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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Creepy DOJ "peacemakers" on the scene

  They can't reveal their names. They can't reveal their purpose, other than to make "peace."
  What. You thought the DOJ was about the Department of Justice?
One has to wonder if they're the ones to feed the phony lines to the gullible MSM.
  Has anything YOU'VE seen indicated this DOJ is about cooling "heated emotions"? 
  Didn't think so.
  They have uniforms.
  They make the protesters feel "protected."
  They just "foster communication."
  Orlando Sentinel:
Even though last week's arrest of suspected shooter George Zimmerman calmed some tensions, the Community Relations Service will remain in Sanford for an unspecified period of time. "As long as we're needed," the agency's acting director said. 
The Community Relations Service offers few details about its work.
City officials, local leaders and residents say these peacekeepers have played a key role in easing tensions during some of the most heated moments after Trayvon's shooting.
"They were there for us," said the Rev. Valarie Houston, pastor of Allen Chapel AME Church, a focal point for the community after the unarmed teen's death. She met the peacekeepers there for the first time during a March 20 town-hall meeting. "We felt protected," she said.
  White House Dossier wonders why the secrecy:
There is a secretive aspect to the group’s activities, although officials assert this is to facilitate participation in The Peacemakers mediation efforts. According to Main Justice, officials are barred from revealing the identity of parties participating in negotiations overseen by the CRS.
  Government workers paid by taxpayer dollars, secretive.
   Are these people hiding anything else?

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