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Friday, November 6, 2015

The "Caining" of Ben Carson

  I was away from much of the news today so I was/not surprised to see that the despicable news media is going after Ben Carson for.....lying.
  While I wouldn't be surprised to discover that Trump pushed this story, what I find most un-effing-believable is that the people died because of Hillary's neglect of her duties to increase security.
  She lied to the Congress "What difference does it make" when they asked if a video was responsible for the attack in Benghazi or if it was a terrorist attack.
  Yet in her latest salvo to Congress, she admitted that she had emailed her daughter and an Egyptian politician that she knew it was a terrorist attack.
  She lied about her emails.
  She's a liar. Everyone knows it but because Democrats understand that lying is part of the Democrat playbook, no one cares.
  So how do we try to destroy Ben Carson because he is trustworthy and Hillary is not?
  We dig out every aspect of his life and try to make him out a liar. Just as the WaPo sent 6 reporters to Alaska to ferret through Sarah Palin's email, they're sending reporters digging through excrement to try to find something.

  Can you imagine?
  There are no expectations for Liar Hillary.

  Yet Ben Carson has to try to convince the country he tried to knife a kid when he was in grade school.
  So let's pick at Carson's contention that he was offered a "scholarship" to West Point even though WP is free--technically no scholarship.
  Even though West Point advertised it as a "full government scholarship." 
   Does anyone seriously doubt that West Point officials would NOT court the top rated ROTC candidate BLACK candidate from DETROIT?
   What's so disgusting to me is that Neil Cavuto, a talking head I've grown to trust, said repeatedly that Carson looks bad, Carson should withdraw, it appears Carson lied, even while Jeb Bush defended Carson. 
  This has happened repeatedly on FNC lately: pushing the RNC talking points. Apparently Cavuto was quoting Westmoreland's widow, who surely would know, right? I mean, she married Westmoreland in 1947 and is how old now and for SURE remembers Westmoreland's 1969 schedule?
  I'm not defending lying.
  What I'm saying is that the liberal culture that:
  • votes for a black guy who still won't release his grades and uses somebody else's social security number
  • votes for and applauds a vice-president who's a plagiarist--liar
  • votes for and applauds a liar at whose hands 4 men died from her neglect and then lied about it. Did I mention she lied?
  • cheers and celebrates a liar who molested an intern in his office, lied about it and continues to be unfaithful to his wife who pulls him out of her closet when she needs his endorsement
  • knows that their leader is lying when he says, "you can keep your doctor" and is now silent about the consequences of the monstrous act passed
  • calls boys girls and girls boys and threatens to fine schools won't don't agree
  • trades a traitor for 5 terrorists
  • makes a deal with terrorists, even while those same terrorists are shouting "Death to America" in the streets and dragging another a Hussein effigy through the streets
  • pushes the narrative that a white woman who "identifies" as black IS black 
  • actually believes Hillary applied to be a Marine in 1975 
  • ignored Obama's sketchy history, including his relationship with Bill Ayers and lack of history regarding his time in academia
  THAT liberal culture is now trying to invalidate a black man's contention that he was once a bad kid and that he was offered a spot at West Point.
  He's lying, they claim, and should DROP OUT OF THE RACE.
  Geraldo Rivera claims HE"s been stabbed and it's too fantastic to believe that Carson tried to stab another kid. 
  Maybe Carson should just say he identified as a child thug, that he identified as a top contender for West Point because why would West Point want the top ROTC student who happened to be black in Detroit in 1969?
  After much criticism, Politico now has retreated slightly and says Carson never EVEN applied. 
  Which of course is what Carson said all along.
  I'm so mad now I could spit. I'm so mad I'm not even going to proofread this post. And that's mad.
  Ben Shapiro has the best rundown so far:
This is a textbook example of a left-wing media hit. Politico would never editorialize about any Democrat who issued such a response to a factual inquiry in this manner. Politico won’t even conclude that Hillary Clinton lied about her attribution of the Benghazi attacks to a YouTube video despite email evidence that she knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack entirely unrelated to a YouTube video.
  Just remember. If you're black, you'd better toe that line
  This will backfire. I guarantee it.
  We're sick of this.


  1. Great Post! . I agree that a junior ROTC young man of color with an out of the world GPA might have been told repeatedly that he could go to West Point if he wanted.

    By comrade David Maraniss's account, our current president's autobiography contained 37 "material discrepancies." Even the auto in autobiography has been disputed and with good reason.

    This is what passes for scandal at Politico? If the real events were not so tragic (four dead Americans for instance) this would be laugh out loud funny. I predict that this attempted smear will backfire and Carson will rise in the polls.

    Agree with you about Fox News in general and I am sorry the demise has afflicted Cavuto. I too, used to trust him.

  2. I noticed Brit Hume has gone out of his mind too. I'm not asking for favoritism; they're just totally towing the establishment RNC line. I couldn't believe Cavuto kept carping on that "Westmoreland's widow can't quite remember" line. B.S.