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Monday, April 16, 2012

Morning roundup, Tax Day

  Well, ya take a couple days apart and the whole place falls apart.
Items of interest over the weekend:
  Obama is on a trip to Colombia. While he's there, he declares that "part of my job is to scout out where I may want to bring Michelle back later for vacation." People found this really funny, considering that a St. Louis radio guy just confronted Obama that everyone's complaining that POTUS and FLOTUS are going on too many vacations, sometimes not even together. 16, to be precise.
  The argument is made that 16 doesn't compare to Bush's 30 visits to his ranch in Texas at this point in his presidency.
  Oh, come on. You can't SERIOUSLY compare that dusty dirt bowl to a VACATION, can you? Not to mention that Bush used his Texas ranch as a 2nd White House, like Camp David. This meant that the Secret Service agents had a regular place to stay, knew where they were going and didn't have to move in to place ships in the water outside the Hawaii condo to make sure nobody shot an incoming Stinger. 
  Other news around the nation includes the increasing doubt about the charges brought against Zimmerman; some cases are being pretty well made by the attorneys around the web, including Just One Minute and Clarice Feldman. If you have questions about the case, read these.
  Then there's that POTUS, running around the WORLD doing his best to divide unite again by criticizing his opponent (who isn't even an opponent yet) to a global audience. We should have considered this SOP, considering this guy seems to have no loyalty whatsoever for this country and its citizens unless, of course, they bow to the king and contribute to his campaign coffers which are filled cash from around the world, unmonitored by any security measures whatsoever.
  Tax cheat Timothy Geithner, who pretty much always seems to still LOOK GUILTY, has come out from behind the curtain to blame Republicans for the sucking economy. Go figure, considering that Democrats haven't passed a budget since Obama's been in office.
  And Axelrod made a fool of himself by telling the truth. You have a choice "between a healthy economy that grows the middle class and gives people a chance to get ahead and the road we’re on."
  So apparently that means that the road we're on which has been guided by Democrats, Senate, House and Presidency, for 3 years, is the WRONG ONE.
  Which is exactly what all of US out here have been saying.
  And then there's that old Tiger Dick Cheney. Yowza

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