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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Call for reparations for Martin family

  The public is not yet privy to the facts of the Martin/Zimmerman case, yet one civil rights group is calling for "reparations."
  And, gee, I wonder if that particular civil rights group will benefit financially themselves from such an agreement for "reparations." They're "spearheading" confrontations and demonstrations.
  And now a UN "human rights chief" has stepped into it, claiming that this is obvious discrimination, even though she herself is also not privy to any of the facts of the Martin/Zimmerman case.
Although local, state and federal inquiries have been underway for weeks, Pillay called for “an immediate investigation” into the shooting. 
“Justice must be done for the victim,” she told a media briefing in Hastings, on the southern end of the Caribbean island. “It’s not just this individual case, it calls into question the delivery of justice in all situations like this.” 
“In this particular case it was the family itself, their distress that became known to the general public – once again people pressure that has drawn attention to this case. It shouldn’t be so,” Pillay continued. “The law should operate equally in respect of all violations. So, like every other situation such as this, we will be urging an investigation, and prosecution and trial – and of course reparation for the victims concerned.”
  Pretty amazing that we have one side of the story and everyone's made up their minds, issued their statements, judgments, patents and calls for money to replace a 17 year old whose focus in life was pretty unclear to the rest of the world.
  Apparently if a person is murdered and Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson aren't on television expressing "distress" you don't get anything, even if the person murdered was 6 years old.
  George Zimmerman has launched a website, although it's been down frequently because there isn't enough bandwidth to service it.
  You don't have to be brilliant to figure out that this will most likely end badly for Zimmerman. It's become political.

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