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Friday, October 12, 2012

Smirking Joe Biden Demeans His Office

I have a sneaking feeling Joe Biden will not be laughing as much after he has seen SNL, Jon Stewart, and Jimmy Fallon as he did during last night's debate. I had honestly expected better of him. He can at least boast that he bested Obama's debate performance if not Ryan's. The CNN/ ORC poll scored it 48%-44%, Ryan while the AP gave it to Ryan 51% to 43%. Unfortunately the polls did not grade on deportment. As the vice president invoked the memory of his parents I could not help but wonder how proud they would have been of his manners, manners that would probably be deemed too low brow even for the cast of Jersey Shore. One would think that a person seeking the second highest office in the land could refrain from offending the public with his churlish, condescending, and boorish behavior for a mere ninety minutes. He embarrassed his country and would have embarrassed his party except that his party as of late is impossible to embarrass. Chris Wallace seems to share my outrage

Moderator Martha Raddatz allowed Biden to interrupt, by one count, 82 times which invites the obvious question, why even have a moderator. To her credit she showed restraint. She only interrupted Ryan 34 times. I will give her credit for asking about the Benghazi debacle which afforded the vice president an opportunity to further perpetuate the falsehood that the intelligence community cannot keep up with the Daily Beast and Eli Lake as far as reporting the facts coming out of Benghazi is concerned. That was Raddatz's sole contribution to the debate.

Paul Ryan remained unflappable and even cheery throughout the debate. Perhaps he sensed the philistine Biden was trying to provoke an outburst. He is the first challenger by some accounts to win a vice presidential debate. With a decent moderator or no moderator he may have scored better.
The RNC wasted no time getting "Laughing at the Issues" on YouTube. We'll see who's laughing a month from now.

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