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Monday, November 16, 2015

Are Democrats hiding the debates from the public?

Of course it's deliberate. The DNC is trying to hide gaffe prone and inevitable nominee Hillary Clinton from television viewers. Consider that while the DNC could boast that 8.5 million viewers tuned into its debate on a Saturday night a week previous 9.4 million views tuned into Saturday Night Live to watch Donald Trump. The next two Democratic debates are also scheduled for potentially low-viewership weekends: the Saturday night before Christmas, and the Sunday night of the Martin Luther King Day weekend, during the National Football League playoffs. What, nobody thought of a 10 PM Thanksgiving Day debate to keep people home from the Black Friday midnight rush?
One might conclude that the DNC is trying to avoid a very embarrassing comparison of enthusiasm level between the two parties.

Republican Fox News 24million Democratic CNN 15.3 million
Republican CNN 23 million Democratic CBS 8.5 million
Republican CNBC 14 million
Republican Fox Busi. 13.5 million
Total 74.5 million 23.8 million

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