drown, you can only believe that we possess no humanity. You can't reason with people who hate you. You just can't.
  Even the so-called media "fact checkers" are dug into the Leftist mindset; how Orwellian to fact check facts incorrectly
  Nolte is right.
  This is war.

Missouri Senate Race, GOP Could Fund Write-in

Let's hope Mary Matalin is correct on this. The former disciple of Lee Atwater claims that the Republicans will wage a write in campaign in the Missouri senate race. My own choice for that race would be retired Senator Kit Bond. It's only seven letters. If enough Alaskan voters could learn to spell "Lisa Murkowski" to give her a win spelling Kit Bond should be child's play.

Janesville GM Plant Closed April 23, 2009

For those of you who insist that Paul Ryan misstated the the details surrounding the closing of the GM plant in Janesville, Wisconsin wipe the egg off your face, turn off MSNBC and follow this link. Immediately after Ryan's speech Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, and Al Sharpton ganged up on Scott Walker in an on air interview to make the point that the plant had closed in late 2008, during the Bush administration. Not so.

"General Motors will end medium-duty truck production in Janesville on April 23, four months to the day after the plant stopped building full-size sport utility vehicles.

About 100 employees associated with the line learned of the layoffs Wednesday.

April will mark the end of vehicle production at the Janesville plant that traces its roots to 1919 and the Samson Model M tractor. Chevrolet production started in Janesville in 1923."

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is Ann Romney is Too Polarizing?

Do pundits even listen to speeches? Do they even comprehend their own words? Andrew Rosenthal of the New York Times;

"The genius of Mrs. Romney’s diva performance was the way she smiled so warmly as she delicately slipped the knife into President Obama. This was no Sarah Palin, who was all teeth and no warmth.
“It amazes me to see [Mitt’s] history of success actually being attacked. Are those really the values that made our country great? As a mom of five boys, do we want to raise our children to be afraid of success? Do we send our children out in the world with the advice, “Try to do … okay?”
Mrs. Romney added: “And let’s be honest, if the last four years had been more successful, do we really think there would be this attack on Mitt Romney’s success?”
Cue the knowing smile, the small, sharing chuckle, and the little nods of recognition and waves as if she had just spotted a familiar face in the huge crowd."

Never mind the outrage we would have heard if someone on the right had referenced moon faced Moochell as a diva. Paranoia strikes again! Sweet Ann Romney asks two rhetorical questions and the Times has a cow. How long before we hear that Ann Romney is too polarizing? After all Barack Obama is only trying to make the world safe for mediocrity.

Susan B. Anthony List Takes Fight to Missouri

The Susan B. Anthony List describes this commercial as part of a campaign aimed at “Obama’s extremist record on abortion.” In a statement, SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser branded the president as outside the social mainstream. Ironically the ad will run in Missouri were Obama isn't competitive but abortion is a hot topic in the senate race. The initial ad buy will be $150,000.

