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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Detroit: microcosm of Blue dysfunction

  The ruins of Detroit aren't even close to being "beautiful" anymore, only "terrible."
  We've had the likes of Malik Shabazz parading around claiming he'll burn the city down.
  We've had activists on city council claim that the state's attempt to right the city ship of state is racist and a master/slave relationship, even though city officials have run the city into the ground not only financially but in every other way possible.
  No grocery stores will operate in Detroit due to burglaries and insecurities.
  Is Detroit loyal to the businesses that operate in the city of Detroit?
  Why, no, city council just voted to double the corporate income tax!
  Fifty high school students WALKED OUT OF SCHOOL in protest. They want AN EDUCATION. They chanted: "WE WANT EDUCATION!" Sharise Smith, an extraordinarily eloquent parent of a Frederick Douglass academy student, pleaded her case on WJR this morning. She is "afraid for her children."
  The result? They were SUSPENDED. Parents are begging for a good education for their children.
  The city council is refusing to approve an agreement for the state to send in a city manager.
  More murders have been committed in Detroit since 2004 than we've lost troops in the wars on various fronts.
  The unions are trying to put a legal hold on the state taking over Detroit, at least temporarily. What will be the result?
  Who knows or cares, considering that the city of Detroit has been acting from the seat of its pants for decades already, borrowing some $600 million since 2005 to pay its bills. AND "floated another $137 million in loans."

  Now the "Reverend" David Murray, an elected school board member who has a history, has stepped up the racism claims by saying most of the murders are committed by Whites in a city whose White population is 15%. He says: ""Stop playing kow-tow to the white man who hates your guts," Reverend David Murray said.
  In classic blue state mentality, apparently these "leaders" in blue administrations want the red taxpayers to bail them out.
  In fact, Detroit is only an extreme and advanced example of what all blue staters would do if they could: provide numerous inferior services, expand the welfare state and benefits for unions and then expect red staters to pay for their benefits.
  Try proposing a reasonable budget and expect to be demonized by the Democrat party and the President of the United States.
  Want to know what the future looks like under blue domination?
  Take a look at Detroit.

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