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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Obamaphone program mushrooms out of control

  Well, it appears the Obamaphone program is out of control.
  Imagine that!
  People are given free phones without being checked for duplicates and, gasp! people cheat!
  We've posted before about he Obamaphone controversy and how, to mitigate the public relations disaster this is, Leftists claimed bloggers and talkers were racist to even run the Cleveland Obamaphone woman video, in which she says people of minority status, social security, etc. were all eligible to receive the phones and that's one reason she's voting for Obama rather than Romney, who sucks, to quote her.
  Then we hear that one million of the eleven and a half million people in Ohio alone are in possession of the free phones.
  Naturally we received several anonymous complaints that we're morons for not realizing this program was all Bush's fault.
  The truth is that the root of the program is really in 1996, but the cell phone program was added during the Obama administration. In Maryland alone, the cost of the program has gone from $1 million to $24 million in 2 years, not unlike the numerous other programs Obama has nursed at his communist bosom.
  Watch here, and remember that if anyone tries to cut this program, some idiot will run a weepy commercial with a gravelly voiced sobby narrator who claims that his/her mother died because she had to give up her Obamaphone.
  Or maybe she only survived a stroke/heart attack/fall because of her Obamaphone.
  What she didn't mention is that her mother had 30 Obamaphones because there're no controls over this program.

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