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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree.

Evidently white privilege isn't what it used to be. Eric Butler, father of Jonathan Butler, the Mizzou hunger striker who inveigh against white privilege and hungers and thirsts for justice, took home $6,685,500 last year. How much did your dad make?
From a post at;
Butler did not respond to a World-Herald reporter’s requests for interviews. His parents declined to comment. They traveled to Missouri on Monday. A family friend described the family as incredibly humble and low profile.
Butler has said in news reports that his paternal grandfather, an attorney helping the poor in New York City, was a big influence. So were his parents: Eric is a Union Pacific executive and Cynthia is a former educator who runs an advocacy program. They founded Joy of Life Ministries in their basement, and it has grown into a church now based at 56th Street and Sorensen Parkway.

It's hard find fault with the family. Yes, they are successful on a grand scale and would rank in the much maligned 1 percent but what sort of a people are concerned about their neighbors' eternal salvation? They did not simply write a check to build a church. They serve as pastor and co pastor and that is not the end of their eleemosynary endeavors. Mrs. Butler is currently Executive Director of the Purpose Driven Advocacy Center, which provides tutoring, advocacy, and life-advancement services to the community.
There is a famous historical precedent for the offspring of the well to do going off the deep end. I'm sure the Butlers know Bill Ayers' father was Chairman and CEO of Commonwealth Edison.

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