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Monday, April 2, 2012

Occupy Toledo dies, along with other movements

  So Occupy Toledo had a formal ceremony, complete with eulogy, for the Occupy Toledo movement, as reported in the Toledo Blade.
 "Born of Hope, Died from Apathy" read the "tombstone".
  It looks like about 7 people attended the burial, as compared with the Religious Freedom rally at Lucas County Courthouse was attended by about 6-700 people.
  They're still posting on Facebook, and touting a May 1 rally.
  I'm reeling with disappointment.
  In searching for a post for the death of the Occupy Movement, I made the mistake of using search terms "occupy dies."
  Woah. Sad because all the events that came up were about the the people who've died.
  I'm not saying it's dead, though others are. It's certainly devolving.

1 comment:

  1. You have obviously Googled the wrong "key words" as Occupy has a ground swell resurgence this Spring now that the weather is better.

    Oh, I forgot, the weather has been better since last fall. My bad...