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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pro Obama MSM PSYOP campaign: weighting polls

  Remembering that PSYOPS are part of the Obama/MSM campaign, we are informed today that recent polls show that Obama is soaring in popularity. That he has rebounded because of the whole "war on women" thing. That Mitt Romney is a loser who can't possibly beat The One.
  This isn't a new tactic; in fact, it's a repeated one. Obama bombs, the media finds a way to write positive headlines.
  Like gas prices, for example. 
  Did you know people aren't so upset about high gas prices, as much as they were when Bush was in office?
  LA Times writes about the public's reaction to high gas prices. They say paying sixty bucks to fill up your tank causes a reaction of "meh."
Partisan finger-pointing aside, polls suggest that most people aren't as worked up over gas prices as they were four years ago, when a gallon of regular hit a national average of $4.11 a gallon. Nor has there been as much clamor for drastic measures, such as tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in Texas and Louisiana. 
"I think we all have adjusted," said Lara Clayton of Los Alamitos as she spent nearly $60 recently to fill up her 2008 Lincoln Town Car at a Seal Beach 76 station. "We just don't drive as much and we are careful to combine errands."
  And this is in California, where prices have soared over 5 bucks a gallon in some areas.
  But did you know that the latest poll being touted by WaPo/ABC oversampled, once again, liberals and those who want Obama to win?
  Why should we be surprised? It's all just part of the campaign.
  Hot Air noticed and thinks that the numbers are still pretty miserable even though the Dems were oversampled.
You know where else Obama got a double-digit lead?  In the polling sample.  In 2008, when Democrats surged to the polls after eight years of George W. Bush,CNN’s exit polls showed a seven-point advantage for Democrats, 39/32, which mirrored Obama’s seven-point victory in the popular vote.  In 2010′s midterms,CNN exit polls showed a 35/35/30 split.  By contrast, the previous WaPo/ABC poll in March had a D/R/I of 31/27/36, which undersampled both parties relative to independents but left Democrats with a 4-point advantage — perhaps an arguable model for 2012 turnout.  Today’s has a D/R/I of 34/23/34, adding seven points to that Democratic advantage and presenting a completely unrepresentative, absurd model for the 2012 turnout.
  And then, of course, for criticizing the poll, a conservative is accused of racism. 

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