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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Govt health care kills another

  As if it isn't depressing enough knowing the Rand Paul spectacle dominated the news while the House passed funding for this year's Obamacare and contraception mandate, here's yet another report of a completely misdiagnosed government sponsored health care debacle.
  Over at the Daily Mail, we learn the story of a highly educated young woman who was "diagnosed" by three physicians with "anxiety" only to discover, far too late, that she had cancer spread throughout her body. At 37 years old, she died, knowing that her government doctors were not interested in linking her symptoms to disease rather than psychological issues. 
  We can already see this kind of thing being rolled out here in the States, where government entities are issuing any number of suggestions (regulations to come) poo-pooing the use of diagnostic tests traditionally used for cancer screenings. 
  As if government does anything well other than the military, we can look forward to more of this neglect considering that doctors are already in short supply and some critics are naggling for, yes, more government funding.
  What this means is that we as patients will have to become more vigilant, more proactive and louder (if not belligerent) with regard to our own health care.

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