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Monday, April 2, 2012

Media not getting away with lying anymore

  If you listen to talk radio, you're familiar with the extensive propaganda being dumped onto the air waves.
  The EPA is particularly determined to control the agenda is this country. Usually the ad starts with a tiny child coughing pathetically, gasping for air as if he/she will die because of some car you've driven today. "If just one child can be helped," the spiel goes, "then we must do (fill in the blank.)"
  This is part of the meme. If just one person can be helped, then we must (fill in the blank).
  Help others. Give. Advocate. Volunteer. Don't be fat. We're all connected. Give money to United Way. LIVE UNITED!!!!
  Autism is increasing! The odds of your child being autistic are great! Be very afraid! (In diagnosis?)
  One in 7 people is HUNGRY! The person sitting next to you is HUNGRY so go to this website and (fill in the blank), regardless of the incongruity of the "everyone is fat" meme contrasted with the "everyone is hungry" meme.
  Well, which is it?
  Common wisdom right now is that the SCOTUS will overturn Obamacare, so the meme goes out that the SCOTUS is an activist conservative court!
  Even though the liberals on the SCOTUS showed their ignorance of the law (and reality), the real activists are the conservatives~~!!!! 
  You're a racist if you don't want to jump to conclusions about the Travon Martin case. How absurd! It doesn't matter that more Black people commit crimes against Whites, or that more Black people commit crimes against Black people.
  What matters is that George Zimmerman is a WHITE HISPANIC, sorta like our POTUS is a WHITE AFRICAN AMERICAN.
  Michelle Obama appears on a kids' program dressed in a hideously tight and  unflattering biker chick clothes and the media fans itself with excitement.
Photo from Reuters/ Daily Mail
  A professor (whose current faculty profile is offline) who professes to love the outdoors and spend every waking minute out there wants to "reeducate" the public because they are in denial about global warming. Her associate from Yale wants the public to be housed together in tenements. ("We certainly don't THEM (humans) strolling about the entire countryside.")
  Presumably the prevention of "strolling about" would exclude professors from having to live in such circumstances so they could appreciate the wonder of the outdoors, which needs to be preserved.
  For them, I guess.
  Meanwhile, Christian viewpoints and opinions are being tossed about as "hate crimes" as the thought police viciously pursue anyone who doesn't agree with them.
  And NBC, who used to be able to lie without anyone detecting it, has been discovered as liars rather than news reporters and now is skulking, tale tucked, into the woods to "investigate" itself because the "news" division selectively edited tape to make Zimmerman look racist, because the racist meme is where it's at these days.
  All in all, a few days to be proud of these days. Not. Because they aren't getting away with this crap anymore.
  We're onto 'em.
  The fact that numerous bloggers and eagle eyed watchers are reporting these facts is cause for encouragement, not alarm.

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