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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Will Saudi national--previously suspected-- be sent home?

  The behavior of the media--in particular the Leftist media--has been abominable in the last few days as we've witnessed the carnage in Boston.
  In the rush to blame Tea Partiers, there was no hesitation or professionalism.
  What's curious right now is that the 20 year old Saudi who was suspected as the perpetrator has been cleared but is being deported from the country after Obama met with the Saudi foreign minister in an unannounced event.
   In addition, John Kerry's meeting with the Saudi foreign minister suddenly became a "closed" event, causing consternation in the press, who were (this time) suspicious of the change:
"This was just a scheduling change on our part," Ventrell said.
That met with a skeptical reaction from journalists, who had been advised that the meeting would include a so-called "camera spray" at the top of the session.
"Are you really trying to say that this [meeting was moved from a] camera/photo op to being closed, for scheduling reasons? Is that seriously your answer: that because the secretary was tired after 10 days on the road and is going to the Hill tomorrow?" the Associated Press's Matt Lee asked. 
"What I'm saying is he has a very tight schedule here in the building and elsewhere," Ventrell said, he said the fact Kerry met with Al-Faisal amidst that busy schedule reflects the importance of the U.S. Saudi-relationship.
  So let's get this straight.
  While it's obvious that once again Obama is eager to not let a "serious crisis go to waste," all this sure is curious timing. Perhaps it will turn out to be all unrelated.
  But one point must be made.
  If you were eager to get the conspiracy rumor mill churning, this is sure the way to do it.
UPDATE from The Blaze. What is true? Hard to tell but isn't that the point of transparency?

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