RNC convention positive, uplifting contrast to leftist sourness

  Not a big fan of watching hours and hours of self-congratulatory groups of people scream and wave banners; that said, last night's Republican convention was rather enjoyable.
  Several themes ran throughout the speakers' speeches; strong marriages, independence and "We built this!"
  Without checking Leftist blogs, I'm guessing Ann Romney's comment that she has a real marriage (as opposed to a fairy tale one) will rile some of the easily riled pro-gay marriage crowd. Not that it should, but the Leftists seem to take great umbrage these days at anything traditionally American, patriotic, humorous or whiffing of Christianity.
  You might have noticed quite a few minority speakers on the Republican stage; well, you wouldn't have noticed those minority speakers if you were watching MSNBC because they cut away to their talking heads every time an Artur Davis or a Mia Love took the stage. At least that's what Newsbusters says:
When popular Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz, the GOP nominee for Senate, took the stage, MSNBC cut away from the Republican National Convention and the Hispanic Republican from Texas’ speech. 
MSNBC stayed on commercial through former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis’ speech, as well. Davis, who recently became a Republican, is black. Then, when Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuno’s wife Luce’ Vela Fortuño took the stage minutes later, MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews opted to talk over the First Lady’s speech. And Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval? Noticeably missing from MSNBC, too. Mia Love, a black candidate for Congress in Utah, was also ignored by MSNBC.
  I personally wouldn't know because I can barely stand the stink when I skip over MSNBC, which I did to get to cSpan because Fox News ALSO had the talking heads on, like when Three Doors Down was on. I mean, sheesh.
  MSNBC truly is race obsessed as Newsbusters points out.  Every action committed by conservatives/Republicans is viewed through the prism of race: wait, isn't that a racist dog whistle I hear? And if I don't hear the racist dog whistle, that's why the MSNBCers are there to point it out to me.
  Again to Newsbusters, we learn why Leftists have claimed early and often that this RNC convention was going to be ugly and racist.
Liberal Daily Beast writer Michael Tomaksy has already labeled this year's Republican National Convention as "reprehensible."  In his insufferable knowingness, Tomasky claimed that the next few days will be a "toxic waste dump of hate and lies and race-baiting."  In other words, it will be the most racist gathering of party delegates in the history of the republic. Why? Because The New York Times said so, of course:
Tom Edsall said it without quite saying it this morning in the Times, that this Romney-Ryan campaign is becoming among the most racist we've ever seen. The two key lies so far are totally about race--that Obama is soft on welfare recipients, and that he's "robbing" $716 billion from Medicare (77 percent of recipients are white) to "pay for Obamacare" (that is, to extend health care to black and brown people who don't deserve it, havent earned it, etc.).
  Obviously I'm not objective but I heard no hate last night.
  I actually heard the word "love" over and over. I heard a call for leadership. A call for action. A call to save our country from the vast caverns of debt our leaders have led us into.
  Some of the racist howlers claim that Republicans can't just "throw a brown face" into their convention and pretend that they're diverse.
  Yet their speakers last night were very diverse, even if MSNBC was reluctant to disclose that fact.
  But, the squealers will squeal, those rascally Republicans had to dig hard to find those "brown faces."
  Uh, no.
  They did not.
  While it is true that many in the Republican audience are white (though statistically DNC delegates are wealthier many of whom are white), those who are leading states are not!
  What does this mean?
  It means that the magnificent Artur Davis, Mia Love and Ted Cruz are willing to take risks leading the way, just as the framers of the Constitution and the founding fathers of this country did.
  These people are the future; they are brave to face down extraordinary opposition in their races to forge a new path. 
  Racism is a powerful charge; when it rears its ugly head, it motivates those of us who hate it to denounce and revile.
  That is what has happened in the country today.
  There's one party that sees only race and racism under every bush.
  They're driving people into the Republican party, where they're welcomed with open arms.
  Last night's activities were positive and upbeat; little was said about Obama, other than the sorrowful state in which he has brought this country.
  In contrast, we are hearing that the primary focus at the DNC convention will be abortion and free stuff for women, which, of course, will only last as long as the country can afford to throw free stuff out there.
  Interesting that a Tweeter observed that Howard Fineman tweeted that Christie's speech was "a tough harsh nasty speech--but effective for the GOP base if nowhere else."
  Jonah Goldberg tweeted back: U write ur tweets in advance?
  Because that is definitely not the speech Christie gave last night. The harshest words from Christie were: Mr. President, real leaders don't poll. Real leaders change polls.
  But I guess for the Mr and Mrs Pantywaists out there, that's too harsh. Not like anybody was accused of murdering someone or being a felon or anything.
  I got news for ya, bimbos.
  The point of these conventions is to discuss differences.
  The point of these conventions is to put their parties in a position to win.
  So let's compare again.
  Republican themes: solid marriages, independence, we BUILT that.
  Democrat themes: abortion even in the third trimester and after birth (which some might call murder), free stuff, war on women
  Sounds like a plan.
  We can clearly see the differences.

Artur Davis Explains The Facts Of Life To CNN

Artur Davis explains the limits to bipartisanship and compromise when one finds he is in the wrong party.

"It's very easy in Washington, D.C. to do the 'plague on both your houses' game, 'oh if both sides would only work together in a bipartisan way'. And for a period of time perhaps I seemed to do that, but I came to the conclusion that on all of the issues that we are debating as a country right now, my views line up with the people who are down here and not with the folks next week in Charlotte,"

Christie's Unforgettable Keynote Speech

I doubt that I am alone when confess that tonight I am absolutely, stupendously, and redundantly overwhelmed. What a cast! This is not the Republican Party I knew yesterday. This evening was like watching an all star game where every batter hits a home run. The Republicans have put together a superb rookie team with each member being far and away better than anyone on the opposing team. Yet to earn a starting position Mia Love, Ted Cruz, and Artur Davis each amazed, amused, and inspired us with what in another country would be an epic feat to reach the level of success they have archived yet here in the USA we see it happens everyday. It's very natural for the sons and daughters of Haitian and Cuban immigrants to aspire to public office. Rookie Governors Haley, McDonnell and Walker (Kasich is a returning veteran) along with rookie Senator Kelly Ayotte and Ann Romney were nothing short of spectacular but rookie Governor Chris Christie delivered the best keynote speech in the modern history of the Republican Party.
Christie eviscerated Obama without ever mentioning his name and simultaneously elevated the level of political discourse. Never a touchy feely guy, Christie eschewed caring and compassion in favor of respect and honesty.

