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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Incest, bombs, scandal, cheating and conservatives coming out of the closet

  I assume everyone reads the same stuff I do. Thus, when I listen to Rush, FNC or Beck, I figure everyone knows the latest scandal.
  This is foolish on my part, obviously, since other people actually HAVE LIVES and SLEEP AT NIGHT, unworried by what the heck we're doing to this country for our grandchildren and the Book of Revelations....
  Thus, when someone like actress Stacey Dash declares herself a fan of Mitt Romney and is then quickly assaulted on Twitter and other places, I figure everyone knows it.
  But alas! My compatriots, who are not as sleepless and informed as I, do not.
  So here goes.

***DC's incestuous relationships-everyone's married to a Liberal***

  Did you know how incestuous DC is? That all those so-called Republicans like Peggy Noonan and David Brooks really, really want to continue to party with Leftists and so will whore themselves out to the lowest bidder, well, ok, that's a bit dramatic, seek to ingratiate themselves with whoever's in power, thus empowering Leftists to continue covering for encouraging liberalism in this country.
  Here's a rundown from Red State on who's married to whom, which is quite remarkable, considering that they're all Leftists.
Compounding the problem is a bipartisan Washington establishment that has likewise grown insular, only going home to campaign. These Republican and Democratic politicos and members of the press are sometimes married, sometimes having affairs, often times at cocktail parties together, and over time think more and more alike. 
Consider this — I’m willing to bet that Chuck Todd thinks Jim DeMint, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and the like are fire breathers. Like many other members of the media, Chuck & Co. lament the loss of people like Richard Lugar, Robert Bennett, Evan Bayh, Olympia Snowe, etc. Those Senators “reached across the aisle.” But in reaching across the aisle, they made the American public reach around and grab their wallets. They and their wonderful bipartisan compromises drove us to $16 trillion in debt. The guys who fight the compromises and fight the debt increases are routinely the villains and the press frequently ignores their heroes are the ones getting us in the messes. But they are “adults” and “grown ups” and “mature.”
***Big Bird goes nuclear*** 
  The Big Bird scandal has mushroomed and the administration doubled down over a really, really stupid ad that even the media thinks is stupid, claiming Romney's a big meanie the equivalent of a prison felon for having suggested Big Bird find his/her own funding.
  Michelle Obama, who sought to improve her "angry Black woman" image through lots of "let's work out in the White House" and The View tv appearances, attacked Romney for suggesting that the US government, which is deeply in debt particularly to The Chinese, might actually cut the budget of a capitalistic, highly financially successful subsidy to a company like Sesame Street:
“[W]e believe in keeping our priorities straight,” said Mrs. Obama during a campaign stop at the Loudoun County Fairgrounds in Virginia.  “We all know good and well that cutting Sesame Street is no way to balance the budget,” she continued, “that shortchanging our kids is not how we tackle our deficit.”
  This is why nothing can ever be cut. The budget only grows and grows. Everything is dramatically necessary so that we "keep our priorities straight" and that we're "shortchanging our kids."
  Even though we're borrowing that money from our children, grandkids and The Chinese to finance Sesame Street, which permeates just about every household in this country with capitalistic finesse.

***Obama finance scandal takes back seat for Ben Ghazi scandal***

  Obama has been "discovered," even though his campaign was guilty of this in the last cycle but only seriously by conservative and alternative media, to have accepted illegal donations, thought to be primarily from overseas.
Further complicating the issue are websites like—which is owned not by the Obama campaign but by Robert Roche, an American businessman and Obama fundraiser who lives in Shanghai. Roche’s China-based media company, Acorn International, runs infomercials on Chinese state television. redirects to a specific donation page on, the official campaign website. Unlike,’s traffic is 68 percent foreign, according to, a traffic-analysis website. According to France-based web analytics site, receives over 2,000 visitors every day. 
The name Robert W. Roche appears 11 times in the White House visitors log during the Obama administration. Roche also sits on the Obama administration’s Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations, and is a co-chair of Technology for Obama, a fundraising effort. (In an email exchange, Roche declined to discuss his website, or his support for the Obama reelection effort, referring the inquiries to the Obama campaign team. The Obama campaign, in turn, says it has no control over Roche’s website; it also says only 2 percent of the donations associated with come from overseas.) 
But it isn’t just foreign donations that are a concern. So are fraudulent donations. In the age of digital contributions, fraudsters can deploy so-called robo-donations, computer programs that use false names to spew hundreds of donations a day in small increments, in order to evade reporting requirements....
  Even classic liberals are saying, "Why has the Republican party become the freedom party?" 
***Hollywood/celebrities emerge from the closet***

