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Monday, April 27, 2015

Liberal Mayor accelerates civil unrest

  The mayor of Baltimore is really something.
  First she announced that they've given the protesters in Baltimore  "who wished to destroy space to do that.”
  Tonight she claimed she didn't say that and that the news media was responsible for the "blatant mischaracterization of [her] words" and using the "negative images" of her city in their reports. She "never said anything like that," she adamantly claimed after an afternoon of "clarifying" her words, because she has been employing "best practices" of peaceful protest.
  THEN she invited Al Sharpton to come to her city to "call for peace."
  Do these people not know we have the internet and cameras?

  Meanwhile liberals are claiming that Baltimore is rising (#Baltimorerising), that "protesters" are "just communicating," and that protesters are "rising up to seek justice...."
  While there's little doubt that the death of Freddie Gray looks very bad for the police, behaving this way is no excuse.
  Who is protesting, anyway?
  Do we really know who yet?
  Meanwhile the agony of watching Shep Smith wail about this continues.
  AND a mom who's being called Mom of the Year catches her son at the riots.

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