"Tonight, we choose respect over love.

We are not afraid. We are taking our country back.

We are the great grandchildren of men and women who broke their backs in the name of American ingenuity; the grandchildren of the Greatest Generation; the sons and daughters of immigrants; the brothers and sisters of everyday heroes; the neighbors of entrepreneurs and firefighters, teachers and farmers, veterans and factory workers and everyone in-between who shows up not just on the big days or the good days, but on the bad days and on the hard days.

Each and every day. All 365 of them.

We are the United States of America.

Now we must lead the way our citizens live. To lead as my mother insisted I live, not by avoiding truths, especially the hard ones, but by facing up to them and being the better for it.

We cannot afford to do anything less. "

Christie is blessed with a facility for understated eloquence. He speaks polite, simple, direct, no nonsense, blue collar, New Jersey English. He likes action verbs and avoids flowery adjectives.

"I know this simple truth and I'm not afraid to say it: our ideas are right for America and their ideas have failed America.

Let's be clear with the American people tonight. Here's what we believe as Republicans and what they believe as Democrats.

We believe in telling hard working families the truth about our country's fiscal realities. Telling them what they already know - the math of federal spending doesn't add up.

With $5 trillion in debt added over the last four years, we have no other option but to make the hard choices, cut federal spending and fundamentally reduce the size of government.

They believe that the American people don't want to hear the truth about the extent of our fiscal difficulties and need to be coddled by big government.

They believe the American people are content to live the lie with them.

We believe in telling seniors the truth about our overburdened entitlements.

We know seniors not only want these programs to survive, but they just as badly want them secured for their grandchildren.

Seniors are not selfish.

They believe seniors will always put themselves ahead of their grandchildren. So they prey on their vulnerabilities and scare them with misinformation for the cynical purpose of winning the next election.

Their plan: whistle a happy tune while driving us off the fiscal cliff, as long as they are behind the wheel of power."

His message is, We'll tell you the truth and we know you will make the right decisions because we believe in you. You can read the whole speech here.  It was a very good evening!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Occupy protesters outnumbered; scream F word

  RNC protesters are currently horrendously outnumbered 6 to 1 by police, not to mention all those rascally Republicans inside the convention center Ellen Barkin and Samuel Jackson were hoping would die, die, DIE.
  Watch the agony here:

  You can watch the live feed here at Occupy, what with all the EFF!! EFF! EFF! EFF YOU!! and vuvuzelas and... 
  I'm just too bored to embed the streaming player here. It would take too much effort.
  And what IS it with these people and obscenities?
  EFF this. EFF that.
  Please understand they're not chanting euphemism I so tastefully edited for y'all. 
  They're also deleting negative Obama comments on the chat feed, cuz, you know, they're protesting the DNC convention but, you know, they really like ole Big Ears.
  Oh, and apparently had an energetic spurt of protesting imperialism and colonialism, apparently in response to the movie 2016: Obama's America.
   Incidentally, whoever invented the vuvuzela needs to be murdered in slow and painful ways.
  How banal they all are.
  And boring.
  They're boring.
  Hey, maybe if those RNC delegates would all start shouting the F word, things would liven up a bit inside the building.
  THAT wouldn't be boring.
  Ooo, wait, gotta go.
  Artur Davis is on.

Code Pink and this whole CHOICE thing

  So if you REALLY want to get your point across that women are more than mere objects, what you do is you dress up like the female sexual organ and parade around the Republican National Convention, screaming and claiming that Republicans are waging a war on women, carrying crudely sexual signs that say, "“Read my lips. Leave my vagina alone” and "Dear Congress: My Uterus My Choice."

  So it looks like this whole choice thing only works when Leftists are referring  to unborn children, who, BTW, Obama voted to kill if they happen to have the misfortune of actually making it out of the birth canal during an abortion.
  No safety out there if you're a 7 pound baby but Obamabots are waiting on the outside with a sharp instrument, a plastic bag and a trash can.
  So as far as this choice thing goes.
  My money, my choice.
  My salt shaker, my choice.
  My Big Ass Coca Cola, my choice.
  My air conditioning, my choice.
  My SUV, my choice.
  Our choice.
  Face it, Code Pinkers and Leftists.
  You're immoral losers who don't give a flying fig about human life or doing what's right.
  All you care about is yourself.
  After all, isn't your motto, "Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what your country can do for you."
  That motto, however, is not my choice.

