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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nov 3, 2015 voting in Perrysburg, Ohio

  The following opinions are of this blogger alone, not any particular group.
  In the State of Ohio, several issues will play a significant role in the direction our state takes.
  Issue 1 would move Ohio from redistricting every 10 years to possibly every 4 years with the addition of 2 members of the minority party to help determine "fairness."
  This would make redistricting more "bipartisan" and put "less politics" in Ohio redistricting. My feeling about that is meh. That's what Democrats always say when they are not in control. I have reached the cynical conclusion that Republicans, partly from being the stupid party, always get screwed whether by their own desire to be "bipartisan" or by the Democrats who never ever ever try to make things more "bipartisan" when they have control so Issue 1 is already decided in MY mind.
  You can run all the touchy feely ads you want on Issues 1 & 3 and I will still vote a big red NO.
 From Ballotpedia re: Issue 2:
Voting yes would likely prevent Issue 3 from taking effect, and allow the Ohio Ballot Board to regulate future ballot measures dealing with monopolies.
Voting no would leave current laws unchanged. Board review would not be implemented.
  Issue 2 was added by lawmakers as balance in case Issue 3 passes.
  From Ballotpedia on Issue 3 which will legalize marijuana:
Voting yes would legalize the limited sale and use of marijuana and create 10 facilities with exclusive commercial rights to grow marijuana. 
Voting no would leave current laws unchanged. Possession or use of marijuana for any reason would remain illegal.
  Ohio Rising says that this bill "Takes away the right of employers to decide if they will allow the use of marijuana of employees" which looks to me like it would make it very, very difficult for certain industries to function well, even health care and caregivers. 
  So for me personally, it's a NO on 1, YES on 2 and NO on 3.
  Perrysburg School Board has a 2 spots open: Val Hovland and Jarman Davis are my personal picks.
  Three levies are on the local ballot: school renewal levy, the township's renewal levy and a refuse services levy. YES on all three.
  Perrysburg City Council: Jonathan Smith, John Kevern, Becky Williams. Yes, I know there are 4 openings. That's who I'm supporting.
  And, yes, my voting record does tend grumpily toward Republicans. They aren't doing much right nationally these days but at least they're not *yet anyway* socialists or closet commies.
   Wood County Republicans are different; I feel they have integrity and care about personal liberty.


  1. At least this election day was memorable us. For the past several years we have taken an elderly woman (89) in the neighborhood to vote. She can walk a short distance with a cane but usually I make them get her a wheelchair. The male poll workers are always very helpful and push her down the hall to the voting area while I park the car. Today, as usual there were people handing out campaign literature. The lady, woman really, took a flyer for both the Democratic and Republican candidates for mayor and just put them in her lap.

    After I parked the car I caught up with Clara and the neighbor lady at the table where they check ID's and sign you in. Clara was pretty animated and speaking in a strident tone usually reserved for me. The two harpies behind they table were screeching at the lady for bringing campaign literature into the voting area. I suppose they expected her to levitate out of the chair and drop the offending literature in a trash can. Eventually Clara put it in her purse but not until some heated words had been exchanged. They neighborhood lady does not back down from anyone. She is so obnoxious I can barely stand seeing her every election day but she has voted Republican since the mid 50's and deserves some respect.

    After we got home we decided to call the Republican headquarters. Then we decided it would be better if we expressed our outrage in person. We drove to the headquarters which is located in a strip mall about a mile from home. Leo Durocher would have been proud of the lecture I gave to that guy at the front desk. It was a red-faced screaming fit. He left and a women about our age came out of her office, introduced herself, gave us each one of her cards and said she was sorry about what had happened. I said somebody owed that poor woman an apology. She agreed and said see would call her herself and furthermore she would see to it that the mayor called and apologized. I haven't heard if he did or didn't.

    1. We've got to start speaking up. I'm glad you did on this occasion. I'm pretty tired of all the FB posts of how bigoted Christian conservatives are so I confronted one and asked why liberals always feel comfortable name calling. The person said I'm not name calling, after again calling me and others selfish for not supporting Sanders' 90% tax. Honestly I think these people just really get off on beating others down, on lording it over others, on wielding power over others and on making themselves feel really really good without paying a dime or dues. Congratulations to you. I, OTOH, banged my car up at the polling booth. Dang. Well, I helped stop weed, at least this year.