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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Obama's campaign strategy: They think you're stupid

  So we do a few polls. We survey more Dems than conservatives to get the results we want. (What! You wanted to get outside the Beltway? Puh.) 
  You send a few yokels out there to spread some memes, like ABC's Stephanopolous to ask Romney a silly question about contraception then you prop up a stuffed straw woman like Fluke and claim there's a war on women, that nobody's upset about gas prices and Rush Limbaugh is the titular head of the Republican Party.
  What you don't want to do is talk about jobs or the economy, unless, of course, you are referring to the class and racial warfare you are trumping up against American citizens.
  It's not about the economy, stupid, it's about fairness.
  And the fact that everything that's gone wrong is Bush's fault, even now.
  So then you spread the word that the other candidate is such a loser, "a joke," that you are confident to the point of cocky that you'll win. The Week/Yahoo:
Why shouldn't they be confident? If "the Obama campaign is bordering on cocky," who can blame them? says Jonathan Chait in New York. After a great showing for the president in the past few months — he's already leading Romney in more than a few polls — Team Obama and its GOP rivals "seem to agree that, at the moment, Obama is winning." The dynamics will change, and Romney and GOP super PACs will outspend Obama, but both sides know that "Romney begins the race in a hole," which is a bad starting position for a presidential challenger. 
 Note that this article assumes several other important factors: first, that Romney's in the "hole" which is bad and second that GOP will "outspend Obama."
  This is interesting, considering that Obama outspends everyone on everything, and also because the Obama campaign has removed all security measures from the donation process, which is illegal.
  It all makes it possible for other countries to donate to his campaign, just as they did last time.
  Obviously illegalities don't present a problem for this bunch.
  But when you look at the facts, it's not hard to figure out what the campaign strategy is.
  They think you're stupid.
  2012 ain't 2008.
  There are thousands of Tea Partiers and little bloggers like this one across the nation, blogging our little hearts out with the truth of the mission of this administration.
  And we ain't stupid.

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