Betsy McCaughey: Medicare Cuts Could Kill 40,000 Seniors Annually

Dr. Betsy McCaughey, the former lieutenant governor of New York explains that the “skimpy care” that Obama’s health law would impose on Medicare hospital patients “is likely to cause an estimated 40,000 unnecessary deaths each year.” Obama excuses his $716 billion pillage of Medicare funding by pointing out that it only cuts compensation to providers. Duh! So if the provider cannot to afford to hire sufficient staff do not expect adequate care. While seniors are seeing funding to Medicare cut, people who have never paid into any fund will reap the benefits.
From McCaughey's web site;
"Seniors also risk losing access to colonoscopies and other preventative services. The Obama health law empowers the secretary of Health and Human Services to eliminate preventative services for seniors based on the recommendations of the US Preventative Services Task Force (the panel that recommended women over 74 not get routine mammograms). A half page later the secretary is empowered to “increase” preventative services for Medicaid recipients. The winners and losers are clear."

Linda McMahon Continues to Lead in Connecticut

Linda McMahon continues to lead Congressman Chris Murphy in the Connecticut senate race. Again in this poll she leads by 3; 49% to 46%. More interesting is her lead among men, 54% to 42%! Obama holds a 7 point lead over Romney, leading 52% to 45% with 11% of respondents saying they may change their minds. Quinnipiac for the first time this election cycle used likely as opposed to registered voters. It is worth noting that the sample has a +11 Democratic bias but Obama carried the state by 23 points so the bias may be justified.

Isaac Is Not The Perfect Storm

Early this evening, about the time the Republican convention is coming to order hurricane Isaac will hit the coast. Most likely it will hit New Orleans and probably by then it will be considered to be a category two storm. There will be death and destruction but the Democratic pundits on the networks will laugh and joke at the awkward position the Republicans are in, trying to balance celebration with concern for hurricane victims.

Supposedly a Katrina flashback will conjure up the image of a cold hearted or inept George Bush who really didn't like black people. It's as if it was Bush's idea to build a city five feet below sea level in a hurricane zone and then fill it with Democrats who couldn't swim. Katrina was a disaster for the Republican Party at the national level but locally most of the ire was directed at then Governor Kathleen Blanco to the point that polling convinced her to seek the tranquility of early retirement and private life. So badly was the Republican brand damaged in Louisiana that the electorate gave John McCain a mere 58.6 percent of the vote. Jonathan Capehart pretty much spells out the media's new suspense thriller. How will gentrified Mitt Romney and the Republicans react to reports of billions of dollars in property damage and death? It's all about the optics, the drama reduced to melodrama, damn Paul Ryan and his budget that the media can't comprehend. The present media is prone to drive down the level of discourse to better fit the needs of a celebrity president whose sole contribution to the country has been optics.
Capehart and his fellow travelers have plotted the script but they have neglected one surd fact. While Romney maybe asked for his input on the disaster, Obama is the man who must deliver. There maybe a few middle level FEMA employees who understand what will going on but the rest of the administration simply revels in banality and ineptitude. This is the administration of a whacked up, frat boy Department of Homeland Security, of TSA, of GSA & VA million dollar conventions, of Solyndra, of Fast and Furious and drilling moratoriums. No administration has been less prepared to deal with a large disaster. Now this administration will be given an opportunity to showcase its incompetence just before the election.

