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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A great example of the unhinged Left

  You may have heard of this law "professor" at the University of Oregon who created a scene, aggressively questioning activist students' methods in trying to "effect change" regarding immigration, the change of which is, of course, a liberal cause, in this case open borders. While the students are the typical Leftist crusaders, their behavior is far more peaceful, mature and well-behaved than the "professor," whose bizarre tirade looks truly unhinged.
  The Blaze reported on this (lots of bad language in the video) but what is interesting is that conservative organizations seem so mystified by the behavior of this professor. What did he want, The Blaze wants to know:
Still, its unclear exactly what Olmsted was upset about or where he falls regarding the group’s larger position. For example, in the video you eventually hear who is presumed to be Olmsted (the camera is in his pocket at this point) saying, “I am part of your performance. You need a protagonist. … You’d be surprised about how much I’m on your side.” He calls his performance a “caricature of what I am.”

  "Professor" Olmsted's behavior is quite clear, contrary to The Blaze's interpretation. 
  It is a typical Leftist tactic, who need victims to gain sympathy for their causes; we see this all the time in this country and in the Palestinian causes with dead children paraded in front of the cameras, only to discover the child never died or was killed by a Palestinian rocket rather than an Israeli one. 
  Leftists need the aggrieved. They need someone to get hurt  to show the justness of their causes, just as the Newtown massacre and the deaths of 7 Marines have been used by opportunists like Joe Biden or Harry Reid to enact gun control laws or illustrate the "seriousness" of the sequester "cut" of 2% of the government increase this year. 
  Olmsted is willing to "sacrifice" himself to the cause. He says clearly that you have to make trouble and hurt someone to manipulate public opinion. He is willing to be that someone:
“To make something happen,” Olmsted continued, “you need lots of people to do an action and get hurt. …This is nice but it’s really small.” 
  But Olmsted's example should be a warning to conservatives. There's no playing fair with people like this when they're willing to come to an event and play the opposite (the "protagonist" Olmsted calls it) of what they really are to make a conservative cause like legal immigration and secure borders look bad. Though Olmsted is obviously a nutcase, there are other nutcases out there who will do anything to promote their causes.
  Remember the Leftists who've appeared at Tea Party rallies wearing offensive clothing or making bigoted comments to make Tea Partiers look like racists. They'll try anything to win; these incidents, though proven false, are enough for the MSM to broadly claim that Tea Partiers are racist.
  This particular story has a happy ending, for a change. Olmsted was fired and arrested for his behavior.

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