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Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Biden's teeth speak

  I enjoyed last night's debate with a group of about 150 people at a local restaurant. The restaurant was crowded with conservative thinkers watching the show on big screen tvs.
  Let's get right to it.
  Everyone remarked about Joe Biden's teeth. My buddy wanted such glowing dental displays for his own mouth, which was pretty funny considering my friend has very nice dentures, having knocked all his teeth out in a drunken brawl when he was a youngun. I suspect there's a certain falseness to Joe Biden aka "Plugs" teeth too.
  I mean seriously.
  And smirking? 
  Biden was quick to interrupt (over 80 times compared to Ryan's 6) and quick to dazzle with his very smarmy, practiced politician's smile, baring his teeth in that eerily unsmiling way he has.
  Those frequently exposed carefully groomed celebrity teeth spoke more clearly than anything Joe Biden actually said.
  This proved distracting to a degree that it was difficult to concentrate on the substance of what was being said. 
  And that's what you want people to remember?

  Hoosierman has already stated eloquently that Biden's comportment was disgraceful, as most conservative tweets observed during the debate.
  Condescending. Rude. Badly behaved. 
  To be honest, substance takes a back seat when you have to witness a debacle such as last night. As in the Nixon/Kennedy debate, if you listened on the radio, you thought Nixon won. But if you SAW it on television, you said Kennedy won because Nixon was sweating, nervous looking and swarthy.
  The same will be true here.
  Substance takes a back seat to style.
  Last night Frank Luntz (a man Hoosierman refers to as the "fat bastard") had a focus group on FNC; he said they leaned pro Obama but were "undecided."
  I don't see how anyone, ANYONE could be leaning Obama, considering the drastic plans Obama has already implemented and plans for the future of this country.
  This dopey group of people thought Biden looked "commanding" and "well-informed." They were Obama shills who are already decided, claiming to be independents just to get on tv to sway the public.
  Ryan was respectful; Biden was not.
  And eh. 
  Joe Biden's teeth were downright creepy. 

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