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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

National Republicans Quietly Slip Back into Missouri Senate Race

I suppose eating crow is okay as long as one does not dine in public and the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee is quietly eating crow and slipping back into the Missouri senate race. Just a Lord Byron's Julia while protesting she would never consent consented the RSCC has begun funding imagined villain Todd Akin even while protesting that the race was futile. The Akin campaign is if anything under whelmed by the RSCC's newest overture. Rick Tyler, a spokesperson for Akin, said the campaign "would welcome" the NRSC back to the Missouri Senate race—but, when asked if Akin's campaign had communicated with the NRSC about such a strategy, Tyler replied , "No comment."
Better late than never. Akin has attracted support from Newt Gingrich, Senators Jim DeMint Tom Coburn Roy Blunt and former Senator Kit Bond and evidently the NRSC has finally decided that it would be better to control the senate than to stand on a faulty principle. This race is winnable!

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