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Friday, March 29, 2013

End of the Union Monopoly

Yesterday, Michigan became the 24th right-to-work state in the US.

For some, (mainly low-information voters and union big-wigs) the legislation is an assault on their way of life. They have trotted out all the stale arguments from the past and have planned protests across the state to "educate" the electorate that by becoming a RTW state Michigan will return to the days of sweat shops.

They conducted their sit-ins and demonstrations and are currently looking for a "friendly" judge in the court system to overturn this lame-duck passed legislation.

But are they concerned about the plight of the average worker or more concerned about protecting their fat-cat way of life?


The Nation Education Association has 3.2 million members across the US. The average salary for a teacher is $54,316 and most teachers have either seen their wages frozen or reduced over the past few years. The NEA president, Dennis Van Roekel received $397,721 in salary and benefits. (numbers courtesy of Fox News)

American Federation of State County and Municipal Workers (AFSME) has 1.5 million members. 10 officers and employees made over $200,000.00 per year and the President, Gerald McEntee made $479,328 in salary and benefits. Over the past 10 years,  Mr McEntee has received a raise averaging 4%. (courtesy Fox News)

It should also be noted that the Democrat Party, which is always "championing" the cause of "spreading the wealth around" is the major recipient of the two unions largesse. Receiving 98% of the $3.7 million dollars in donations from the NEA and $2.3 million from AFSCME.

For years the unions have enjoyed a monopoly in this country and have exacted a "tax" from it's membership in the form of dues. It has written language into contracts that exact that same "tax" from people who don't wish to join the union in the form of "service fees." In order to work, you had to pay.

But in 24 states, the monopoly is now over. The individual worker can now withhold financial support if he thinks the union is headed in the wrong direction. The union is now in the same position as the retailer. For once, it has to EARN what it asks it's membership to contribute.

And that is a good thing.

1 comment:

  1. What's more despicable (I seem to be focused on that word today) is all the school districts who settle their contracts early and for multiple years to beat the "right to work" legislation and the ability for union members NOT to join the dang union.

    I have a friend who committed the unspeakable act of working while his union brothers were sitting on a break. He was disciplined, not brought back on the job, and the fat ass union brothers watching him work were paid lots of dough in "compensation" for the other working while they sat. They were, after all, on break and so should he have been.