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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Leftist trolls hit Romney rallies

  Well, Romney's surging so they're willing to cheat, I guess. 
  Not like it's anything new to cheat, shoot holes in Romney signs, encourage people to vote more than once, rub poop on people's property, call kids names, lie about polls and break all the rules on debate just to score a few cheap shots.
  I could link to all the above but what's the point?
  It's not like anybody DOUBTS that and the proof's all over the web, if you're willing to look.
  Remember back when moron leftists (most likely unionists but I repeat myself) posed as bigots and Nazis at Tea Party rallies?
  They're at it again.
  Conservative bloggers are all over this. 
  Buzzfeed (which is rapidly devolving into another "we're really unbiased objective except when it comes to conservatives" Politico website) posted this picture.
  It's been pointed at that there are some inconsistencies here, beside the fact that Tea Partiers at Romney rallies would pound this guy with their mittens if they saw him.
  Bob Owens suggests he wore a coat over this shirt since it was cold that day. AS you can see from the people around him, most people had coats on.
  He positioned himself at the back of the rally near a camera.
  There's no photo other than this one. 
  The man is not identified nor is there any picture of the man's face to be able to identify him as a Dem operative.
  The Other McCain suggests that that whole Romney/Ryan sticker on the back of the shirt above the epithet is a really really weird place to put a sticker, eh?
  Instapundit has links.
  Stacey McCain has links and concerns about other attempts to make Romney et al look bad.

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