  Stacey Dash, an attractive Black actress, endorsed Mitt Romney, thus unleashing the Gates of Hell on her head and career. She appeared on Piers Morgan last night (why that show, I dunno)
  Here's a sample, including being called a "house Negro" and "Uncle Tom" and "Oreo."
  And from Morgan's show:
Dash, 46, told Morgan last night, "I really don't understand the fury. I don't get it. ... I was shocked, really shocked. But you can't expect everyone to agree with you." 
Dash explained to Morgan that she was a Democrat and voted for Barack Obama in the last election, but now, "I want the next four years to be different." And she says, "It's my right as an American citizen. ... I chose him not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character."
  Ask any Black conservative and she would have been informed as to Leftist treatment of those who leave the fold of Leftist treatment. It's gulag archipelago all the way.
  In addition, actor Gary Graham, musician Kid Rock, Friday Night Lights' Buzz Bissinger, business man and former GE CEO Jack Welch, Las Vegas's Steve Wynn, Olive Garden/Red Lobster/Longhorn CEO, Westgate Resorts CEO have all come out of the closet, taking the opportunity to declare that they aren't voting for Barack Obama in spite of what he may choose to do to them (like sic the IRS on them, write new laws to penalize them or use Obamacare to decimate their business of which he is fully capable of doing). 
  These individuals risk career and even life and limb to risk this endorsement.
  This is indicative of some larger swing that is happening, reinforced by the polls which indicate the public is unhappy and disillusioned with Obama and impressed by Romney, who is turning out NOT to be like McCain or Dole, unlike our previous expectations.

***Obama's OFA caught approving voting more than once***

  James O'Keefe again. Watch it here. A true scandal, not requiring voter ID, if you know what I mean.

***Benghazi blows up, after the real explosion, as they try to explain to a House committee why no help was sent to Libya***
  So here's the thing.
  It was pretty obvious right from the beginning that there were varying opinions on what happened leading up to the deaths of 4 Americans in Libya.
  Today we learned that multiple requests had been sent by Stevens and others for increased security, but State and others did not deem the situation hazardous (not having been there) and wanted to establish normal relations with Libya so it would look like everything was, well, normal.
  In fact, some 230--that's two hundred and thirty-- security incidents had taken place in the last year and Stevens, who was apparently a known homosexual and was, according to an Arabic online magazine, ultimately raped and murdered, was very concerned about the 9/11 anniversary.
  The administration has been scrambling to cover, particularly for Rice, who went on 5 news programs the Sunday after the murders claiming that the violence was instigated by a stupid video as opposed to poor policies by the Obama administration.
  Now claim they always thought it was terror related, as opposed to being the result of a stupid video.
  So basically some in the State Department and some in the military are disagreeing with the Obama administration as to what happened, who knew what and who was responsible for the monstrous events of this year's 9/11.
  This event in itself is far worse than Nixon's sneaky breakin at the DNC headquarters.
  Instead of being forthright, Carney et al are covering for each other, claiming they acted on the best intel they had at the time.
  Unfortunately, this was never good enough for the Democrats when Bush couldn't find the vaunted Weapons of  Mass Destruction (which were rumored to have been moved to Syria). 
  Bush lied, people died. Remember that?
  Obama lied, people died.
  The new meme.

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