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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lavar Burton offers BS to extend Big Bird

  So Lavar Burton, whom I USED to admire, was on O'Reilly tonight defending borrowing subsidizing  Big Bird to the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars, even though Big Bird himself is a self sustaining capitalist enterprise whose merchandise is present in almost every American home.
  Burton's primary objection was that "it's for the children" and we need to educate "all the children."
  See, I always thought that was what schools are for, not television, but Mr. Burton seems to be quite passionate stating that subsidizing the Bird is truly the root of educating lower income children.
  O'Reilly did not argue with Burton, simply praising him for his "eloquence" and "passion" for his defense of borrowing money from China to pay taxpayer subsidies of puppets.
  I think now is a good time to remind Mr. Burton and all the Leftists that tax breaks and subsidies are different.
  A tax break is offered to offset the costs of doing and starting businesses; tax breaks also serve to curb or discourage certain behaviors.
  Subsidies are handouts from the government when an enterprise cannot seem to make it on its own, pull its weight or have enough appeal to a broad audience that will support it.
  Radicals want to fund education through an oil tax (yes, it's true. California). 
 These same radicals claim we need to end subsidies for oil, upon which our nation runs and our structure depends, while at the same time subsidizing wind energy and education at vastly greater amounts.
  Unfortunately oil companies do not actually receive subsidies, as do wind and solar energy initiatives. They receive tax breaks, not unusual for any business, especially one so necessary to free enterprise.
  So, Mr. Burton.
  Yeah, we pay taxes (and a lot of them!) to educate children, particularly in the inner city where Head Start (which has proven to be ineffectual) so we really don't need to borrow even more money to keep Big Bird in diapers. He can do that himself.
  Now, the quality of education children are receiving in school is a different story.
  And if Mr. Burton were honest, he'd have to admit that that is a whole different set of problems.

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  1. I saw the interview and was picking up my jaw after it. He made it sound like PBS was PSS(public school system). And if it were gone ... oh my, where else could you possibly find puppet like characters dressed up and singing ABCD's???..hmmmm... maybe on 1 of the 250 cable channels available..or an IPad app ..But really this pathetic guy thinks the education of our kids is at stake. SO DONATE TO IT CHUCKLEHEAD!!! I agree with Mitt, I wouldn't borrow $$ from China to keep PBS funded.