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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jobless claims part of cheating pattern?

  We all know this is the political silly season. 
  People say and do unbelievably foolish things. 
  It's not new or unusual. Past candidates running for office have been accused of murder, adultery and of being of  "hermaphroditical character," which would have been a slur then but maybe not so much now.
  So when you heard today that the job numbers are so vastly improved, we aren't surprised. 
  After all, who wouldn't cheat, given the opportunity to manipulate government (over which you have control in spite of the whole "career non-partisan employees" who are supposed to rise above partisanship) to yield the kind of results that allow you to parade around the country, jutting your chin and blinking to an adoring crowd, declaring that the economy has improved vastly under your purview, regardless the condition of most people's lives and regardless the fact that those are McDonald's jobs and regardless the fact that even Olive Garden is cutting employee hours because of the nightmare known as Obamacare.
  Oh, it's true there were questions last week about September's overall drop in unemployment. (Like, how can you have almost the same number of unemployed one week and yet the job numbers drop? Huh?)
  Today, jobless numbers were released and presto change! The numbers were GREAT?
  Do ya hear me, GREAT???
  Well, except for the fact that one state didn't submit their numbers.
  Oh, wait. They WERE included in the report but they (with their Democrat Moonbeam Governor) didn't get their NUMBERS submitted in time to include them in the report.
  Ohhhhhh! I see!
  It is likely that some of the jobless claims in one large state--California--were not included in the claims reported to the Department of Labor this week.  This happens occasionally, our source says. When a state's jobless claims bureau is short-staffed, sometimes the state does not process all of the claims that came in during the week in time to get them to the DOL. The source believes that this is what happened this week.
  In fact, a quarter of a million people leave California every year because of employment issues.
  Ya think that'd change the numbers?
  Hey, even in the silly season, if you're a conservative, you don't like to confront people, call people liars, complain about tactics. You won't deface or remove their signs. You won't scream invectives at them at the local street fair.
  However, if you're PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES, you're free to call your opponents LIARS.
  Easy shmeezy. Ya just do it, because, after all, you'll do anything to win and if that means accusing your opponent of lying about his budget proposal, of which you haven't bothered to propose one for the 3 years you've been in office.
Other than the fact that calling opponents liars is so natural to their politics, one wonders why the Obama people think this will have deep political resonance. The idea that they can make voters who live outside the political steam baths believe that a man running for the presidency would stand in front of 67 million people and literally "lie" about a proposal to change the federal tax code is ludicrous. 
Every other time he talks, Barack Obama says "millionaires" should pay more taxes, when all his proposed tax increases clearly start at individual incomes of $200,000. That isn't a "lie." It's a president taking three steps to make a layup.
  The whole lying thing is out of control, I'll admit. 
  I mean, why would Democrats be so critical of the Bush administration for the missing WMDs but so willing to claim they meant no harm by claiming they too had wrong intelligence, which was Ambassador Rice's excuse for going on the teevee and claiming the murders were motivated by a video when everyone knew it wasn't.
  Will Michael Moore make a movie about it?
  Bush lied. People died.
  People died. Obama lied.
  Oh and....
  Playing fair means the DOJ suing Gallup, who then suddenly changes the way they figure the POTUS's approval rating which goes up, 3 weeks before the election.
  Not at all!
  France and Italy are set for the next downgrade, not to mention Spain. Is this the new normal? We're a D as opposed to all the other Fs. 

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