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Friday, November 13, 2015

College stupidity exposed in riots

  I have watched every moment of the last week's college drama with both fascination and disgust, like observing a serpent of great beauty slither across the floor. I can't take my eyes awya.
  If you've been busy, you might have missed the b.s. but, man, it's all coming together.
  This is the age of Obama, coming to fruition, even to the
  From unsubstantiated accusations of racism and bias to spoiled rotten millionaire kids of any color (microaggression alert)  doing the stompy foot thing,'s really, really incredible what's happening.
  Be still, my friends.
  This is, essentially, a good thing.
  Does anyone actually LIKE the young woman Cavuto interviewed? The young WOMAN who wanted a lot of free stuff but didn't know how they'd pay for it? (can you say MATH?)
  It's worth watching Little Missie Keely, especially considering this video has gone viral.
  More importantly, however, there are several important details to consider:
  •   First, colleges are ruled, and I do mean ruled, by Leftists. These Leftists have absolutely denied any ideological diversity on their campuses, so much so that black female conservative Christians like Carol Swain are fearful for their very existence. So who's in charge of these miserable existences governed by theLeft? Well, obviously, the Left is protesting the Left. Which confirms the historical fact that a) socialism b) communism  c) totalitarianism  has never ever worked. Anywhere. Ever. The whole one percenter business Little Missie is protesting only gets worse. So they're protesting themselves.
  • Yes, it's true this will most likely get worse ala Geraldo's FNC admonition but hopefully not so bad that people are executed on campus, but getting worse means that the slightly conservative students on campus are more likely to veer hard toward conservatism after observing this debacle. And, yeah. Maybe they'll actually be James O'Keefe type activists. YEAH!
  •   The Left is exposing its rotten core for what it is. Who would EVER want to send their kids to such a cesspool, including talented athletes who say that these campuses are "out of control."
  Make no mistake. The more rot of the Left is exposed, the better the world in the long war against totalitarianism.
  This mess is the blooming of my generation's careful instruction of the young.
  Yes, they're stupid, young skulls full of mush.
  But the professors who have carefully inculcated this greed, resentment and envy into the young skulls full of mush are getting exactly what they deserve.
  They have filled themselves with destroying the Lives of Others.
  And now they are getting exactly what they deserve. 
  Several commentators have mentioned the 1969 film "Wild In the Streets" in which the country is taken over by people who are all under 30, banishing those over 30 to barb-wired prison camps.
  It's pretty interesting, though I still think Idiocracy is more like where we're headed, considering the number of old people who got us where we are.

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