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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hillary stopped at OUR Chipotle

    What I find most implausible about Hillary's stop at Chipotle in Maumee which is OUR Chipotle (unless you count the new one in Rossford) is how she FOUND it.
  That particular Chipotle is very, very small and tucked away on a strip of 4 or so stores like NailsRUs or something. I mean, seriously.
  You'd really, really have to be LOOKING for an out of the way place to buy a bean burrito to stop there.
  I mean, it's stuck in a puzzle perpendicular to a car dealership and a big ole Meijer store.
  Which is odd, considering that she's on a tour to meet people, listen to their gripes and get to know America.
  So it's easily surmiseable that Hillary! wasn't the least bit interested in talking to people in Northwest Ohio, unlike the claim of some folks on FB who breathlessly lamented that Maumee residents are the losers for not recognizing royalty when it comes to town, notwithstanding in a Scooby limo van.
  Even the New York Times noted inexplicably that--for this listening tour, at least-- "Mrs. Clinton’s aides have kept the details of her trip fairly guarded, partly for security reasons...." and have told no reporters until someone complained they spotted her in a gas station in Pennsylvania.
  Which begs the question: What the heck is the purpose of a cross country ride across middle America if you don't stop?
  But then, a look at her get-up answers all questions.
  Hillary! is not interested in middle America.
  She was trying not to be seen.
  The only thing missing in this security camera photo is a long blonde wig, something with which I'm sure Hillary is all too familiar.
   So she makes a dash cross country, just as she did a few years ago in another attempt to pretend to care about the f***ing little people, to proclaim that free college and other stuff is in the offing if she wins; these are items she discussed with several students as others were locked in their buildings for security purposes.
  In a press release from the Democrat party, we were told that "On first trip, Hillary to have conversations with everyday Iowans," but apparently those conversations were not intended for these everyday Iowans who are forced to watch mournfully from their classroom windows:
   She hasn't been very well received so far, though Taranto wonders if Hillary! had to take a potty break in Indiana without attracting attention because the Hoosier state still has cooties.
   Meanwhile in a particularly shameful display, reporters stampeded like buffaloes with their heads down when Hillary!'s Scooby van arrived at her real destination.

  Unfortunately for the esteemed candidate and her admirers, more reporters than voters (22, to be precise) were present at the carefully orchestrated event, which might indicate why no one pointed out her identity at Chipotle.
  Her One of her problems is that she isn't believably friendly, and particularly not in front of a crowd. She's "better" in front of a planned, choreographed, controlled event.
  Hillary! does not project energy, in spite of the suspiciously "refreshed" face she presents to the world: instead, she projects a certain enervating shrill whineyness, an entitled aura that commands a goosestep of the fawning parties around her.
  And, for sure, I bet no one ever mentions cankles, thunderous thighs or the effects of a bean burrito in the Scooby van.
  I bet they just roll the windows down.

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