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Monday, November 30, 2015

Why the secrecy about the Colorado Springs and Minneapolis shootings?

What do we call people with the physical attributes of one gender who identify with the opposite gender? Apparently the Huffington Post thinks they have trapped Ted Cruz in a gotcha moment when he describes Colorado shooter Robert Lewis Dear as trans gendered. Wrong. Ted Cruz does not say anything off camera he will not say on camera. Dear identified himself as an “unaffiliated female”  on his voter registration not Ted Cruz.

Something is beginning to smell. Four days after the shooting the public does not know the name of the victims because the autopsies have not been completed? What does cause of death have to do with a person's name?
Another story that is falling apart is the mysterious shooting of Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Minneapolis by supposed "white supremacists, one of whom turned out to be Asian. It has been reported that five demonstrators were shot but only three hospitalized all with non life threatening injuries. From Yahoo News:
"Prosecutors must decide by noon on Monday whether to charge four men held by Minneapolis police in connection with the Nov. 23 wounding of five people protesting the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man. A judge on Wednesday gave the Hennepin County Attorney's Office until midday on Monday to make a decision on charges against Allen Lawrence Scarsella, 23; Joseph Martin Backman, 27; Nathan Wayne Gustavsson, 21; and Daniel Thomas Macey, 26."
How is it the prosecutor has yet to charge the alleged offenders? The FBI is supposedly aiding in the case and after a week they have yet to bring charges. Are we hearing the whole story?

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