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Friday, April 13, 2012

Liberal meme: Romney old fashioned caveman

  So apparently here's the new liberal meme.
  • The Romneys have no idea what YOUR life is like out in flyover country.
  • Ann Romney is part of an elite group who "doesn't work."
  • Mitt Romney is "old fashioned."
  • He also wants to go back to a time when "women didn't vote" and "Blacks didn't vote."
  OBVIOUSLY, the alternative is a really snazzy Black man who is hip with the culture, plays basketball and makes fun of anyone who disagrees with him.
  Can anyone SERIOUSLY think that Hilary Rosen's mean-spirited comment that women who stay at home "don't work" WASN'T planned by the DNC? The White House?
  Watch this and you'll see it all affirmed.

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