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Friday, April 29, 2011

Big baby bans journalist

  In another remarkable display of pique, petulance and fascism, the most transparent administration in history, who had to be heckled into releasing his birth certificate, is now banning reporters who videotape things this most transparent administration doesn't like.
  Mmmm, like videotaping protesters.
  Because it's a secret that lots of people don't like this administration and if video got out of the protesters, um, people would know.
  And that would be bad.
  And let's be sure to punish people we don't like.
  Because then everyone else will like us, right?
  What's the purpose here for bullying US citizens?
  Whew. What a week. 
  We had the baby on stage crying about having to release his birth certificate rather than letting some underling do it, mocking US citizens for wasting time and then polluting the skies by jetting back to Chicago to appear on a women's talk show to again mock US citizens, and then jet back to more parties costing people $35000 to attend.
  And he's going to run his campaign from Chicago. Why? He likes the Chicago style.
  Which is thuggery.
  What's next.
  We've banned cookies in cafeterias, oil production, journalists.
  Banning bloggers?
  Or maybe movies you don't like?

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