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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Police: We're exempt from the law

  From NRO, we learn of the action of the Texas Temple Police Department who chose to arrest an American soldier bearing a rifle on a hike with his son to earn his Eagle Scout badge.
  The policemen are arrogant, abusive and ignorant of the law.
  Here's the video:

  As Cooke at NRO concludes, the police are using the excuse (in this case) of "rudely displaying" the weapon but in reality, after confiscating the weapons, the police fool around dangling the victim legally until he agrees to have his guns confiscated permanently in exchange for the charges being dropped.
  Interesting technique and not the first transparent attempt to circumvent the law in order to confiscate legal weapons.
Particularly chilling is the officer’s telling Grisham that a police officer is “allowed to” carry a weapon, but that Grisham is not — despite Grisham’s having a permit. “We’re exempt from the law” is not a phrase you want to hear from law enforcement in a constitutional republic.
  What's sad to me is the sound of this soldier's young son sobbing as he continues film per his father's others, his father's assurance to the boy that he was going to be fine and to call his mom.
  This is where we are in our country today. A few power hungry abusive individuals are using their positions to determine how we run our lives, how we defend ourselves, if we even deserve to keep the money we've earned by trading our time for work.
UPDATE: The Blaze wonders if there's more to the story here. Also it appears this soldier is in a "war of words" with Michael Yon, intrepid war photographer.

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