The Obama Effect: Tweeting Hate

  Most fascinating is that all those Hollywood types who work so hard at appearing to be beautiful are so damn ugly inside, as revealed by their Tweets.
  I guess these bright bulbs haven't figured out, either, that lots of hard working folks out here in fly over country aren't willing to part with hard earned dollars to watch their crappy movies.
  Three of the absolute ugliest Hollywoodies are Cher, Ellen Barkin and Samuel Jackson.
  These three bozos need to lay off spontaneous remarks which expose their ugliness by Tweeting filth and hate from the laptop stations in their poolside cabanas.
  From the brilliant brain of prolific Tweeter Cher, who is indeed a nearly literate student of mankind:
cant twt anymore now cause im upset ! Im not Ranting! These r real DANGERS 4WOMEN I was here b4 RoeVWade & the Pill,It gave US THE CHOICE 
Im part of 1% like Mitt! Thank GOD WE DONT Share same Bubble id kill myself after 1 verse of America the Beautiful! don't care what u think! 
Kama train 4 himRT@Fuppapeh let Aiken get raped by man with HIV/AIDS.Nothing will happen, right?Body shuts down as defense mechanism Idiots 
Supress,Confuse,eligible voters" Please look &RT! They have"True The Vote"They R Vigilante men who go out & Scare Black/voters Till voters 
GOP Has Changed Voting rights in16 States,Because its the Only Way They CAN WIN! THEY HAVE TAKEN OLD, DISABLED,BLACK, HISPANIC & VETS OFF
  May she be relieved of her agonizing "lip bitting." 
  Red pill/blue pill Samuel Jackson also has love in his heart for those with whom he disagrees. The love, hope and peace that overflows from the Obama influence (we like to call it the "Obama effect") is exhibited in the following Tweet, in which he wishes death and destruction on Republicans:
Unfair Shit: GOP spared by Issac ! NOLA prolly Fucked Again! Not understanding God's plan!
  From Jackson's finger tips to God's ears, we can only try to understand how "God's plan" includes killing Republicans disproportionately because they disagree with red pill/blue pill Samuel L. Jackson. 
  Along with the many Tweeting celebrities who sided with young hoodlum Trayvon Martin, Jackson was also very concerned that someone might "stand their ground" against himself after the shooting:
We need to stand OUR ground! Speak out people, you could be next!@MHarrisPerry
  Yes, these celebrities who lounge around their pools and only go out to dine with 6 bodyguards bearing weaponry trailing them really have much more to fear from citizen neighborhood watchers than the Trayvon Martins of the world.
  Perhaps the most fearlessly vicious Tweeter, however, is Ellen Barkin, who freely wishes death on those who aren't Democrat/leftists:
@EllenBarkin C'mon ! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! 
  You'll note that this is a Barkin retweet, which gave her the motivation to claim that Twitchy was misquoting her (or something) and that Twitchy, which posts  original Tweets, sometimes with acerbic commentary, somehow misrepresented Barkin by simply posting her retweet. 
  Fearless Barkin fought back, claiming the problem is the lying, violent, bigoted Twitchy, not her own Tweets and reTweets:
Been down this road before,Twitchy With positions,ie,bigotry,hatred,violence,like yours,u should be able to drum up enuf hysteria w/o lies 
Thank you @billmaher for your brilliant clearly spoken outrage over new voter ID "laws".Any non Caucasian or non1%er still voting GOP...WTF? 
@joecoop101@EllenBarkin So u think it's fair to force people to pay for a government run health care system but not a $20 photo ID?” YEP.
You privileged morons...and for those of you who are truly privileged,(and yes I count myself) and still don't get it...shame on you all. 
@MVarley72 What the fuck r u talking about u idiot,it was a part of a convo on Voter's go read a book.Or just go learn to read. 
If our POTUS submitted his birth cert 2 appease extremist rt wing lunatics,how is it ok 4 Romney/Ryan NOT 2 submit tax returns past 2 yrs? 
Gotta go to bed.Work in morning.I love everybody...except u right wing fuckin morons.X 
John Lovitz maybe I met you a few times back in the day,but now you're just an ignorant asshole.Shut the fuck up.Long live our president. 
@BlackCanseco@EllenBarkin lol... Lovitz gets under your skin you should see Victoria Jackson—another SNL alum...”I would rather go blind
Here Barkin discusses Breitbart's death and right wingers:
@Fly_Pete@Cajun_Manor Be strong! Every1knows Breitbart died from Peruvian Flu *snert* " Wow really did not know that. Explains the crazy. 
@Cajun_Manor That group scares the fuckin shit outta me...always. Forget pro guns...those fuckers are pro murder. 
Didn't want a one sided twitter feed,but 2 tell the truth these ppl r way 2 scary ugly 2 add 2 my convos.Fuck 'em & block 
@litdreamer: But then,it wouldnt b the internet without a few evil assholes. ;-)” O way more than a few.I just learned to block Hallelujah 
Signing off now my fellow night crawlers. Good sleep & sweet dreams.TY 4 a mostly civilized discussion,with a few evil assholes thrown in! 
It's interesting but judging by my feed while we all can get hot and snappy,no1 spews ugly violent hate like the right.Curious fact.
  Note that these celebrity comments are in defense of the Left, inspired by the Obama regime, which has brought commentary quality to new laws.
  You gotcher Code Pinkers dressed as vaginas (protesting what? the Leftist meme that there's a Republican war on women? Huh.).
  You gotcher violent occupiers marching on the RNC, having trashed city after city, while being supported by the POTUS and Leftists like Pelosi.
  You gotcher Preezy of the United Steezy talking to Glamour Mag, People and ET, complaining about Republicans.
  You gotcher crap economy.
  So why wouldn't celebrity fans want to openly express hatred of those who are not fans of the Preezy?
  I'm sure there won't be any repercussions.
  Or maybe there will.
  The "evil assholes" and "effing morons" are fed up.
  Like I said.
  Step away from the Twitter machine.
  Step slowly away.