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Friday, April 6, 2012

Non functioning Willard & Kelsey rec'd loans

  Willard & Kelsey Solar Group does not appear to be long for this world. Even though they made almost no money, they were given more in state and federal loans to keep the company afloat. National Legal and Policy Center:
An Ohio-based solar company received millions of dollars in state and federal subsidies despite government officials’ knowledge that the company was in financial trouble, and now a local newspaper reports little activity at the manufacturer’s Perrysburg plant.
  NLPC also notes this:
Crony socialism may have contributed to Willard & Kelsey’s friendly reception from state officials under the previous administration. Company employees -- mostly executives that included Cicak and President James Appold -- donated $24,400 in 2010 to Strickland’s campaign to retain the governorship. The grant to Willard & Kelsey was announced January 5, 2011, five days prior to Kasich’s inauguration. 

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