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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Obama responds to scandal by hitting celebrity circuit

  Well, it becomes obvious that something big is stirring this Saturday afternoon.
  Hoosierman has introduced this stirring in the universe to our readers already; suffice it to say that it is growing.
  A kid I knew once might have called it The Clash of the Titans.
  If you've been following the Benghazi scandal, you had to know that blame will eventually need to find its way onto the careers and backs of some unlucky personnel. In fact, we were suspicious right after the incident that Hillary Clinton's sorry butt might be on the line.
  In true "leading from behind" form, naturally the Obamabots are blaming Republicans and Hillary Clinton's State Department for the debacle that led to the murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, even in light of some 230 incidents of violence prior to the dastardly event itself.
  It's not like Obama has any loyalty toward too many people, particularly "you're likable enough" Hillary Clinton, former opponent of Barack Hussein Obama, who was quite capable of cheating to beat her, creating situations on the Left that people still today resent.
  And in true Obama personal accountability standards, he's scheduled to appear again on The Daily Show. 
  Perhaps he'll give a shoutout to Pimp with a Limp or even the families of the murdered men. 
  Leftists are trying to deflect injury from any high level employee of State or the White House.
  The NY Times is saying "B-b-but" it was accidental that no security arrived in Benghazi regardless the repeated and impassioned cries for help because the focus was on Tripoli, not Benghazi. 
  Apparently our security forces are not capable of handling security in more than one place!
  Hillary is marshaling forces and excuses to protect her reputation and political future:
Hillary Clinton went to a Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) conference on the Middle East and North Africa Friday and tried to deflect blame from herself and the State Department -- some damage control of her own.  
She insisted the United States cannot guarantee “perfect security” for its diplomats overseas, though Stevens is the first ambassador to have been murdered overseas since 1979 under the Carter administration. 
“We will never prevent every act of violence or terrorism, or achieve perfect security,” Clinton said. “Our people cannot live in bunkers and do their jobs.”
  Rest assured Breitbart is on the case.
  Oh, and Obama is too. He doesn't know nothin' about no murders in Libya, he doesn't know nothin' about no security problems, he doesn't know nothin' about the 58% of the security BRIEFINGS that he missed, he doesn't know nothin' about no budget crisis over here but hotdam, he's got an opinion about American Idol and Mariah Carey!
  This radio interview was recorded yesterday.
  Yes, in the middle of rippling of The Force, he's talking again about celebrities and who's his favorite.

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